Letter for Someone Special

Writing this letter to someone special in your life is very significant, because behind each word comes an immense recognition of someone who has changed the patterns of your daily life and leaves the mold to become a unique person.

Through this letter for someone special that perhaps you miss a lot, we try to represent the story of a true love that has become the air from which you breathe and the illusion that gives life to every beat of your heart.

That is why through these words we want to reflect a sincere and passionate love of which nothing is ever missing and you always end up wanting more.

We hope that this letter for someone special can fulfill your expectations and confirm your feelings, using this message as a means to give voice to your heart, and to be able to express how much you love them and how important their presence is with you

Letter for someone special that I like

Letter for Someone Special

Hello love, today I wanted to dedicate this letter to someone special, because you deserve it, because your love has been a symbol of unity, dedication, sacrifice, trust and respect for me. The truth is I don’t know how to pay you for being the wonderful person you are, you have left an indelible mark on my soul that even being far away can not be erased.

You make your presence in my life like magic to be a better person, because not only do you make me be better, but you also make me feel better with my surroundings and especially with myself.

Every morning just by seeing your smile, I can understand that everything is worth it, the fact of having you next to me and being able to share your moments makes my time make sense, because I can feel the sweetness of your gaze, the taste of your kisses. and the tranquility of your presence, what gives color to my days regardless of the darkness that is around me.

Today I want to tell you through this letter to a special person that I always thought that words, love and trust could not go hand in hand, because the first thing they tell you is not to generate high expectations of someone and then not have to be greatly disappointed .

But with you it has not been like that, I have discovered that, if I can love and trust at the same time, because only a special person can make you happy in a natural way and without having to do anything other than what their inner being projects, just enough that you be yourself to give my life much more than what I need.

Letter for a special person in my life

I want to tell you in this letter for someone special, everything you have sown in my life, because what is said and what is done is easy to forget, but trying to erase from your memory what you have felt, it is something impossible that neither distance and time can remove from my heart.

That is why I need to thank you and tell you everything you are worth in my life, because the true value is given by the way you have treated me. It is that assessment that you have given me, which has taught me not only to love you, but also to love myself, without leaving aside the essence of a healthy love such as self-love.

Dreams have always meant transforming through imagination a reality far from what you live daily, that is why they serve as an escape to momentarily live different scenarios and turn them into what you truly want.

But being with you, everything is different, I no longer wish for the night to come because my present with you has exceeded the expectations of my happiest dreams and you are the architect of this reality that today illuminates my path, because the greatest dream I have had, it was you.

Now I understand that love is our true destiny and I want to share with you in this letter for someone special, the fantasy that my soul lives by intertwining with yours and giving reason to each silence that unites this bond more, because it gives clarity to the meaning of life, understanding that we cannot find it alone, but together with that person who is the complement and the key to open the doors of eternal happiness.

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I hope that this letter for someone special can reach the depths of the person you love, and be able to turn these words into wings and wings into petals, that reach their presence to pamper their hearts with the softness of a petal that moves. to the beat of each word that springs from this message of love.

These letters to dedicate to a special person are a complement or a nice detail, but beautiful words are useless if you are not clear that the strength of a couple’s union lies in the daily effort to see each other smile.