Letters to someone special

When we talk about someone special in our life, we mean that person who has a valuable position in our hearts.

letter to someone special is addressed to those who walk with us day by day, to those who accompany us, through thick and thin. It is addressed to a very important being, for all the love that makes us feel in our lives.

Examples of letters to a special person

Letter to someone special that I love

Dear Leonard

I give you these words of love and thanks. I feel so well-loved by you, that I begin to suppose that you are my guardian angel.

It was a lot you did for me during this past year. In all my broken moments, you were there patiently, helping me move forward. I don’t have enough words to thank you, but I do have a life to love you and reciprocate in the most sublime way I can.

How can I not love you, if loving you is so easy? I don’t have to make any effort to achieve it. Loving you is what I do since you appeared in my life.

Forgive me if I didn’t have enough drive to show you, my love. However, that doesn’t mean I don’t feel it intensely. I am aware of this and, from now on, I hope to have the strength to love you as you deserve, but I also hope to have the strength to be a support for you, every time you need it.

During our lives, we are presented with different paths and different circumstances. I pray to heaven that in each of those paths and experiences, your feet are walking next to mine and we go hand in hand.

I love you with all my being.

Letter for someone special that I like

I decided to write this letter because there are things that I find difficult to say out loud. I think it’s outrageous that being you so special to me, I have never thanked you enough and, worse still, I think I haven’t told you what my true feelings are either.

Honestly, I’m not the type of person who can say “I love you” easily, at any time of the day, or at any time. It is very difficult for me to say that phrase or any phrase that is similar, but not because I do not have the most beautiful feelings towards you.

I’ve tried to make you guess how much I love you, every time I say your name, when I look into your eyes, when I listen to your stories, when I hug you, every time I kiss you, or even when I’m asleep.

I do love you with all my soul. But, don’t ask me to tell you romantic words, much less, to compose a bolero for you. You know that I cannot promise you words of love, but I can love you every second of the day. Let me love you this way, instinctively, but authentically.

The lucky thing about our story is that you know I will love you forever.

Letter to someone special you miss

My love, I write to you, almost on the verge of despair, because I miss you so much. There is a void in my existence. I don’t know what I can do anymore if someone so special to me is so far away.

You don’t know how much I want the circumstances that separate us to change. I feel that we are paying a sentence, of which neither of us is guilty. It seems that we are living in the wrong time in history.

Although at this moment you cannot see my eyes, there is a mixture of crying and sadness in them, due to the illusion I feel of being with you, hugging you, and pampering you.

Remembering the special times we had together has become a sweet and sour experience. So, like a bitter coffee, it tastes better with the sweet memory of your smile.

When we can finally be together again, you can always count on me, even beyond my tiredness. It’s just that if you were here with me, I would never get tired of doing everything for you.

If only I had you close again! I would never get tired of kissing you or enjoying the warmth of your body.

I am praying fervently that one morning I will wake up, happily, in your arms. I’m sure it will be soon.

How to write a letter to someone special

Here are some important tips to keep in mind when writing a letter to someone special :

First of all, a love letter to someone special begins with a good reason. Of course, the motivation comes from the recognition of those peculiarities that make the loved one special.

In such a way that it is recommended that you think about the beautiful or funny aspects of their personality. Remember the importance of his character, or the way he does things, or the way he loves you. Then encourage yourself to honestly comment on how you feel and how much you appreciate those aspects that make it unique.

Of course, you can also perpetuate the memorable moments you lived together in your letter. Describe the wonder of those special and unrepeatable moments.

You can also write about the funny anecdotes they have experienced. Although in some cases it is necessary to refer to a strong moment, either to heal wounds or to overcome some challenges in life.

Similarly, a special person is someone with whom you want to have new experiences in the future, so it is also nice that you talk about your hopes or wishes with that person.

Finally, when writing a letter to someone special, it must necessarily have some content of thanks. Never stop thanking the important people in your life, nor stop appreciating their good deeds or the positive impact they had on you.

How to deliver a letter beautifully

A beautiful letter to someone special requires some preparation. Here are some tips to make your letter more lucid:

  • The first thing to take into account is the paper you are going to write. There are lots of cute designs and colors in stores. Choose one that is consistent with your personality and with which you identify.
  • A nice idea is to take a nice photo of yourself, or a photo of both of you, and write your letter on the back of it. That would be fantastic.
  • Make sure your handwriting is legible and that the writing does not contain any type of amendments.
  • Just as you chose a nice paper to write on, also choose a beautiful envelope. Although, if you are good at crafts to make a letter, then you can transform a simple white envelope into something artistic, with flowers, bows, or colored hearts.

As a final touch, you can harmonize your letter with a touch of a rich aroma and also accompany it with a kiss and a flower.