Letter to a Person Who Doesn’t Love You

This letter to a person who does not love you is the result of an abandonment announced by my feelings, rather than by your parting words.

At some point we have all felt that they no longer love us with that intensity and strength with which they did before and everything begins to turn into a gloom of suffering when we know that love is extinguished and that the light that illuminated your life is dying.

That is why this letter to a person who does not love you, is dedicated to all those hurt hearts that today cross the desert of loneliness and who find no consolation for having to see how the steps of that person they still love are moving away.

We hope that these words of unrequited love, can give comfort to your soul and thus be able to let go and let go of an elusive feeling that does not want to remain with you.

Letter to a Person Who Doesn't Love You

Letter to a person who does not love you

I wanted to express my sadness in this letter to a person who does not love you, because so your presence has remained with me this last time, your heart and that deep love that you always gave me, I took their bags a long time ago to go away little by little .

So much that I gave you, in my effort to recover the caresses and smiles, and so little that I remain of a pilgrim love that did not know how to accept my invitation to share with me the rest of my life.

I only have your memories that survived a catastrophe of pain after your departure and those old photos that remain silent in the face of my tragedy.

I need to let out all my sadness through this letter to a person who does not love me, because I cannot resist continuing to carry the weight of your memory, which has become the torture that punishes day by day my hope to continue.

I do not reach so much love for you to stay and rescue your dying love from the abyss of oblivion to which you had condemned me.

Now this reality that hurts so much, forces me to write this letter to let go of those who do not want to stay, and to be able to accept a truth that hurts, because I do love you with all my might.

Letter to let go of those who do not want to stay

But it is not easy, because your memory wanders through each space of our shared environment, like a shadow that does not stop tormenting me, that is why I try to escape and walk away from here, talking to strangers to distract my mind and hope that a day will pass. plus.

But it is not enough because when I get home I suffer again, and even my tears come out to look for you, desperate they have become the mark of my steps, which today portray the suffering of my abandoned heart.

This is one more day, where the traces of your ephemeral love remain alive everywhere, your silhouette is drawn on each pillow, in our bed, in your aroma that you left impregnated in my cold sheets and in my broken and desperate heart.

That is why everything is slow in my daily life, that I get used to being part of you, and I only have to chew slowly the pain left by the time and distance of your departure after finishing ours.

Time with its immense wisdom will make us understand the reason for your goodbye and perhaps you will realize that this love that he gave you is purer than anything, therefore, accept defeat and resign yourself to forgetting.

Message for a letter you don’t love me like before

Embodying your pain through a letter to a person who does not love you, seeks to recognize that whoever leaves your side is because they do not love you, or value you as you deserve.

That is why it is not worthwhile to continue clinging to someone who is no longer in your present and to whom your love is not enough to be happy.

But letting go and letting go of those who do not love you is not something that is built with words, but with real facts and decisions, this is the reason why many people prefer to remain tied to a dead hope.

They do not accept that everything is over and prefer to be carried away by the current of heartbreak that destroys their desire to move forward.

I hope your self-esteem has the strength to not let anything or anyone hurt you and remain important in your heart.

I appreciate you can share or comment on your social networks this letter to let go of who you love and do not love you and make this message of improvement reach more lives afflicted by heartbreak.