Letter I feel lonely and depressed

This letter I feel lonely and depressed, it is the expression of a withered heart because as love arrives, oblivion also arrives and there are many couples who lose their way and get carried away by swampy and dark paths where love dies captive from routine and fatigue.

We want to express the feeling that comes from the depths of a woman’s heart when her husband does not fulfill her expectations.

It is not easy to write a letter I feel lonely and depressed, because many times that loneliness is not seen, if it does not feel and hurts inside , and only those who carry it, with that weight that contaminates everything, is the one who can really express their sadness.

That is why we wanted to write this letter I feel lonely and depressed, like a cry for Help that demands time, importance, dedication, or simply for your partner to look at you again and discover in you, more than your body, your feelings.

Letter I feel lonely and depressed

Letter I feel lonely and depressed

Today that the cold of the snow of your indifference covers me more often, I write this letter I feel lonely and depressed , because there is no worse loneliness than the one you feel when you have the person you love by your side, but they are not emotionally, because it has gone, it has been lost and you don’t know how to make it come back.

I need to tell you that, although the years have passed and sadness has made a nest in my heart, I continue to wait for you and yearn to see your smile again, which has been the light of my happiness.

Also to be able to feel a hug again and share our warmth on cold nights, but I only feel the ice that distills your distance, and that emptiness that you leave in my soul and that is impossible to fill.

I want to tell you through this letter that I feel lonely and depressed, that I do not find peace in my life when I know that, despite the efforts, nothing is enough and each time the distance from your love is more distant and it hurts me.

I do not know how we allow the suffocating habit to come and take over our space and the moments that did not need words to express our love.

We let him in and without any resentment he settled down to stay and make our surroundings a gray, apathetic and cold place, where demonstrations of love die and indifference flourishes.

Letter to tell my husband that I feel lonely

Now the caresses and kisses are imprisoned and forced to freeze to death, because of this loneliness that selfishly tries to distance our steps and hide the direction of our love, that is why we are so lost and so estranged.

But this letter I feel lonely and depressed , it is not a reproach but a call to wake up from this lethargy of monotony, to resume efforts and feel again that we must cultivate love every day in the heart of those we love.

Because otherwise everything will die, and no effort will suffice. But we still have time to regain hope and chase away the ghosts of routine that turned our love into an automatism.

To revive inspiration and romanticism is to give color to this gloomy environment and loosen the chains that bind our caresses, hugs and kisses, to rebuild smiles and feed a feeling that, although frozen, still breathes and palpitates to be together .

I ask you in this letter to my husband I feel alone, that you come back and wake me up from this nightmare that day by day consumes our time and makes us sad and unhappy 

Thus, to illuminate our path again so that our steps are not lost again and continue together forever.

Letter and words of sadness for my husband who is away from me

It is not easy to write words to describe the suffering that mutes your feelings and leaves you without the strength to continue.

That is why this letter makes me feel lonely and depressed, it is a bit of reality that we want to give away in this reflection.

But it does not seek to deceive and hide the truth of psychological abuse, much less draw a love that does not exist, to cover the love obsession.

We only hope that you can differentiate when the end has come and recognize when there is no love, and respect and appreciation for you has been lost.