Learn to Translate: What Your Body Language Says About Your Relationship

When you are in a relationship with a person coming from another country, or you speak a different language that your significant other can barely understand, there are many ways to learn what the body language says about your relationship. If you take your time to go beyond the list of words that you already know and listen to the tone of a language, you will notice much more than before. We all might feel a little impatient or even irritated when we have to translate things and cannot deliver a message properly, yet there is a universal body language that is the same almost everywhere. At certain times, it can show that you care in a greater way than what you can achieve by spending minutes talking via some translation app! 

Learn to Translate: What Your Body Language Says About Your Relationships 

As we dive deeper into the translation and explanation of an average personality in a relationship, it’s safe to narrow things down to four types of body language. If you can identify yourself, there are certain tips and recommendations to consider: 

– Light and Bouncy Personality. 

You are changing positions all the time and often alter your temper as you walk around the room and even keep yourself busy doing something while talking to another person. Such people find it hard to keep concentrated and will often change the subject all of a sudden. It doesn’t mean that they cannot keep a healthy relationship or ignore their studies and responsibilities. Quite on the contrary! Still, if you find it too challenging to explain what you want to say as you are learning another language, consider the best translation services and learn about all the possible ways you can express yourself. Just make sure to try a bit harder; it will always help you build a better relationship! 

– Soft and Fluid Reflection. 

You are graceful and won’t ever get into a conflict. You are talking in a soft voice and will never get angry. Even if you do, you won’t really show it and won’t make another person guilty in a relationship. When you misunderstand something, you will genuinely try to ask questions and learn from the situation. 

– Dynamic and Determined Relationship. 

You will use numerous gestures to prove your point, as movement is everything. At the same time, you won’t ever use your body language without a clear purpose. You are always determined and need changes all the time. If something seems static, you make a change and offer a solution even if others may not see it! 

– Precise and Direct. 

Also known as the Dutch type of body language, it’s not necessarily wrong as such type of body language is always bringing certain thoughts and ideas to the point. It might be quite helpful when you are in long-distance relationships, where some clarity and transparency might be helpful. While it’s more like an energy type, being precise helps to reflect your sincerity and readiness to overcome challenges while staying true to what you can or cannot do. In the majority of cases, you limit your body gestures to being motionless, hands folded by your sides, and keeping your posture straight. Although it may be determined in the wrong way, it usually has a cold shower effect, as you are most likely to be understood the right way! 

Timing is Everything! 

When you want to build a healthy relationship, you have to take your time and learn how to listen, even if you are feeling confused or cannot wait to express your opinion. It is essential to be a good listener because it allows another person to express what they feel and do so properly without fear of being interrupted. You may take a look at Spanish or Italian families who may create a false impression of not listening to each other, yet there are many pauses that actually take place to set the tone and the end of the sentence. If a foreigner listens to the language without noticing the body gestures, it does not provide a complete outline of the situation. The local person will instantly notice the pauses and the correct timing which shows where another person has the turn and the right to speak. Learn to build your relationship based on these little details and it will always pay off!