Letters To My Soulmate

Hello. We don’t know each other yet, but I allow myself to write you this letters to my soulmate which, one day, will reach you because I know that you also believe in it, in The Love; to the symbiosis of two bodies, two hearts and two destinies. Today is lovers’ day and I can’t help but imagine you. Imagine your skin, your eyes, your smile. Draw your features and your softness for the simple pleasure of feeling a little closer to you.

My True Soulmate Love Letters

My love,

Today, I realize that I finally know love, thanks to you. This feeling both so complex and so simple, this state of bliss felt in your presence, this feeling that almost makes everything around us disappear as the energy that connects us is powerful and fusional, I have lived it every day since our paths have crossed.

The day we met marked the start of my new life. You were parachuted into my universe at an unexpected time. You landed in my quiet river and capsized my whole being. When our eyes met, I immediately knew it was you, “the good one”. Your piercing, sincere, real eyes gave me a glimpse of someone with striking assurance and authenticity. For a moment, I almost drowned in the blue of your eyes.

It’s crazy how ignorant one can be before knowing true love. It’s crazy how much you can miss by settling for too little. It’s crazy what we have to open our eyes to in order to give ourselves permission to live this pure love we so deserve. That every woman deserves.

With you, this great love is simple. It is made up of few words and does not need white gloves. Like a veil or a light breeze, it wanders in every corner of our home. It is in the silence of our kisses, the song of our voices, the sweetness of our hugs. It is the implication of our looks, the current that connects us, the dimple of our smirk. We are on the same pitch, on the same wavelength. We put the trivia aside and give each other carte blanche.

With a grain of salt, our daily lives have a lot more flavor. Without even saying it, humor has become the star ingredient in our love recipe. On a daily basis, through the mind-numbing routine and the recurring worries, our laughter can put a balm on the micro-injuries of our gray days. You manage to take the weight off my shoulders, to slow down my Olympian hamster, to empty my mental load basket a little of all its dirty stockings.

With you, I share my passions and I feel a support that is priceless. Our love is synonymous with respect, mutual aid, support. No matter what happens, I know you’re behind me. I’m never far from you either. Our love is in an outstretched hand, a thumbs up, a hug. We are at the same time the fervent supporter of the other, his admirer, sometimes even his partner .

I breathe happiness since our destinies united. My life now has meaning, a scent of hope, with a touch of the unreal. Because this is the first time, and I hope the last, that I have come close to ecstasy, the orgasm of contentment linked to the simple fact of being fulfilled, heard, understood and loved.

All this, I owe it to you, my love, my soul mate.

I love you.

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Open Letter To My Soulmate

“For me, love is that 1 + 1 = 3 because I’m fine on my own, but together, I feel more complete. It is to want to share everything with one person, from the most mundane things to the most personal. Love runs deeper and calmer than passion and makes us want to stay with that person forever. If we feel so good, why not want it to last forever? It’s really as if we found our soul mate, the one who understands and completes us at the same time! »Geneviève Labrèche

“Love for me is basically a sincere friendship. My lover must be as much the love of my life and my accomplice as my confidante. Intellectual stimulation is essential in love, which in my opinion is an important part of the mutual chemistry that must operate. » Patrick Rousseau

“Love is to accept each other as we are, without trying to change. It’s about feeling free to be what we want knowing that we will always be supported. It is to understand the other in all its subtlety and depth. »  Dominica 

“Love is a rather complex feeling and state of mind. It can be associated with joy and happiness as much as it can be associated with pain and sadness. I am convinced that everyone has the capacity to love, but life and our experiences make us all develop a different representation of love. ” Cassandre 

“Love is a feeling like any other and yet so different! When you laugh, you want to laugh even louder. When you cry you listen to sad songs to cry even louder and when you love you are dying to see the person again to love them even more. Except when you’re done laughing, you come back to normal ready to laugh again. When you’re done crying, you come back to normal ready to laugh again. And when you’re done loving, you’re never really done loving! This is what makes love so unique. »Goldrick

Letters To My Soulmate

To My Soulmate I Promise You This

I’ll tell you all the time what I like about you

“I promise every day to tell you how handsome you are, how much I love your smile, your hair, your eyes and your voice. I want you to keep going crazy every time you see me in my underwear, even if you already know my body as the palm of your hand. I want to hear “good night” and “good morning” from your mouth every day, I want you to hug me for no apparent reason and surprise me with romantic dates without being a special day. 

“Please, for God’s sake, don’t get used to me! Keep surprising yourself every time you see me, keep turning you on every time you touch me, keep falling in love like the first time you saw me.”

I want to be special to you every day

“May my new dress, my change of“ look ”or the new color of my lipstick never go unnoticed. Make me feel unique and special every day. Make me laugh with your bad jokes. Give me a kiss when I look at you with loving eyes and a smile on my face. “

“Do not change, do not modify your way of being, do not stop being you, do not lose your essence, because it is what made me fall in love with you. Do not let this become routine. The day you stop feeling lucky to be around my side, then nothing will make sense. I don’t want it to happen to me either. I want to look at you and feel like the luckiest person in the world for having you by my side. “

Letter To My Future Soulmate

boy, or rather dear man, you’re blonde, brown or red or discolored hair, white, black or tanned, big or small, thin, somewhat round and muscular, in short, no matter your physical appearance, this letter to you.

I want you to know before considering anything with me that I won’t always be Prince Charming, the ideal man. I am a man with his flaws, his history and his emotional wounds, which sometimes make me react inappropriately or disproportionately in a certain context. I will definitely be touchy, jealous, or moody from time to time. Yes sometimes you will surely hate me. Maybe you’ll leave by slamming the door. Or maybe I’ll be the one to go and take a break. But know that no matter the negative events that may come to taint our relationship, I will know how to question myself, be attentive, understanding and pass the sponge as soon as my mind and my heart deem it possible. And then we will start again on the right foot.

Also know that I am a loving, caring and caring person. The world is too cruel and unjust to want to do harm in addition. I want a simple love, at the same time very romantic and a bit wild and rebellious. And this also applies to our nights of love. I’m not the prettiest man on this earth, nor the slimmest, nor the tallest, but neither are you. However if you respect me as I am and appreciate me as I am, I will do the same with you because you will be the most beautiful for me in my eyes. I’m not the most reckless and socially comfortable person, but I’ll take risks and get out of my comfort zone just for you. I’m not the richest but I promise you that you will have the best gifts I can give you and that we will have as many beautiful trips as possible. I am not the most normal or the least tortured, but I am a creative who sees things in this world that some will never see.

Finally know that I will love you every day, day after day, that I will never rest on my laurels, taking our relationship for granted. Each day will be a new opportunity to write a new page in our great adventure.


Letter To My Lost Soulmate

I have always dreamed of meeting my other, my other half, my soul mate …
For a long time I believed that this only happened in the cinema, that love at first sight did not exist, that all this were only utopias to give us faith in the future.

Then one fine day when we rang the doorbell, you appeared to me … I knew you, I knew you were coming but I didn’t expect what was going to happen when we first met. And when my eyes fell on you, all my certainties, my truths and my doubts were swept away .. You were there .. There was only you: my dreams, my future, my everything.
I still remember that first time when you took me in your arms and where time stood still, where nothing else existed and yet these 20 minutes seemed to last only a few moments … I could never have imagined that such a feeling could exist …

I gave you everything: my love, my heart, my soul … You know me better than anyone …
I remember more of our rites, of our secrets, like when we had made love and you asked me to tell you one of my memories .. You snuggled up in my arms and I left in my past to bring back a fragment of my life. So you fell asleep peacefully on my chest and I joined you in your dreams. We were happy back then, it was just us, nothing

Then suddenly I lost you … I had no notice, no opportunities to redeem myself, no second chance. I didn’t notice anything and I blame myself so much … Forgive me …
Forgive me for not having been the diligent companion of your dreams …
Forgive me for not having been able to overcome your doubts. ..
Forgive me for the times when I was not the unwavering support you expected …
Forgive me for all those nights when I was in such a hurry to possess you that I forgot to desire you …
Forgive me me for letting the flame of your love die …
Forgive me for all these shortcomings, all these faults that took me away from your graces.

You left so fast … I didn’t
One last time, one last night, one last moment …
To crystallize your image forever in my heart, to make you timeless in my mind, to say goodbye to you …
I dreamed it so much that I still feel it all these emotions which overwhelm me … Your heart which beats and accelerates under my embrace, the scent of your hair which intoxicates me, the breath of your breath which flows and dies on my skin, the warmth and the softness of your body that has always been my flame, the taste of your lips, your fingers that contract and mingle with mine, your gaze so deep, so soft, so intense …

Goodbye my love …
But before you leave for good , I have one last wish to make:
if you no longer need it, and one day you linger near what was our cozy nest, please bring me my heart which has never left you, that I can stop to suffer, and live again.

And forever … forever … in my heart and mind … you will remain as my fondest memory.

I love you …


Message To My Soulmate

Maybe lovers understand each other without speaking and maybe they feel each other’s love, but don’t take any risks and don’t hesitate to express your feelings of love to your soulmate. Whether it is by a bouquet of flowers or by a simple love SMS, the main thing is to prove to the other that we are thinking of him.

Here are some love message ideas for you

I want to tell you that I love you since the first day when our eyes met like two shining hearts of love. Every day my soul and my heart succumb to your romance and even today I want to tell you I love you my love.

I send you these words of love that come from the heart for you my soul mate, words of love that sound so good. For all life we ​​will love each other, with you I have a happy heart, I love you.

At the dawn of my happiness I find your smile overflowing and full of warmth, to be with you is a need, a desire that resonates day and night in my mind, I want to call you to be with you. I love you my dear.

I cannot not see you, loved me, in my arms I want to hug you, carried away by words of love, I want to be left alone to discuss our sunny tomorrow, to tell you I love you to infinity.

I dream of you and me, hand in hand forever without being afraid of tomorrow. You are the little angel that I still love.

It is in the darkness of my thoughts that your light has penetrated to the bottom of my heart to erase all my misfortunes. In my heart your radiance radiates to deposit the warmth of a passionate love.

I cannot do without your presence by my side and moments of tenderness to spend with you. I dedicate this little SMS to you to tell you once again I love you.

The second I saw you, I understood that you were my future. I knew straight away that nothing and no one could separate us and that we would spend our life together.

 My love I loved you yesterday, I love you today and I will love you tomorrow. In the infinity of the universe, I will love you forever.

You are my reward. I waited for you so much and I don’t want to lose you, I love you more than all.

When I see your eyes, it looks like nothing is important anymore. The whole world disappears, it’s just you and me.

Goodbye Letter To My Soulmate

And I want to say: “  Lionel, it’s over. “
” With these words, I put an end to our history embodied in this life. I give up the idea of ​​a reunion, I give up the idea of ​​loving you, I give up the idea that you can love me. I don’t want to feed this link anymore. I want to preserve myself. May you continue your own road in peace. I wish myself to heal from these wounds, to learn to always preserve myself and to rediscover the joy and the confidence of loving.
Soul mates, we have plenty, and you are not the only one. I have met and loved others before you. I hope to meet and love other (s) after you. By freeing you, I also agree to free myself from you, to continue to advance on my own path. To open my heart and love again.
I thank you for what you brought me and I let you go. Goodbye. ” 

Goodbye to my soulmate

I have been a few days in which I finally feel liberated from that hell you left me.
I have found joy where there was no hope and I have overcome clinging to memories.
Now … I am another, I no longer need to know who has loved me so much and for whom I have suffered so much.
I think everything happens for a reason.
But I’ve found that the search for reasons sometimes leads nowhere but pain.
I have walked alone, but with you and it has cost me many tears to undo myself on the path of security transmitted by your hand.
The moment has come when I have given up, the moment when I am finally able to wish that someone knows how to give themselves better than I have been able to.
I would lie if he denied remembering what an incomparable love is and has been, I would lie if he affirmed that I regret having met you, and I would lie if I denied wishing that someone made me feel as alive and as happy as you did at the time.
But now I can no longer love you, you can no longer occupy most of the space that is in my heart and in my thought, because I have realized that words are no longer valid, promises no longer serve me and your absence no longer suggests emptiness.
Today I am grateful to be able to realize my priorities, I am grateful for having rid myself of everything that caused sadness in my being and today I am grateful to feel myself again.
Despite the things that I would have liked to teach you and despite all those dreams that I had with you, on the scale, suffering has conquered hope.
And that is why it is My soul mate that here I feel strong enough to tell you that I say goodbye to without a doubt the best stage of my life.

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