Leather Anniversary Meaning

Third Wedding Anniversary Or ​​the Leather Weddings Meaning

The meaning of the Leather Weddings is that the couple has been married for three years and that, therefore, both are perfectly aware of the strength of their marriage. We will tell leather anniversary meaning. The road may have been easy or maybe there have been problems but the important thing is that they continue to walk together, and it is a great cause for celebration!

Many couples have already had their first child when the Leather Weddings arrive and that is also a sign of stability and commitment, since the couple has founded their own family from their relationship.

The relationship is now more mature and the couple already knows each other thoroughly, with their strengths and weaknesses. Without a doubt, it has been a mutual learning that has strengthened and enriched their relationship. Leather, precisely, represents the durability of marriage.

leather anniversary meaning

Another year has passed and the third wedding anniversary is approaching. Time passes almost without realizing it and life goes by little by little. Today we look back and remember when this long road began, marriage.

leather anniversary meaning

It is not easy or simple to make our relationship continue to be as special as the first day, but that is what it is about, we have to make sure that it is. We must try each time our anniversary day arrives, to have the same enthusiasm as when we celebrate the first, despite the fact that each time, with the passage of time, we lose it.

In the third year of marriage, our relationship matures and we know each other well, with our defects and our virtues. At this time the couple is already aware of the durability of the relationship, that is why we can choose a leather gift for our third anniversary or Leather Wedding, since it represents the durability of our marriage.


Traditional gift – UKUKLeather
Traditional gift – USAUSALeather
Traditional gift – SpainSpainLeather
Traditional gift – GermanyGermanyLeather
Traditional gift – RussiaRussiaLeather
Traditional gift – FranceFranceWheat
Traditional gift – ItalyItalyLeather
Flower giftFlowerFuchsia
Gemstone giftGemstoneCrystal and jade
Modern giftModern giftCrystal and Glass


As tradition dictates, on this anniversary it is the couple’s turn to give each other gifts that are made of the corresponding material, in this case leather.

Here we leave some ideas that can be useful to surprise the other in such a special moment.

  • A belt . A priori it may seem like an unromantic gift (some would say the classic gift given to a father or a grandfather) but what if a date or a special phrase is inscribed on the inside of the belt? You can also engrave the buckle with something representative of the couple.
  • Some shoes . A conventional gift but one that never fails, especially since the couple knows their tastes and can gift the other with that pair of shoes they always wanted. These shoes can be accompanied by a card in which the couple is encouraged to wear them for a very special date.
leather anniversary meaning
  • A wallet or purse . Again a classic gift that can mean something special. You can put inside a special photograph, a movie or theater tickets or a voucher for a romantic dinner.
  • A photo album . What better way to express the durability of marriage than by using a leather photo album? The feeling of robustness when taking it in your hands will be a perfect symbol of Leather Weddings.
  • Some bracelets . This gift is ideal for couples who are more bohemian and have a more casual style. Although it is typical to give jewelry on anniversaries, this time it is perfect to give personalized leather bracelets.
  • Portrait in leather . On the Internet you can find websites where you can send a photograph that they later reproduce on leather. It can be a nice souvenir of the Leather Weddings.
  • A personalized diary or notebook . If the activities or work of the couple requires it, an agenda or a notebook with leather covers and some special illustration or phrase can be a great gift to remember the Leather Weddings every day.
leather anniversary meaning


In addition to exchanging gifts and organizing a special plan for this day, the couple, or one of the two, can decide to decorate their home with leather objects to represent this anniversary.

It is not necessary to start renovating the furniture in the house by buying leather sofas, chairs or armchairs, but it could be representative to place some objects made of this material as a symbol.

It can be something simple like a notebook and pen canister set next to the phone that can be used to take notes on important calls, or a fancy magazine rack in which to keep your favorite publications.

leather anniversary meaning

A very original idea is to use old leather belts as hangers to hold framed portraits of the marriage.

And how about placing several leather frames in which you can see photos that represent moments of the three years of marriage? Leather candle holders can also be used to create an intimate atmosphere when you get home from work or after a romantic dinner.


There are couples who may not care about their third wedding anniversary but it is a great excuse to celebrate love and their union again and also to get out of the routine with something more than a greeting and a gift.

  • A romantic getaway . It is the classic that never fails. It can be planned by the couple or it may be one of the two who surprises the other with a trip to an unknown destination. The important thing is to spend time alone, away from routine and focused on each other. If the economy does not allow a large outlay, the insanity may be simply spending the night in a hotel in the same city simply to escape the routine.
  • An experience in nature . We are not referring to walking in the park or in the countryside but doing something like going through a forest, learning to dive, rafting, visiting a volcanic area, parachuting!… Something unforgettable that marks the anniversary day.
  • A theme park . Without a doubt it is a fun and surprising plan. Although it may not seem like it, a weekend at Eurodisney can be the most romantic.
  • Hit the road . The best anecdotes and experiences tend to come from the less elaborate plans. An idea to celebrate these Leather Weddings can be to rent a sports car and hit the road aimlessly, just the two of you enjoying the landscapes, chatting, listening to music and stopping wherever you want.
leather anniversary meaning
  • Vacation at home . Who says you can’t celebrate an anniversary at home? If the couple already have children, they can be left in the care of a relative or friend to be able to enjoy themselves at home. There are many options: take a relaxing bath together, order non-cooking food, watch a movie snuggled on the couch and even dance for a while in the living room.
  • Learn something new together . Getting started in something in company can not only be a lot of fun but it can also encourage a new hobby to share: dance or cooking classes, initiation in a sport, a craft class …
  • Thematic photo session . Another fun idea is to hire a photo session on the subject that you like. Today there are many specialized photographic studios where you can take vintage-style photos, for example, or 80s style, perhaps with a historical theme … And why not? Maybe the couple dares with an erotic photo session …

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It is true that sometimes, the best phrases and words are those that come directly from the heart but sometimes, due to emotion or nerves, we are not able to adequately express what we feel. Therefore, we have prepared some phrases that the couple can dedicate on such a special anniversary.

  • Happiness is being married to your best friend and the love of your life. These three years have been the happiest of my life.
  • Thank you for listening to my problems, for understanding my dreams, for adapting to my shortcomings and for loving me during all these three years. Happy Anniversary.
leather anniversary meaning
  • I had to kiss a lot of frogs to find my prince charming. Thank you for being who you are and happy anniversary.
  • If they gave me another chance to choose, I would choose you again.
  • Three years ago, we started a new chapter together. You remember? My heart remains yours and will always belong to you, as well as every second of my life.
  • You and I. Me and you. We are one person.
  • After three years together, I still can’t sleep because reality surpasses my dreams.
  • After three wedding anniversaries, I know that what I feel for you continues to grow and will last forever.
  • If staying together and in love is crazy, I don’t want to be sane again.
  • This anniversary deserves a celebration of all the joys that we are living together, the memories of yesterday and the projects of tomorrow.
  • Marriage is not simply the union of a couple. It is when a couple lives together and accepts each other’s imperfections, something that we have done in these three years.
  • Even though it’s been three years, you are still someone amazing in my life.
  • Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are made of the same (Emily Brontë)
  • You are my anniversary gift and I don’t need anything else.
  • True love is getting married one day and spending the rest of your life being glad you did.
  • Our wedding was three years ago. The celebration continues today.
  • Thank you for treating me so special even on the days that are not our anniversary.
  • Marriage is choosing someone over and over again to love and enjoy each new dawn with.
  • A happy marriage is a long conversation that always seems too short (Andre Maurois)
  • Another year to create precious memories together. Another year to discover new things to enjoy each other. And, another year to strengthen a marriage that defines us forever.

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