Letter to the Best Boyfriend

We wanted to write a letter to the best boyfriend in the world because it is not easy to find a true love and a person who is with you unconditionally no matter if the weather is good, sunny or if there is a storm in the way that intimidates many, but never someone who really loved you.

That is why this letter is a simple gift, but immense in feeling and covered with the occasional tear of happiness to know that someone as wonderful as you gives color to my days.

This letter to the best boyfriend is something that I need to do because I cannot simply feel and not express to you everything that your soul projects on me, for this, I did not find a better way to tell you, than with these words that today are adorned to present themselves before you and give you a kiss and a caress with each phrase of this love message

We hope that this letter to the best boyfriend in the world reaches the depths of the man you love and reaffirms a bond that needs details of this style to shine the interior of two beings who love each other unconditionally.

Letter to the best boyfriend or husband that life could give me

Letter to the Best Boyfriend

Today I want to write a letter to the best boyfriend in the world, who has come into my life to give him the light he needed and eliminate forever those dark clouds that constantly threatened my happiness, that is why I want to dedicate these words of love to you and express everything what my heart keeps for you.

This letter to the best boyfriend that life could have given me is a recognition for all your dedication and loyalty that you have shown me since the first day we met.

I am sure that if before meeting you I had made a list of the qualities that the man in my life should have , it could not have been so exact and so perfect to name each of the positive things that you have inside you and that I, you girlfriend who loves you so much, I have the immense honor of being able to enjoy being by your side.

I still can’t believe how the day we met you smiled and we both knew that behind that look, there were countless words and a single message, because an impatient feeling awaited us to bring our lips closer and present our hearts this love spell that today it shelters us.

You are the best thing that has happened to me in life letter

Now I can say that we have passed that initial stage where the whim often clouds reality and hides the defects. What we both feel is true love, a love that has matured and has overcome obstacles that teach us to value every moment and give light to that garden that we must water daily and not allow the ghost of monotony to haunt our path. and deceive us with his tricks to attract tiredness and boredom.

We both know what our commitment is to assume each day as if it were the last and not allow ourselves to get used to behaviors that attract habit and numb the efforts and struggle to wake up every day and see your eyes open every morning and a smile that is born on your face. It’s more than I need to live and breathe this love that drives me to do better and never give up.

I only have words of gratitude for you, for brightening not only my mornings, but also my afternoons, nights and even my dreams in an unimaginable happiness that I never expected to feel, for this and much more that you contribute to my existence, thank you love.

Finally, it comforts me a lot to say that my boyfriend is the best and you are because that is how a judge ruled that it is not easy to convince what my heart is like, that it is not complacent with lukewarm loves, and it is because you have fallen in love with your transparent and sincere way of being, I love you.

How to improve my marriage

It is never good to think or believe that what you have built together is perfect, because you limit your relationship, you should always think about improving the good and building new scenarios that give different nuances to that love that you need to take care of and fight for.