Is it possible to give symbolic gifts for a wedding or not?

It is difficult before the wedding, not only for the bride and groom, but also for the guests. Everyone who comes to the celebration dreams of presenting a truly original symbolic wedding gift . Most of the guests donate money.

Initially, at weddings, the newlyweds were handed over to the newlyweds all the things that would be useful to them in their further family life. Now the situation has completely changed. Household appliances are given only if absolutely necessary. Gradually, not only money, but also original gifts began to come out on top.

Varieties of wedding gifts

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What to give for a wedding is purely symbolic.

Symbolic wedding gifts can be classified according to different criteria. One of these classifications suggests a division into necessary things and useless (from the point of view of life). The necessary ones include large household appliances, certificates for clothes, a ticket for a tourist trip.

In addition to the necessary presents, there are also symbolic ones. They are needed rather in order to leave pleasant memories. The main advantage of such things is that they leave a lot of pleasant impressions and emotions.

Seeing such a thing, you can cry with emotion and remember this moment for a long time. Especially strongly symbolic gifts for a wedding celebration touch the bride.

Symbolic gift options

The following varieties can be safely attributed to symbolic gifts:

  1. Wedding Poster – Make a beautiful and original wedding poster. It can be placed in a photo frame and handed over to the young after the end of the celebration. Use guests to create your poster. Let each invitee come up and write a few warm words on a piece of Whatman paper. Be sure to decorate such a poster to make it look unusual. Explain that guests should feel free to express their feelings. You can do anything on a Whatman paper, even leave your kiss. When handing over to the young people, let them know that everyone who came did their best and left a piece of themselves.
  2. Take any newspaper of our time, namely, the issue of the day and year in which the wedding takes place. Place a framed newspaper and hand it to the young. This will be their family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation.
  3. A colorful portrait on canvas – before the celebration, contact the artist so that he depicts two lovers on canvas. The painting can be done in different styles depending on your wishes. It can be well-known pop art, caricatures and even a romantic story.
  4. Animals that personify love also look symbolic. These are pigeons and swans. Choose a statuette made of durable material: porcelain or metal. From now on, two pigeons will be associated with a couple in love. If, in addition to the figurine, you order an engraving, then such a figurine will turn out to be the most original and unusual.
  5. The commandments of a happy marriage – popular symbols of love are different in different countries. This is a married couple whose day is equated to Valentine’s Day. A married couple has become a saint and from now on all young people pray to them, hoping for family well-being. Symbols have their own commandments for a happy family life. They are depicted on canvas that resembles papyrus paper. Arrange the sheet in a glass frame, and you will get an original gift that will be with your family for several generations.
What to give symbolically for a wedding.

DIY gifts

In the event that you have to choose a gift alternative to money, then you should always start from what you want. For example, if you want material well-being, you can give money in an envelope and a popular money tree.

If you want a young family to travel to distant countries, to travel the whole world, then you can donate a globe or an atlas, which will be able to mark all the countries visited by the young spouses.

You can even more surprise the newlyweds by giving a handmade gift. They can be:

  1. Photo album – a popular scrapbooking technique is gaining more and more fans. There are a lot of blanks for this technique in handicraft stores, all of them are distinguished by their special beauty and creativity. It is enough just to connect the blanks correctly and get a handmade product. When making a photo album, you should still focus on the wedding. After all, the first family album, as a rule, is a wedding one.
  2. Wish tree – you can make an unusual tree from wire. Instead of leaves, such a tree will have wishes. The product will have to be completed right in the hall. Let each invited family write their wishes on the issued blank. And already you attach their words to the branch. It will be pleasant for young people on a rainy day, to open the leaves and read what their guests wanted them.
  3. Culinary products in the form of cupcakes or a small cake – if you know that the newlyweds refused the cake due to its high price, you can always surprise them by presenting pastries.
  4. Bank with money – arrange a regular bank in an original way. You can attach unusual decorative ornaments to it with a glue gun.


A wedding celebration is a memorable occasion. It symbolizes the joy and the birth of a new family. Absolutely every guest wants to feel like a part of this event. You can please the groom and the bride with an unusual gift.

It does not have to be expensive, but it can still leave memorable memories in the soul of young people. The young people will quickly spend the money donated for the wedding, but souvenir and symbolic gifts will be with them for a very long time. Perhaps some will become a family heirloom, passed down from generation to generation.