Italian wedding dress – dressing for your wedding

Italian wedding dress

A country of love, passion, and stylish solutions. This is how Italy seems to many. She was praised by many artists and poets. Arriving in Italy, architects, fashion designers, and designers began to create. Everyone finds inspiration in a European country.

Currently, it is rightfully recognized as one of the most fashionable cities. And many young ladies especially go to Italy to purchase fashionable things that they will not find in any city in the world.

The wedding is the most important day of your life, your happily ever after. A lot of brides already have their dresses, but some are still on the lookout for the ideal model. Italian wedding dress designers offer a wide range of dresses in all styles and cuts, from glamorous to more sober ones. It’s up to you how you want to look on.

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Italy Fashion

Shoppers especially come to Italy and buy clothes. Especially often it is customary to do this before important and solemn events in life. This is what a wedding celebration is all about. Unfortunately, it is far from always among domestic products that you can find the very wedding dress that will appeal to both young spouses and all guests present. In this case, you can stop your attention on the very real Italian product.

To begin with, the Italian product is considered particularly valuable. He is loved primarily for his excellent quality. Absolutely all designers create products from natural materials. Sewing is considered to be the work of true professionals. That is why you cannot doubt the quality itself.

Most of the fashion houses that are famous all over the world are Italian. So, for example, Roberto Covalli, Nicole Milano, Nicole Cavallo, Nicole Spose or Dolce Gabanna. All of them are prominent representatives of Italian fashion. Absolutely all girls strive to purchase clothes from such designers.

It is worth paying special attention to the tailoring itself. It is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. We can assure that the bride will be comfortable in the dress. She will be able to perform many movements without discomfort. The girl will be able to enjoy life and dance at her wedding, without thinking that the Italian wedding dress will squeeze or hinder her movements.  This sparkle wedding dress is seriously glamorous and sure to turn heads on everyone’s wedding day.

As for the fashion trends themselves, then, of course, they are different. This differentiation is determined by the fashion designer or stylist. Despite this difference, you can still find several of the same moments that represent the whole of Italian fashion.

Most of the outfits are perfect for showing the figure. Therefore, slender girls are very fond of them. With a dress, you can emphasize the hips, waist, or bust. Surprisingly, in any Italian outfit, the girl will look like an hourglass. That is, it will acquire perfect shapes and silhouettes.

Italy is the birthplace of Juliet. With wade dresses in the Italian style, therefore, they always look gentle, surprisingly feminine, and romantic. But still, if you look closely at each image as a whole, you might think that behind the bride is a fatal beauty or a passionate nature. In such an amazing way, Italian fashion has managed to combine innocence, romance, and purity with passion.

Italian designers are simply convinced that the most ideal models should have a simple cut, the best fabrics, and perfect tailoring.

It is generally accepted that beauty is created in harmony. On such outfits, you will never find a large number of frills and other decorative elements. In their desire to emphasize the silhouette of the girl, the designers decided to abandon unnecessary details that hinder this fact.

Popular styles of dresses in Italian style

Designers create beautiful outfits based on classic and delicate looks. The styles used for the wedding are never overloaded with unnecessary details. They are always graceful, laconic, and simple.

  1. The straight, floor-length Italian style wedding dress is the most popular model. It is often made from lightweight fabrics. Often, several materials are also used in this matter, combining a denser material with a thin one. For example, a dress made of organza or guipure is considered a common model. It resembles a nightgown. A silk cape, which looks like a blouse, is sewn on top of the product. As a result, the image of a romantic, innocent, but at the same time sexy young lady is created.
  2. Lush outfit – perhaps no country in the world will refuse to use lush wedding dresses. Such widespread popularity is due to the demand, because most girls want to look like fairy princesses. Italian outfits could combine the splendor of the image, but at the same time making it more romantic and even glamorous. Dresses do not have additional rings. The volume is achieved thanks to the large layer of tulle. In addition, the upper part is a corset, with the help of which the sophistication of the image and the silhouette itself is achieved.
  3. Trouser suit – fashion dictates its own rules, and brides only have to adapt to them. So, a trouser suit can be considered stylish. At the top, it has an original one-shoulder bodice. And from below, fitted trousers, which ultimately look quite fashionable and original.
  4. Vintage is a style that is especially appreciated in Italy. After all, this country, like no other, is rich in such products. Bohemian luxury joins the classic vintage, which is a rather bright and original combination.

Trendy colors

As for color solutions, there are not so many of them. However, the girl has plenty to choose from anyway. Stopping your attention on a particular tone, it is necessary to analyze how such a product will harmoniously look with your appearance.

  1. White is a traditional color that has been used for centuries in a row. It is accepted to be based on the boiling-white version. But he also has his own interpretations. For example, the color of champagne or ivory can become popular.
  2. Green is a gentle and muted tone that is very much loved by the passionate people of Italy. It is considered the color of fertility and wealth. Therefore, many girls choose this shade, thereby attracting only positive emotions and impressions to themselves.
  3. Red – only the most passionate nature will choose it. It suits brunettes quite well, who eventually become like the beautiful Carmen.

Often, designers also use the mixing of several colors, thereby making bright accents on certain elements. For example, a red satin ribbon is attached to a white dress. It is necessary not only to emphasize the waistline but also to emphasize the image, making it more daring.


It is impossible to create a complete look without the use of additional accessories. With their help, it will be possible to obtain a complete picture. Often the accessories themselves change the whole image. For example, if the bride chose a modest and calm dress, then diluting it with bright and colorful accessories, you can emphasize the passion of nature and spirit.

When it comes to footwear, choose modest and elegant pumps. Italians know a lot about shoes, so don’t go for too cheap options. This must be a product made of genuine leather.

If a girl wants to make her image more mysterious, then it’s time for her to remember the masquerade, which is so actively popular in Italy. For such an image, it is enough to purchase a Venetian mask, in which the young lady will look mysterious and enigmatic.


Grace, simplicity, and sexuality were able to unite uniquely in wedding dresses presented by Italian designers.

The stylists created from the girl, not a fatal bride, but a gentle beauty with romantic performances and passionate nature. Such an explosive mixture is amazing.