Letter forgive me my love if I hurt you

This Letter forgive me my love if I hurt you, it is inspired by the deep regret that remains inside us when we have failed and we discover that because of our mistakes the person we love today suffers.

It is not easy to find forgiveness in those people we hurt, that’s why it is important, to earn that new opportunity through our behavior and those little details that make a difference, such as this letter, forgive me my love if I hurt you.

We hope that this message that seeks to express ” forgive me, my love, I love you ” will serve to reopen hope in your life and be able to touch the heart of those who have hurt, to obtain their forgiveness for having failed them .

Letter forgive me my love if I hurt you

Letter forgive me my love if I hurt you

I can’t see a tear running down your cheeks because of me, that’s why I need to ask your forgiveness and tell you that it hurts me a lot to fail you, and to be the maker of your sadness.

I always sowed to see you happy and today I can’t believe that a seed was hiding in me that could hurt you.

My life, I wish through this letter to forgive me my love if I hurt you, to show all the regret that floods my heart for having failed and to dishonor a sincere love that never deserved my behavior.

You have been like an angel that came into my life to give light to my path and to illuminate in me, everything that others saw dark, you are my reason for living.

That is why it hurts so much to know that, because of my actions you are suffering, this is something that I cannot forgive myself and that I need to remedy in some way.

If I hurt you, forgive me, without you the days have no light, everything is opaque and gloomy in my existence, the smiles flee and my tears do not stop running as if trying to look for you and bring you back.

I cannot handle this great emptiness that has remained within me, I carry in my chest this pain that I deserve for having failed you and I only have your memory, which, instead of comforting me, is the knife that hurts me, every day more deeply by my mistake.

Forgive my love for not being perfect and for my jealousy

I know that your forgiveness is something I must deserve, and despite my failure, which I recognize, I also know that my heart has always been given to you, that I have never stopped loving you and that every throb that bursts from my chest, it is a cry that pronounces your name, calling you.

Do not ask me to forget you, without you there would be no dawn and everything would sail through a dark and cold sea, I ask you to let me give you back all that you deserve and that it causes so much pain in me.

I want to make my words like rose petals, falling on you and caressing your soft skin, I want to give you my understanding and tenderness, my kisses and caresses and everything that I need to express when you were waiting for me, you do not know how it is killing me Knowing that I had you and because of me I lost you.

I ask you to please give room to these words that seek your forgiveness, to be able to make my dream come true, and to be able to have you, every sunrise by my side and through my effort, dedication and deep love, always see you wake up with a beautiful smile on your face. I love you.

Sorry for all the damage i did to you

When you fail and seek forgiveness from your partner, many times the error is so great that you need much more than a message of forgiveness to a lost love, but that does not mean that it is not a first step to get closer to his heart again. .

For all those hopeless situations, it is necessary to do more, much more and not allow the love of your life to drift away to the point of no return.

That is why we must act soon, but without eagerness, nor leaving everything to improvisation.