Jealous guy, what to do if he is jealous for no reason

What to do if a guy is jealous for no reason to everyone

Are you in a relationship with a guy who is jealous for no reason and controls you like a puppet? Is he following you and constantly calling to make sure you’re not with someone else? Maybe jealous of your best friend or your past? Then you need to find out what to do if the guy is jealous, how to behave with him.

Today it is not uncommon to hear stories when a guy or a man harasses his girlfriend, being jealous of everyone in a row. And so that you can live emotionally calmly without making excuses to your chosen one, we have prepared some tips on how to act correctly in this situation.

So read the article carefully and give your opinion on what you learned.

What to do if a guy is jealous

Ask yourself: do you really love him or is this self-hypnosis? Love so much that you are ready to endure and fight his jealousy? After all, it can only become stronger over time. If the answer is yes, then you need a plan of action. Think about what you can do to overcome his jealousy and help him change.

A plan for further action and advice will help girls and women protect themselves from excessive jealousy.

Try to find the root of the problem

It is impossible to hope for success without understanding why he is jealous, what are the reasons for his jealousy? Jealous because he had a difficult childhood? Or maybe his mother once cheated on his father, so he now doubts women’s honesty? Maybe his “past connections” make themselves felt? Try to understand where the problem is “buried”.

Then figure out what it is about your behavior that makes him so jealous. Perhaps this is your behavior with other men. For example, you smile sweetly at them when talking or touch them while talking. Knowing the reason, you will be able to follow your hands, facial expressions, gestures when talking with the opposite sex. (Read the article How do girls communicate with guys correctly? )

Talk to the guy about his jealousy

This will probably be the most difficult part of solving the problem because there are many uncertainties. But this is what you need to do if you want to solve something. Be prepared for the fact that he may be offended. Nobody wants to be criticized and embarrassed.

The guy’s jealousy will only intensify if you don’t talk about it. Surely, he is jealous of you, because he loves and is afraid of losing you. Then try to calmly explain to him that you love only him and do not want another. Therefore, you did not do anything that he invented for himself.

Explain that you have no desire to lose his trust and give rise to jealousy. And in your actions you did not see anything reprehensible. But if a particular act revolts him, then you won’t do it again.

Tip : when you are unreasonably accused, checked, or required to report, avoid arguing and indignant. You do not need to aggressively or rudely express your feelings to the guy in the face about his jealousy. It is unlikely that this will change your attitude in your favor. It will only get worse, heating up an already tense situation. But if you speak softly, then you can count on a greater understanding.

Set Relationship Rules to Avoid Jealousy

But what if the guy reacts noisily and is jealous of your communication with male friends? Then you need to discuss with him the boundaries of your relationship with the opposite sex, and stick to them.

Create ground rules for your relationship. This is a good way to help each other understand what line not to cross. These rules will act like a red button and warn you which actions are inappropriate and will provoke jealousy.

Give him confidence

What to do when a guy wants you to stop all contact with friends, especially men? Calmly but firmly let him know that friends and family are important to you. But he is also the most important person in your life.

And your meetings with friends or relatives in no way detract from its merits. Therefore, because of his unreasonable jealousy, you are not going to refuse worthy friends (worthy keyword).

Remember , a jealous guy always wants to be sure that his virtues are noticed and distinguished from others. So, reassure him that he is better than others for many reasons.

Just do it sincerely and praise for real merits. This will help him feel more confident, he will have less reason to “wind up” his imagination. So you will reduce his reasons for jealousy. (To understand male behavior, I advise you to learn how to understand a man and his feelings for you).

Talk about your feelings

If a guy or a man unreasonably accuses you of something, do not add fuel to the fire. Do not immediately enter into an argument with him, but pause and assess the situation. If you become defensive, the man is likely to misinterpret your reaction. If you defend yourself, then you are guilty.

Instead of being defensive and arguing, try to calmly explain your feelings to him. For example, how do you feel when he is jealous of you. Explain that his suspicions and jealousy are groundless, because you love only him. Let him know that his jealousy is a problem that is ruining your relationship.

Maybe then he will see how stupid he is doing and change for the better.

Always be in touch if the guy is jealous of you

This may seem annoying and unnecessary at first because you are giving up some of your independence. But this advice will help solve a much more serious problem.

Sending a short SMS prevents unnecessary questions: “Where have you been, why didn’t you answer me?” Just think of this advice as a compromise. A little effort on your part will help calm him down.

So when you’re late at work or a colleague offers to drive you home, call your boyfriend or husband and let him know. Ask him to pick you up at work, or pick you up from work at home. This attitude reduces suspicion.

Do you consider yourself jealous or not? I advise you to read a few tips on how to stop being jealous of your husband and wind yourself up for no reason.

Don’t make your boyfriend jealous

Have you ever intentionally flirted with other men to see if the guy is jealous or not? You shouldn’t do this anymore. Stop listening to stupid advice that this is how you need to test a man’s love for you. Such a check can open a “Pandora’s box”, which you are unlikely to be able to close.

Remind your boyfriend of your principles

What to do if a guy out of jealousy suspects you of treason? He says that because of the last girl who cheated on him, he doubts you. Then tell him that you are far from being the same as his “past connection”.

And you don’t want to suffer for his past yourself, and even more so that your relationship suffers. You are a completely different girl. You have completely different principles in dealing with him. Make it clear to him!

Give him more attention

Whether you are going on vacation with the company or planning other events, invite it with you. In the end, jealousy may be due to the fact that he feels left out. Moreover, he will definitely know that you are not up to anything bad.

And when you are in the company of other people, then do not pretend that you do not notice your boyfriend. In such situations, talk to him more often. Give more attention, looks, smiles to him, and not to other men.

Sincerely tell your loved one about your feelings for him, and that you do not want to lose him. The more he hears compliments and confessions, the more comfortable he feels. This gives him confidence that you are interested in him, and not in other men. Your reassurance will help reduce his jealousy. (Check out this compilation of 100 compliments that men will love ).

Sift through old friends

Analyze if among your friends there are men whom your boyfriend cannot stand? You may have to give up friendship and communication with them if you value your relationship. This does not mean that you have to give up all your friends.

But what if a friend acts cheeky with you or makes vulgar jokes in your presence? By doing this, he can provoke jealousy in your partner. Think for yourself how he can think: “Since she tolerates him, then it suits her. And what can they have in common?

Give an ultimatum to a jealous guy

What if the guy is very jealous and his jealousy is out of control? Make it clear to him that you don’t want to continue this relationship with him. Tell him about your intention to end the relationship  if he continues to be jealous of you almost to his own shadow. Don’t let yourself be twisted. Then he will either take a step back and try to control himself, or he will lose you.

Tip: it is advisable to talk about the ultimatum in public places, especially if the guy is prone to pathological jealousy. This will save you from assault and violence on his part.

End the relationship if the guy is very jealous

The guy is still very jealous, even despite the ultimatum, what to do then? The best advice is to end the relationship. You don’t deserve to get into trouble every time you look at another man.

If he continues to be very jealous and uses violence, insults you, then you need to end such a relationship.

Trust me , it’s for your own good. If a man is already invading your privacy by dictating what to do, then how will he behave when he becomes your husband? What will you become after a few years of such a life, when you face jealousy every day?

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Why is the guy jealous

  1. Because he loves. And his jealousy can be caused by the way a girl behaves with other guys. Or the way they treat her. How will a guy feel if a girl gives a reason for jealousy, flirts and flirts with other guys? He will feel like a decoy that has been used to catch an eagle.
  2. Successful career. How do men and not only men usually react to a successful woman? A successful career often means working late hours and frequent trips with your boss. Many believe that she must be sleeping with the boss. Therefore, she climbed the career ladder.
  3. Jealousy is part of the male ego. Men do not want to deal with women who deceive them and are “impregnated with the spirit” of other men. After being deceived, they will have to raise a child or children that are not from their genetic seeds. Simply put, it is like death for a man if he cannot pass on his genes to the children that have appeared. The fear of this causes jealousy.
  4. To the woman’s past. Communication or correspondence of a girl with a “former” boyfriend can make a guy jealous. It is unlikely that he will be satisfied with the explanation that you remained just friends. Men are so arranged that they will think: 1) There was sex between them. 2) She is still in love with him. 3) Since she does not want to break up with him and forget, then perhaps she plans to renew the relationship. Therefore, he is ready to get into a fight.
  5. Flirt. Nothing causes more jealousy than a girl’s flirting and flirting with other men. Even if the guy guesses that she does it on purpose. His brain receives a signal that there is a “stranger” in front of him, which must be destroyed. And instill fear in her to flirt with others. Therefore, you do not need to flirt with guys or respond to their flirting. Unless, of course, you consider your partner to be “garbage.”
  6. Self-doubt and relationship strength. A guy gets jealous when a girl spends the weekend or vacation not with him, but in another company of men. When she goes to various parties without him. Or he sees her photos on social networks, in which she has fun with people unknown to him. He will not be satisfied with the explanation that these are childhood friends or boyfriends of girlfriends. Is it then worth wondering why he is jealous?
  7. A man torments himself with jealousy because he has low self-esteem. He is constantly afraid of being rejected, abandoned. He is constantly oppressed by the uncertainty that he will not be able to keep her. Therefore, total control and jealousy is his tool or means to protect his interests.

Now, knowing roughly why guys become jealous, girls need to draw the appropriate conclusions. I advise you to read an article that will help you understand that a man is jealous of you.


I hope this article will help you achieve a happier and healthier relationship. With the right approach, dealing with jealous men is hard work. But it’s worth it and takes time and effort.

Also, don’t lose your individuality, even with a jealous boyfriend. If you get used to giving in to all the demands and whims of an overly jealous person, you will eventually lose your individuality. So, you will become less attractive to him.

Such is the strange irony.

What is your opinion on what to do if a guy is jealous? What advice did you follow, what do you apply when faced with a jealous person? Share your opinion in the comments to the article.