Letters to My Best Friend That Will Make You Cry

These letters to my best friend that make me cry are inspired by those people who from one moment to another come into your life to give you a touch of love, tranquility, dedication, loyalty and call themselves “friends”, those true friends that can be counted with the fingers of the hands and that they are always there in the most difficult and most important moments of our life.

The best friends are those who excel in values ​​and principles that give validity and strengthen the bond of friendship that is why for them, there are these letters for my best friend that make me cry which are inspired by those wonderful hearts that give us so much happiness and support.

Letters to my best friend that make me cry and reflect

Letters to My Best Friend That Will Make You Cry

These letters to my best friend that make me cry reflect that immense feeling that inhabits me and that today I want to express through these words because you are my best friend, because you are one of those few people from whom one can expect criticism to come to you. do to my face and my back only receive support, loyalty and that you defend me as a person against any circumstance or event.

You know that this friendship is above time and distance that has separated us many times, it has managed to strengthen itself despite all kinds of adverse situations to make our friendship an indestructible bond, which makes us friends for life.

Our friendship is so unintelligible to others, to all those who look from the outside but do not understand what for us is as clear as crystalline water, because it reflects the purity of our interior, what we really are, the transparency of knowing that we are not. there is no interest other than mutual welfare.

Through these letters to my best friend that make you cry, I want to say thank you for always being by my side for being an authentic woman who does not fade in the face of adversity.

Thank you for not judging me and for knowing how to listen to me when my interior needs to explode and remove everything that has hurt me so much.

Long Letter for a Friend I Love Very Much

You have always known how to lend me your ears to balance my being and through you to receive advice and that unwavering support that you always give me.

We have gone through very complicated times, we have had discussions and misunderstandings, but like any union strengthened by love, we have come out ahead of external ghosts such as lies and envy.

Also those internal ghosts that make us say the wrong words, that make us act incorrectly, such as pride and pride, how much damage they know how to do, but the true value of friendship derives from not ceasing to water this bond through time to prevent it from dying.

You and I, my friend, know that this is not easy, so through this message to my best friend I want to enhance our friendship and strengthen my commitment of loyalty and affection towards you so that I will never lose you.

Friendship is like good wines, the more the years go by, the more value they have in the heart of who really feels.

Friends can be found anywhere and at any time, the difficult thing is not to find a friend, what really has value is to keep it.

Long letters to my best friend that make her cry

Because when a friendship lasts over time, it means that both have had the ability to be patient and persevering so as not to abandon ship, but like any bond we have known how to place respect as that flag that flies daily and that reminds us of the value of love. true friendship.

I do not know how to thank you for having built in my heart that immense confidence of knowing that no matter how dark the road is, I will always be able to stretch my hand to the front without seeing absolutely anything and knowing that I will find your hand from which I I will be able to grab so I can continue.

In these letters to my best friend that make me cry, I need to thank you for so many happy moments that you have given me, so you have always told me that we should not be grateful for our friendship between us, because the true gratitude is given by that daily correspondence that we both receive and what it is. the force that makes us continue to believe in each other unconditionally.

I think that what unites us the most is that so natural complicity that flows between us when we are together and what makes everything make sense, even if other people do not understand why.

We do not need but a look or a gesture to smile out loud, to cry or to hug each other and that is something that no one else can feel, only the two of us through this beautiful friendship which I am proud to keep and I swear I will always force myself to cultivate. I love you…

Nice letter with the heart for a very special friend

We hope that these letters for my best friend that make you cry will connect the feeling that lives in your heart and that you want to express through this message for a very special friend.

It is always important to let those wonderful people around us know that many times they cannot be counted on the fingers of one hand, all their effort to not allow sadness or loneliness to come into our lives in moments of pain or suffering.

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