Letter To My Ex Boyfriend Who Hurt Me

Many times, to heal those wounds and those stories, it is good to write them down, leave them reflected on paper and say goodbye to all those negative feelings that that person made you feel. Do you want to do it? Here we propose letter to my ex boyfriend who hurt me with some ideas that you can reflect on yours. It’s time to write your own letter to that person who gave you a hard time and close that stage forever.

Letter To My Boyfriend Who Hurt Me

I could start this letter in many ways , throwing so many gestures and acts in your face … But I don’t want to start it like that. I’m going to turn this whole story around and just thank you . I cannot start this writing any other way. I am infinitely grateful to you even though it took me a long time to realize this. It has taken time and many reflections, days without sleep, crying and thinking to draw a clear conclusion and I finally have it. Nobody told me that our story had to be read from the end to the beginning and not the other way around. So, no matter how much I thought about it, I didn’t understand anything until all this really ended.

Our history looked good, everything seemed like it was going to go round and yet it was the opposite . If they had told me you were going to hurt me so much … I would have thought twice about getting into something like that. But you learn from everything and even the deepest wounds end up being scars and, above all, learning.

With you… Well, rather THANKS TO YOU I learned to love myself because if I didn’t, who would guarantee that someone would? Thanks to you, I learned to take care of myself because if I didn’t want to take care of myself, why would someone else? Thanks to you I internalized that empathy, when talking about feelings and with people, is the fundamental value that I want to have in my life.

If there is something that is clear to me, it is that. And, at the end of it all, at the end of the dark nights and wondering what I had done wrong, I realized that I was asking the wrong questions. You don’t have to do something wrong or right to be appreciated, loved, treated with love, or tried not to hurt you. You don’t have to do something right or wrong for people to disappoint you or not . Many times (in most cases) it does not depend on you but it is up to you how to take it, know how to learn from it, know how to play with the cards that destiny has given you .

Thanks to the damage you did me I have learned to be much stronger. Now, after so long, I am very clear about what I want and what I don’t want, what I need in my life and what it is that hurts me. For all this, thank you very much for making me open my eyes to the life that is presented to me .

I do not wait for your answer, because at this point I no longer need it.

Thank you.

Letter To My Ex Boyfriend Who Hurt Me

Letter To Boyfriend About Being Hurt

I do not know how I got caught by that toxic web that wraps everything around you, that little by little and without realizing it I embrace with the deception of a mask of goodness and protection, which only dropped signs that would mark the stormy path that I would have to walk with you.

That path that began as sunny and happy, which lasted so little, because when you realized that you had already fallen into your prison of love obsession and emotional dependence, everything changed and the light turned into the gloom, happiness into sadness, because the sun never rose in my heart and hope was dying, to let me fall into that fear that burned any attempt to put my head out to breathe again.

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Today I write this letter to those who hurt me, because it is the best way to never again allow someone to make me lose my courage to the point of resigning myself to living in pity, which was the only thing that turned some moments into a false and disoriented love , because the constant of my life by your side only moved in the middle of a destructive cycle that spat on me, only humiliation, mockery, insults, hatred and that anger that brought out the worst in you, like a hidden demon that only came out to hurt me .

Now I realize that hurting me was doing you good, that’s how your interior must be, so destroyed, that only by hurting someone who loved you, you found the peace that your miserable life and that emotional chaos with which you exist denied you. That is why seeing all your emotional emptiness reflected in me, was the way to release or remove your resentment and stored frustration, as a way to obtain balance through the pain caused in me.

You cannot imagine everything I suffered and how you destroyed my life, because in the end it was only enough for a leaf to fall in the wind, to find one of those recurring excuses to blame me and all your madness to explode in my face, always reiterating the little that it was worth to you, how useless it was and that feeling of miserable that spoke and acted on its own, always destroying the tireless effort that I put into every detail to please you, but never enough, what’s more, I think you didn’t even notice it.

Letter To Ex Boyfriend Who Hurt You

I want to capture in this letter the person who hurt me, the memory of fear and constant anguish for not knowing what kind of reaction you would have in front of each event or moment that life placed in front of us, those chains that never gave me peace, because They were a torment that never stopped, knowing that always after one event came another and fear always remained alive, because I did not know how to speak, how to think or act, all this turned me into silence, into a ghost without thought that only wandered in your own space, so as not to see the infernal reality that lived.

You Hurt Me Letters To Boyfriend

I’m not going to do you with hurting me, treating me badly and humiliating me at all times, because when I stopped feeling, you realized that my value had fallen so much that it crawled through where you stepped and I no longer felt. Then you decided to start distancing me from my family, from those who loved me and through them hurting me, of course, always behind their back with that typical cowardice of someone who throws a stone and hides his hand.

I was always aware of the damage received, the psychological abuse and the manipulation or emotional blackmailthat you exercised on me, but even knowing that I wanted to run, that I deserved better, I never succeeded, because your demolition job was so good, that it ruined my self-esteem, you crushed it and that is why that fearsome anxiety to lose your presence always appeared , that company that was the only thing I had left, now I recognize that with my self-esteem on the floor I could not face loneliness.

Letter To Someone You Love Who Hurt You

But I believe that all human beings have a limit and we do not know what it is, or when it will arrive, but when something clicks inside you and the pain is as great as an explosion of suffering, it makes you so bad to the point to wake up what was already dead, only in that instant can you scream ” no more ” and find some strength to drag yourself away from that nightmare that seemed to have no end.

This is my story with you, where only pages of bitterness, suffocation, grief and tears were written, that cry that was born from my heart and that silently demanded this freedom that I am grateful for today , because nothing or no one can make us die in life , as long as we do not allow it.

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They say that when painful things happen to you they are only to make you strong for what is coming.

I know it will seem strange to you to see a message from me but don’t worry, I’m not going to insult or reproach you at all. On the contrary, I want to thank you. Yes, you read that right, thanks.

Thank you for deceiving me, thank you for breaking my heart and even more thank you for not doing anything when you were losing me. I know this will sound strange, since I asked you to fight to save the love we had and you just didn’t say anything, you just pretended to be someone and you drove a thousand stakes into my back, but now I realize it was the best.

Now I am happy, I feel full, I have peace and every day that passes I realize that getting away from you was the best decision I could make. Yes, I did cry some days while remembering beautiful moments we spent together, I also cried out of anger when I finally realized the kind of person you were, but no longer, I no longer cry. Now I smile and thank God that you are no longer in my way.

They say that when painful things happen to one they are only to make you strong for what is coming, to know how to better face situations in life and yes, you made me stronger than I thought I could be. Walking away from you was the best decision I could make, while I am sure that letting go was the worst decision you have made in your life.


I am writing this letter to you, even if you never read it. You hurt me, a lot of damage, but today I have realized that somehow I have to get out of myself the deep regret that I feel and that is what I am going to do.

I distrust the resentment because he is not a good friend, so I do not want him with me. In addition, resentment leads us to feel fear and it is precisely what I need to disappear. It’s not that I’m afraid of you, it’s that I’m afraid of reliving my suffering and falling into the same mistake again.

So I have decided that I have to face it, put it face to face. If I reduce this fear, I will reduce all the others.

I’m not going to throw a stone upwards, as it will most likely land on my head. Of course it would not bring happiness, but would add misery to my life without contemplation.

The pain in the soul, somehow anesthetizes you and you are not aware of what it is assuming for you until it is too late.

I need very little to be well but that is why I have to get all this pain out of me. From today I do not hold a grudge or anger or rage, I do not want unnecessary things in my heart. Every painful experience contains within a great seed of growth and liberation.

The reality is that today I wondered if I could do something worthwhile, so I decided to write this. This letter is not for you, it is for me, because I need to release your burden from my back. I have stopped to think that I do not want anything negative in my life and I have realized that there you are and everything you did.

I have come to realize that reflecting on you is the greatest act of self- love I can do. Today I can say that forgiving you makes me free, I don’t want to make my body the grave of my soul, I can face everything that is inside me.

I must not be afraid of living because everything consists of relearning how to do it.

So today I decide, and with the hand of Jesus I will heal each of my wounds, but this step is clear to me.

So … I forgive you.

Until forever.


Letter to my ex boyfriend who hurt me a lot and who left your life marked by the chains of pain and sadness, where only the darkness of contempt and mistreatment marked a world tinged with suffering that seemed to have no end.