Letter For Him When He Insults You

Seeing and feeling when your partner insults and humiliates you is one of the most frustrating and humiliating situations you can experience when carrying the weight of contempt, turned into insults and blame for no reason.

When they mistreat you and you don’t have the strength to react, more for fear of that constant manipulation of abandonment.

That is coapted by a love obsession that does not let you see clearly, nor understand advice and claims, in general, it keeps you clouded by someone who does not deserve it.

It’s like being in a bubble of addiction, from which you can’t wake up thanks to that false comfort that lack of self-esteem generates.

In many cases you cannot and do not want to wake up, because your aggressor has done his job so well, that inside you come to think that you are worth so little, that, if it is not him or her, no one else will notice you and you will only find loneliness on your way.

By living tied to that codependency or emotional attachment that hurts us so much in love relationships, we discover that with time the habit is born.

Like a weed that grows little by little and in a subtle, but absorbing way, that traps us until we become slaves of a hell that does not use shackles to hold us back.

Being tied up when your partner insults and humiliates you is perhaps the worst way of life that can exist because, in reality, you don’t live for yourself, but for others.

Then your life ceases to belong to you and becomes dominated by an abusive power, which only seeks to isolate itself more and more, to easily weaken and control you.

Not realizing in time the type of monster that accompanies us is a mistake that is often paid for in blood or with such deep emotional wounds that only our interior can express fear and insecurity.

Limits are the only true tool that offers us an open door, to expel all those toxins.

That they live in inner chaos so disturbing that it forces them to flood with it, each victim they find and manage to seduce them with their masks of lies, with which they hide their true poison.

Letter when your partner insults you and disrespects you

This letter when your partner insults you was created for all those individuals who, despite knowing that their self-love dies more and more every day along with toxic partners who only know how to hurt and humiliate with words and insults.

Still, they continue to walk like zombies, toward their destruction.

I want to think that that first kiss that tastes so bitter to me today, thanks to this story written with tears that have only left me sad and in pain with you, was not planned.

I would like to imagine that everything was real and sincere and that little by little and due to life circumstances, things were deforming so much that you ended up hating me when the love you felt for me died.

But the reality is that this self-deception would only serve as an appetizer to hide your deception and your evil mistreatment.

This letter for when your partner insults and hurts you, is a small piece of writing that tries to reflect that mixture of frustration, impotence, anger, and humiliation that you feel when someone you love treats you like garbage and you can’t respond.

It is as if everything stopped within you, as if your dignity, after seeing you lower your head so many times, ended up being a simple spectator of your tragedy.

Always accepting the yoke of abuse as the only possible way to live away from the fearsome loneliness, the same one that eats away at my bones just by imagining it.

That is why I want to dedicate these words to you that tear my soul apart, and to feel again through this letter when someone insults and mistreats you.

The hell of a reality that will forever be an indelible mark, so as not to fall back into the nets of a toxic and destructive relationship.

Unfortunately, I have created in my mind, this stormy present and the fearful belief of being someone worthless to me and others, all for allowing a sick being to make me feel it day by day and getting used to it.

You always tried so hard to diminish me and crush me with the weight of your anger and your contempt, to make me look like a worthless being, who does not deserve respect or appreciation.

Letter When your partner abuses you psychologically

You with your arrogance and that imposing look so full of hate announced the explosion of a poison that came out with each line you expressed towards me.

I will never be able to forget what I felt in those moments, where fear took over my mind and my body and I did not understand how I could love someone who hurt me so much.

You never knew how to measure your words, what’s more, I think that over time you got used to it and you felt safer to inflict much more pain on me, to hurt me harder and with more force.

Your insults were a force that I could never stop, that always hugged me like a hurricane trying to knock me down to destroy what little self-esteem I had left.

And that was your true objective, to hurt me, because you couldn’t find another way to expel the chaos so dark that lives inside you.

You couldn’t bear so much crap inside you, that you urgently needed to get it out and as cowards always do, they take it out not only on the most innocent but on those people who they know will always be there, that is, the weakest.

You knew that your insults, humiliations, and rudeness towards me would always find silence, the son of a fear that consumed me every time you were near me and which you took advantage of to vent all your emotional poverty.

I could see in your eyes how you satisfied your ego by enjoying taking advantage of my passivity, that’s why you tried to take me to the limit to try to get a response from me, like when the master trains his pet.

the irony was that after all the crap you threw at me, I could tell how you thought you were doing the right thing and just corrected me.

To finish, always being the victim and me asking for forgiveness so I can calm your darkness and try to turn off the overflowing words and screams.

That opened the way to the elusive silence, which allowed me to close my eyes, breathe and dream of another reality.

A reality that today I can say does exist, but it hurts because, like any tie, it leaves you wounded when you try to break it.

But those wounds are nothing compared to the immense freedom and that peace that leaves you to say ” no more ” and run far away from those who hurt you and do not deserve even a second of your time.

Message For Someone Who Insulted You

  • I can say with certainty that your greatest ability is to be someone average.
  • Try to drink something hot to see if your heart softens a little.
  • I would like to spend more time with you, but I need to waste my time on something else.
  • Your interest in the most obvious things amazes me.
  • I think not that I am not worthy of giving you an answer that is at the level of someone your age.
  • Will we see the sun today? or the day will remain as dark as your way of being.
  • You are the only reason why others do not speak well of you when you are absent.
  • I prefer to contradict you than to be an accomplice of a shared error.
  • There are 7 trillion nerves in the human body, and you manage to irritate all of them.
  • You can go out and see if the rooster has already laid eggs.
  • For you, being an adult is just a game.
  • I hope you get better from the symptoms you suffer from because envy is the worst disease in the world.
  • How sad to see that the only thing you want to share is your misery.
  • Too bad you can’t use my cosmetics to help you make up your personality a bit.
  • It amazes me how you put so much enthusiasm into something so obvious.
  • I do not accept to face my arguments against an unarmed enemy.
  • Silly questions are not guilty of being created by a brain with such an attraction to stupidity.
  • I don’t know if there are qualities within you that balance your arrogance.
  • I want to explain it to you, but I can’t work magic on your brain.
  • I hope you are very well away from here.
  • Your bad reputation is quite short compared to reality.
  • We all have the right to make mistakes, but you made it a constant.
  • Trust your know-it-all ability to help you know when to keep quiet.
  • I love your surprise in such logical situations, with the feeling of being Christopher Columbus.
  • I would like to share your opinion, but that would multiply the error.
  • Thanks for your time, mine was wasted.

My Partner Insults Me When He Gets Angry

When your partner insults you, he may be writing the preamble to a story of terror and suffering, where you are the protagonist of a script, which I hope you do not want to read even its introduction.

Whoever has experienced this type of nightmare feels not valued, they live being underestimated at all times, they are always the target of any error, and the blame points in the same direction and falls on him or her.

Therefore, they do not have the strength that is found in self-love, to say no more, to shout Enough! and get away from toxic and destructive people who only seek to satisfy their ego through emotional blackmail.