Letter to my Absent Husband

There are many women who need not only to write, but to unload all their destroyed interior in a letter to my absent husband, who, despite his distance, continues to prowl the same space like a sleeping and indifferent shadow.

The loneliness is greater every day and the pain seems eternal, because it is double, seeing that you are there and feeling that you are not real, that hurts me a lot.

Without a doubt, looking for a letter to my absent husband is the reflection of a relationship that has allowed itself to be contaminated by the hell of habit, which builds tiredness and boredom in the hearts of two people who love each other, to eliminate efforts and silence words.

That is why today we want to leave this letter to my absent husband as a desperate call from a woman who despite the pain and the distance, has managed to save a little strength to write this reflection.

And claiming to wake up from a routine lethargy, to ward off the automatisms and constant guilt , to return to love, inspiration and the desire to re-ignite the spark of a dormant and dying passion.

Letter to my Absent Husband

Letter to my absent husband from a desperate wife

Writing this letter to my absent husband is to dig inside myself, through layers and layers of pain and suffering that have left the distance and the forgetfulness of your distant, tired and desperate attitude to be by my side.

I do not know how to tell you what I feel, I would like to think that within that lost dimension in which you live, you manage to notice my torment and my sadness, along with fear, anguish and that loneliness that every day encompasses more and more of me, like a showed that it consumes my days, hours, minutes and seconds in endless agony.

Through this letter to my absent husband, I want to demand a little more attention and try to awaken his heart to give him light and to remember again who we really are.

Letter to my husband who abandoned us

Before the giant and cold steps of monotony will take us along unknown paths, which made us lose each other, moving away, even being so close.

The truth is that there is no difference when two hearts fall frozen for believing that it is not necessary to take care of the flame that feeds the love that keeps them alive.

Through this letter to my absent husband, I want to tell you that I still love you and I miss the simplest moments and those little things that without realizing it were the true engine that drove our feelings.

Letter to an angry and cold husband

I want to tell you that I miss from a hug before leaving, to those complicit smiles that invited us to wait anxiously to meet again.

I miss those little caresses while I was sleeping and the looks that didn’t need words to express what we truly felt.

I long to feel again that dance that our feet performed that looked for each other in a perfect way at night and were located to find warmth and cut that we were together.

Perhaps when I tell you that I still love you, this message is strange and absurd, but the hope of my soul is still intact waiting for you.

Thus, this last time I have lived, I invited myself to accept getting used to seeing how the displays of affection disappear, the fights are more constant in our reality and the emptiness that I carry inside is getting bigger every day.

I want to believe that it is not like that and that our love story has not yet finished and that we have a lot of ink to spill on these pages that build and will build the present and future of our love and happiness.

Letters for a distant husband who does not value me

I hope this letter to my absent husband I managed to destroy the drowsiness that absorbs them and leaves no room to dream and rebuild a love that fell into the clutches of deception to lose the battle and be carried away by oblivion.

But if not, I also hope it helps you to wake up and accept your reality, the same one that eats away at your self-love and leaves only sadness and desolation in your life .

It is your responsibility to recognize when things no longer have a future and your path has no direction, because you go in circles, revolving around a destructive cycle that plunges you more and more into the abyss of love depression because you do not get away from the man who is you. it hurts.

Self-conscious by fear and those barriers that did not allow them to move forward and make decisions to transform their presentation, the same presentation that perhaps you live today and which you need to destroy to start over.

Thank you for reading this letter to a distant husband.

Cheer up