Letter for a Friend Getting Married

This letter for a friend who is getting married seeks to project a love that has been growing over the years and that only wishes, an infinity of wonderful moments in her new life.

We know that when a very close person decides to get married, we need not only to express all those good wishes, but also to give them the assurance that the decision made is the right one.

To avoid last minute doubts and build confidence in this important step that you are about to take.

This letter for a friend who is getting married, serves to remember all those special moments that have led them to consider themselves almost sisters of the soul, thanks to a relationship of many years, to the trust and that total dedication, deposited in each one.

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Letter for a Friend Getting Married

Letter for a friend who is getting married soon

You know that more than a friend you are my soul sister, because not only blood can create these strong ties, but also the love of two friends who have always been present to withstand the storms that life offers us, as experiences to overcome. and demonstrate a real commitment to friendship.

You have known how to sweeten my life when circumstances are adverse and everything seems to collapse, you have always given me more of you, than I have needed, for that reason I can only thank you for being part of my history, and for giving me so much happiness with your presence .

We have been able to grow together and know those secrets that only we could keep, each lived stage has taught us to understand each other much more and to understand the reason for each decision made.

Today when those stages of girls and adolescents are left behind, love continues to be reasons to be together in moments of sadness or happiness.

But for you, that incessant search for true love is over, because you only need to see them together and how their eyes shone to know that they were born to be together.

Words for a speech to my best friend getting married

Today in this letter for a friend who is getting married, I want to wish you the best, for this new stage that begins for you and your fiancĂ©. I know that he takes the best woman in the world and the kindest heart I know.

I wish that happiness and love accompany you forever, to make that dream of girls, where eternal love really existed for us, the truth that you live today.

You do not know how glad I am that today that dream comes true for you and that you begin to walk a new path without fear, because you know that you have chosen well and that the only thing missing to be one, is to start taking steps together, for that God today unites them in a love that no one can separate.

You can always count on me, because this is just a new stage for our friendship, where time is reduced, but love and sincere affection grow more and more.

I love you, never forget that you have a sister who will always have her ears ready to listen to you, her arms to hug you and my heart to pick you up when you need it.

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We hope that this letter for a friend who is getting married contains the feeling you need to express how much you love her, how much you are going to miss her, but above all how much happiness you wish her today and always.

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