Letter to My Lover

In writing this letter to my lover, I want to delve into a young love, but strengthened by a bond that little by little has overcome trials and overcome obstacles to be able to say that without a doubt you are the man he loved.

This letter for my lover is a seal of commitment and loyalty for this beautiful love that you give me every day and what makes my heart smile and fills my soul with light to bring happiness to my life.

Many people find love in wonderful beings, who in a short time manage to find everything they have dreamed of, these types of people deserve these words of love that reflect those feelings that arise thanks to their presence, that is why we wanted to write this letter to My lover, who we hope will be able to connect the heart of the person you love and tighten more the ties of the bond of affection and love that unites them today.

Letter for my boyfriend or girlfriend

Letter to My Lover

Love today I wanted to dedicate this letter to my lover because I really would not know what my life would be if we had not met, I am so sure that happiness in the percentage in which I live it, would not be on my side without you, perhaps I would point in another direction, but thanks to you not only do I feel better, but you make me be better and evolve, so I hope we can always be together.

It is important for me that you know that every second that passes I fall more in love with you, I still feel tickles in my stomach every time I see you, my eyes light up with that light that glimpses a tear, but they are tears of happiness for each day to enjoy the happiness of having you next to me.

If one day you doubt my love or for some reason you forget how much I love you, I want you to carry deep within you these words that I write today in this letter for my lover, what are the reflection of my interior and the transparency of my soul to tell you how much I love you.

I believe that true love is not expressed in the perfection of two beings, on the contrary, imperfection is what makes our relationship so perfect, because without you, the days would not be wonderful and would lose their color, they would be gray, cold and absorbed by loneliness

Messages from lovers who love each other without limits

Every time you speak to me you manage to shake my whole being, with me by my side I recognize the value that I have as a person, because your respect, dedication and appreciation make me not only want to love you every day, but also love myself to be able to give more and more without me needing it.

For all this I want to say thank you for making me feel so special and for being that seasoning that gives flavor to my existence, because only you have the magic to make my heart smile and make the dark clouds disappear forever from our path.

In this letter to my lover I want to express all the happiness that lives in me through you, you arrived at the moment when hope died and buried the illusion of being able to love.  

I always thought that I should look for the love of my life through unknown routes, but I did not imagine, that it was destiny that was in charge of placing him in my path, you arrived one afternoon like any other, on a normal day with a lot of people who simply they were more of the same in my everyday life.

But only one look was enough to recognize in you a light that connected my soul and with my heart immediately, there were no words when our looks spoke and our hearts forever sealed this pact of love that not even death will be able to dissolve.

Letter of lovers forever

This letter to my lover, together with these phrases, we hope they will be that complement that helps you find the message that your soul in love demands and leave an indelible memory in the heart of the man you love and that you want to share with you for the rest of your life.