Kiss Messages

kiss messages are really important if you want the person you kiss to know that there is nothing like their kisses, here are some kiss messages For My Love that can help you.

1. Kisses are a good way to show and express everything we feel.

2. The truth is that all couples kiss, but few do it with love.

3. I want one of those kisses that you feel and that we both long for.

Kiss Messages For My Love

4. My kisses, one of the many ways I can show you my love.

5. The kisses I give you are kisses of the soul with pure love.

6. Your kisses, a vice that I cannot leave.

7. With each kiss you say I love you, and with each smile you say I love you.

8. A kiss from you is enough to forget everything and everyone.

9. It hurts to have you so close and not have the courage to kiss you.

10. I like everything about you, your kisses, your lips, your eyes, everything.

11. One of the things I like most about you is your kisses.

12. If your kisses woke me up every morning, every day would be beautiful.

13. Today without you, I feel cold, today without your kisses, I feel that I die.

Stolen kisses Texts

14. They say there is nothing like a stolen kiss, is it true? why don’t you steal a kiss from me

15. We all like to be robbed of kisses and more if it is from a person we like.

16. Sometimes love is born from stolen kisses so why don’t you steal some from me.

17. They say that a stolen kiss is much better, how about you and I try.

18. If for a kiss from you I receive a blow with pleasure you can send me to the hospital.

19. Maybe they will call me a thief for stealing a kiss, but if I could I would steal your heart.

20. A kiss is what I want to steal from you every day.

21. Even if you are angry, I will steal your kisses until you smile.

22. I will fill you with kisses for loving me and I will steal many kisses to fall in love.

23. I like to steal kisses from you, even if you think I’m a fool.

24. Your kisses are my medicine, but I love to steal your kisses.

25. I live to steal your kisses, to gradually fall in love.

26. I love you, I love your stolen kisses, I love the way you look at me, you smile at me.

Msgs of a kiss

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27. We all like kisses but we cannot deny that there is one that is unique and special,

28. It is not the first kiss, it is the first kiss you give with love, what matters is that this kiss is special.

29. Let me show you everything I have kept quiet with a kiss.

30. Let me feel your lips in a kiss of yours, let me feel love in every beat of your heart.

31. A kiss did not mean anything if it is not yours.

32. I ask for a kiss and offer unconditional love in return.

33. They can forbid me anything but a kiss from you.

34. A kiss from you is what I need to wake up from this dream.

35. With just one kiss you would change everything in my life.

36. A kiss doesn’t mean anything until the right person gives it to you.

37. A kiss from you provokes more in me than you think.

38. No matter how sad a kiss from you always makes me happy.

Passionate kiss messages

Kiss Messages

39. I am not very passionate but with you passionate kisses are inevitable.

40. Only you can give passionate kisses to anyone else.

41. Passion and love go hand in hand that’s why my kisses are passionate.

42. A kiss from you ignites the passion that I thought was extinguished.

43. Your passionate kisses are my favorites.

44. Kisses taste best if they are passionate.

45. I don’t know how to kiss but with you I want to kiss passionately.

46. With each kiss of yours you light the burning flames of my heart.

47. The kisses that I like the most are yours because they are passionate.

48. You are the only person who sparked passion with each kiss.

49. I like kissing you but I love passionately kissing you.

Message of forbidden kisses

50. Even though your kisses forbid me, I can’t help it.

51. I can’t resist the temptation of your lips, I love your forbidden kisses.

52. Even if you tell me that you forbid me to kiss you, your kisses are a temptation difficult to overcome.

53. I must resist your kisses, I must resist loving you but I cannot, without your kisses I weaken and without your love I die.

54. If you forbid me from your kisses, then I will forbid controlling myself with you.

55. They can forbid me air, water, life, but never your kisses.

56. Maybe your kisses are forbidden but that will not stop me from dreaming about them.

57. You can avoid me, you can push me away, you can even pretend you don’t care but your kisses will always be mine.

58. No matter how much you fool yourself I know you are dying to kiss me.

59. Kiss me even if your kisses are prohibited, love me even if your love is prohibited.

Kiss Message For Boyfriend

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60. He sent you kisses even when you are away, each kiss is to remind you how much I love you.

61. I like your kisses, I like your smile, the way you take care of me, I like you.

62. If one day I forget to love you, remind me with kisses.

63. I just want to kiss your lips, because only they know how to kiss me.

64. With you I learned that kisses are the best way to say I love you.

65. My kisses will always and exclusively be for you, my boyfriend.

66. I do not give my kisses to anyone, only you, only you deserve my kisses.

67. I like your stolen kisses, I like your smiles, I like the way you are, but above all I like you.

68. There are many ways I can say I love you, but the one I like the most is kissing you.

69. Your kisses, your hugs, your details, made me fall in love, now I can’t stop loving you.

Rich kiss messages

70. The kisses you give me are rich, they make me fall in love.

71. I don’t know about flavors but your kisses are the richest.

72. I don’t know why but your kisses are more and more addictive.

73. Only you know how to kiss me rich the way I like it.

74. Today I cannot control myself anymore, today I will simply fill you with rich kisses.

75. Even in my dreams are you and your rich kisses.

76. You and your kisses are becoming my vice, my addiction.

77. Your kisses a delight of which only I can delight.

78. My kisses do not just show that I love you and you are important to me.

79. I don’t like kisses but you kiss in a way that I forget everything.

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