Letter To Cheating Boyfriend

You need a letter to cheating boyfriend because you have just discovered that your partner betrays you and thereby breaks an agreement based on trust and respect, which are inviolable principles in a relationship.

Perhaps it is very difficult to make decisions with a hothead, but you demand to express through an infidelity letter your indignation and the deep pain caused by the deception of someone you love and from whom you did not expect such an affront.

You cannot feel guilty for thinking of goodbye for your wife or husband after sullying a relationship that was strengthened in trust.

Infidelity is not linked to gender, there are unfaithful wives and girlfriends, as traitorous men, here the objective is to know how to place the limits that your future needs.

Here you will find a letter of disappointment for infidelity that we hope can let out all those words that you do not know how to express. And that surely you are clear about the emotional suffering that today traps you in a prison of disappointment.

Disappointment letter for infidelity to my traitorous boyfriend

Today I find myself in front of this letter after infidelity, like a mirror in which this sad reality is reflected that seems like a bad dream, from which I cannot inevitably wake up. I write these words as a result of the blow received and for which I cannot find justification.

Because no defense can give valid arguments that give meaning to your actions. I do not understand how it is possible that you play two sides and while you swore eternal love to me and showed an effort to fulfill our dreams as a couple.

On the other hand, you were looking for the same thing in another person to whom you made the same promises and gave him a love determined by the commitment that united us.

I am trapped by the dilemma of listening to you or letting go of any illusion that still stubbornly persists in finding a solution, I am honest with you, I do not know if I can look you in the eyes again and feel that you are a person in which I can pin my hopes on the future.

I do not seek to dramatize in a situation that already has enough nuances to disappoint me in you. Nor do I seek to make this infidelity disappointment letter an unnecessary witch hunt that would fix nothing and would instead create more and more resentment for realizing the true value you placed on our relationship.

If I seek to express to you the great damage that you have caused in me, because no one expects that from one moment to another that person with whom you believe you have built a perfect and dreamed environment. Become the material and intellectual murderer of a love that hid behind the mask of a being without feelings.

Your infidelity marked me, but I can still be happy – Heartbreaking letter

I don’t know how I could live after the lie you built around my innocent stupidity, but you set the right stage to make your deception flourish, in which I played the role of a blind and deaf victim unable to see a reality that dropped signs every time. more and more notorious of your evil, to understand How to act after an infidelity.

Letter To Cheating Boyfriend

Saying that it is partly my fault can be easy because a relationship is built between two, but that would apply when two people have the same level of respect and appreciation.

If you have a bit of decency, do not excuse yourself by simply saying that it was an accident, because within the options you had, you chose to cheat and you assumed the consequences that your actions triggered.

I love you, perhaps that is the biggest mistake I made because whoever loves believes and whoever believes trusts. I trusted you and never imagined that those who expose themselves to love are also approaching the limit of the ravine of betrayal.

Can you be happy after an infidelity?

My intention is not to explain how a healthy relationship is built, because for that you need two committed beings, but what you should know very well is how to make a relationship fail, because to achieve it you only need the little integrity that you have in your inside.

I do not want to hear your words that surely are the complement of a monologue of lies that you have masterfully planned to continue manipulating me. I don’t believe in you, disappointment takes hold of my reason and there are no arguments for me to change my position.

Beautiful phrases and heartbreaking infidelity images

You have to accept that this letter of disappointment due to infidelity is the fruit of what you have sown, and if it hurts, it is because with your lies you wiped out the illusion of a future together.

I would like to know what was going through your mind and through your heart when you were able to kiss me with so much love and say so many beautiful words in a farewell that demands the meeting to continue satisfying your passion.

But that only a few steps were enough to forget everything and do the same with someone else. I don’t know if you realized that in the end you betrayed yourself, because hurting a love that gives everything for you, in essence is killing any feeling of goodness that exists in the heart of someone who is unfaithful.

Don’t ask me to reconsider, and detach myself from a present that absorbs me. Understand that there is always a before and after after the deception and this truth leaves any past in ruins, no matter how transparent it has been, now it is only stained, so it is better to look forward and not back.

You are behind, you are that past, a path that I do not want to travel anymore because in it I find the greatest disappointment that left the surprise of not knowing who was the being with whom I shared so much time.

Letter to the jerk who was unfaithful to you

At first the pain was inevitable and constant. I never thought we’d end up for that reason. I believed in you, I shared my space and time with you, and how did you pay me? having casual encounters with other women. Do you think that makes you more of a man? No, that makes you a jerk, unable to provide complete and pure love to a woman who did.

That shows your insecurity, inability, and above all, mediocrity. Yes, because that’s what you are, a mediocre who doesn’t have enough mental maturity to say things upfront from the beginning. 

But you know what? At the end of it all, I am grateful to you because I got rid of someone who was not worth being in my life. Your shadowy person would have contaminated my soul and spirit, which are perfectly far from you.

I didn’t lose anything, I won everything. I know what had to happen happened. This life is constant learning and this experience taught me to be a little more incredulous. To analyze, question, and doubt before trusting. Because trust was what I gave you the most and you paid me badly.

I know that not all men are the same, but I will try to be a little more careful in my next relationship so that I do not trip over the same stone.

I can’t be a friend, partner or anything with you. The best thing for both of us is that we stay apart for the rest of our lives. Maybe one day you will realize how much you threw away for having the stupid pride of being a “macho” who can date many women.

If the day comes when someone gives you complete happiness, do not do what to me, no woman deserves to be paid that way.

For my part, I am now strong, capable and free from ties. I have the world to myself, I know that I have enough capacity to carry out all my purposes and do you know what is best? that I don’t need you or anyone else. I am an independent, renewed and happy woman.

Your infidelity marked me, but I can still be happy

You have no idea of ​​the damage your betrayal caused me and yet I am still here, stronger than before, rebuilding my world , rebuilding my happiness .

I swear that I do not understand why you cheated on me, if I gave you this great love, I gave you all of me, the best, however it was not enough, you left with her, you collapsed our world with a single blow, you broke the promises that We made ourselves, you failed me

You failed to promise to adore me, to never hurt you, I assume my guilt, because like a fool I believed in you, I plead guilty for loving you, for believing in you, before me.

The pain you caused me ended up marking a before and after in me, I could not be the same again, I can not smile the same way again, I could not trust you again.

When I finally opened my eyes, I stopped feeling guilty, believing that I could have given more, but it was not true, here the only culprit was you, it was you who betrayed my good intentions, my faith in you, you failed me, You failed my kisses, our dreams, our illusions.

I have to admit that for a moment I allowed myself to be defeated, I declared myself without the courage to continue, but after so many tears, I decided to continue, to start over, to continue without you.

No, do not ask me for forgiveness, I simply understood that love cannot be like this, that I should not settle for a love that lies, a foolish love , a love that loves half, that sometimes wants, and sometimes not, that sometimes loves, sometimes not.

I regret to inform you that it is no longer difficult for me to be without you, that after all, I have gotten used to walking alone, to thinking of myself first. I would be lying if I told you that I no longer love you, but what is a fact is that I am better off without you …

Betrayed girlfriend writes the most original farewell letter of all time

A girl discovers that her boyfriend has cheated on her. The young man has in fact forgotten a Facebook window opened by his partner. Instead of letting off steam in front of him, the betrayed girl decides to use her wits. And forces the now ex-partner to a treasure hunt in the symbolic places of their relationship.

“Hi Honey, guess who left Facebook open on their computer, and got a message from Kelsi? Yeah, you 🙂 But don’t worry, I didn’t break anything. In fact, I was sweet enough to pack your stuff! I also came up with a fun game, since I’ve known you for a long time that you like looking for things, and other girls! That’s where you’ll find your stuff.

Your clothes are where we first met
Your games where we first kissed
Your laptop is where we bought our first game together
Your TV is where we first met
Everything else, including photos of the last 2 years of our life together are at Kelsi’s house

Have a good time!! Ah, I haven’t broken or damaged anything but I can’t guarantee you will find your stuff! Good research! “

Letter 1
I’m fine, I can only tell you that if you care to know, a little hurt, my heart broken into a thousand pieces by your betrayal but well, in the end life continues, with a smile as if nothing happened.
You know well that I have not been able to forget you, despite all that you have made me suffer, being with me loving another.
Even you knew that I was your best option, that you had a great time with me and you were happy, or it seemed to me, but she was there, she commanded your heart, how stupid I was, how I didn’t realize that, but I was blind for the love I had for you.

I only wish you to be happy with her, even if you don’t deserve it.

Always yours…

Letter 2

For someone who broke my heart …
While you were in my life I came to love you much more than you can ever love and imagine. You were like a dream come true, the highest star that one day I managed to reach with my hands, in short, you were the most beautiful thing that my life had. But they well say that “such wonder can never be true.” Thanks to GOD and yourself I managed to remove that blindfold that blinded the reality of you and your life, a very bitter but true reality. You were nothing more than a lying hummingbird, a “man” capable of destroying the heart of every woman who crosses your path.

You disappointed me and there is nothing to do, just forget you and leave everything we lived in yesterday. see you never

Letter 3

For a liar heartbreaker …
I feel so bad just thinking that you cheated on me with another, that your kisses were hers and not mine, that the one who was in your arms was her who was nothing yours and not me who was you girlfriend.
It destroys my soul just imagining that based on lies you were telling me that it was not true, when you were alone with her, telling her how much you loved her.
I start to think that I did wrong. Now you regret it and come to ask me for forgiveness with tears in your eyes, perhaps you think that with a single forgiveness the pain disappears, because I will not have the pain for the rest of my life and thanks to you my life was marked with your treason.

I don’t want to know about you

Letter 4

Treacherous …
I am writing these lines with a lot of pain to tell you that I feel very bad, I never imagined that love would hurt so much, I feel that I am dying of sadness, I feel that everything in this life has no meaning. How is it possible that loving hurts so much.
I’m here, locked in my room crying for you, I don’t want to go out, I could see you with her, and I wouldn’t avoid crying in front of you.
He probably offered you so many things that I couldn’t give you now because of my little experience in loving.
This betrayal hurts so much that you nailed my heart.
Maybe you don’t even care, I don’t care, I just wanted to tell you what you have made me suffer. But someone will make you cry and you will regret it for being unfaithful and a liar.
You’re going to suffer…

Letter 5

For my worst mistake.
This letter that I write to you now, possibly I will never give it to you. But I wanted to write, somehow I have to bring out what I feel, somehow unburden myself of what I have inside, it is so great that it hides the sadness that is underneath.
You hurt me and not once or twice, you disappointed me so much that I begin to believe that I was stupid for having believed you …
I loved you, I loved you, I gave everything for you, you have no idea of ​​the things you made me feel, the times when I played it, as hard as it was to see you, nothing mattered to me and I took a risk.
But you cheated on me, I thought I was the only one in your life, but it turns out that there was another girl, who maybe you said the same thing to her as you did to me. One learns from the blows and I have already learned, I will never believe your lies again. I will never look for you again, nor will I call you, I have to forget you, even if it is the last thing I do in my life.
Bye …
Liar and inconsiderate, I hope you’re better off without me

It is possible that if your boyfriend cheats on you, you do not even want to speak to him or less write something to him. But writing what you feel, according to psychologists is therapeutic, helps you clarify your emotions and feelings and makes you be in control of your life, you are ultimately responsible for your life, and no one can choose for you or harm you if you do not know you allow it.