Is it possible to get married before the wedding: wedding before and after the wedding ceremony

At all times, a wedding was considered the only way to unite the hearts of two lovers. Much later they began to register with the registry office. The wedding ceremony was taken quite seriously, this attitude has been preserved at present. It is believed that it is simply impossible to debunk at will.

Such an act is a real sin. During the Soviet Union and perestroika, the church receded into the background due to the political situation in the country. Church values ​​are currently being rethought. The wedding ceremony began to gain great popularity. Many young people have a very reasonable question when it is necessary to get married.

Is it possible to get married before the wedding?

What do you need for the wedding of a married couple after the wedding?

The Church only recognizes officially registered marriages. Civil marriage or cohabitation is considered to be that people are living in sin. Therefore, such a married couple will certainly not be married.

An important point for the church minister to register your relationship is the official confirmation of marriage. You must bring an official marriage certificate.

Many people wonder and do not understand when, after official registration at the registry office, you can go to the wedding ceremony. There is no unambiguous answer to this question.

A married couple can get married the next day after the registry office, or a few years later. The main requirement is the conscious and balanced desire of each of the spouses. Only then can you visit the church and ask the clergyman about all the intricacies. For married people, the church makes the same requirements as for unmarried. They concern primarily the bride and groom.

They need:

  1. To be baptized – often a married couple does not remember whether they were baptized or not. If there are no living witnesses to this event, then it is worth talking to the priest. Sometimes it is quite enough that the family lives according to church laws, does not break the commandments. In this case, there is no additional baptismal ceremony.
  2. To be Orthodox – there are a large number of beliefs and religions in our world. In no case does any of the religions permit re-baptism. Therefore, if a man is a Muslim, then he must initially accept Orthodoxy, and only then go to the wedding ceremony.
  3. To have a mutual desire is a woman, sometimes, much more than a man wants to get married. And a man may not at all understand why such a ceremony is necessary. To prevent this from happening, it is worth initially deciding together how much there is a need for a sacred sacrament. Fortunately, the church does not force or coerce anyone into such actions. Therefore, you should not force your neighbor. Everyone must come to religion and God on their own.
  4. Be physically and mentally healthy – the church cannot marry physically and mentally ill people. In the first case, it is necessary to obtain permission from a doctor, confirming the mental abilities of the person. In the latter case, such people are called holy fools, and they cannot make such serious and balanced decisions.
  5. Not to be consanguineous – even if the bride and groom are considered relatives in the 4th or 5th generation, the wedding ceremony is still impossible. Because the church does not recognize family ties.

How to prepare for the wedding for those who are already married?

Wedding before or after wedding.

Newlyweds or married couples need to carefully and responsibly approach the wedding procedure. This is a special sacrament that is sanctified by the Lord God Himself. You need to start preparing for it long before the start of the celebration.

The preparation itself begins with an important one, namely, with the awareness of the need for this action. Initially, the family should decide what the wedding is for you and how much you need it. To do this, it is best to go to church, talk to a priest and find out everything in detail about this rite. Let the preparation and other little things worry you the least. Most of all, you should be interested in the necessity of the sacrament and why it will be useful to you in the future.

After you have discussed all the important points with the priest, think about the date on which you want to appoint the ordinance. It should be understood that the church does not adhere to popular superstitions. There are only bans on fasting. Otherwise, the ceremony can be held at any time convenient for you.

Don’t forget to buy wedding rings as well. They are an obligatory attribute of the entire procession. Previously, a woman had a silver piece in her hand, and a man had a gold piece. Nowadays, few adhere to strict rules about jewelry.

It is worth choosing those rings that will be as strict and concise as possible. They should not distract you from earthly life. God is against everything that is connected with the financial beginning. Therefore, humility is the main criterion that is best adhered to.

The wedding after the wedding.

Purchase wedding icons in the church shop. They are usually sold in pairs. For a man, Jesus Christ is supposed, and for a woman, the Most Holy Theotokos.

During the entire procession, the newlyweds will have icons in their hands, which they will kiss and pray. After that, such young faces will take them home, and they will become their happy mentors in life.

The towel is the detail on which the spouses stand during prayer. They are also sold in the temple, as an option, you can sew them yourself. On the towel, folk patterns are welcome.

Officially registered couples for the wedding ceremony should pick up witnesses. These are the people who can later become the spiritual mentors of your family. Therefore, it is best to choose from those couples that are a good example of family life for you.

You shouldn’t dwell on careerists and divorced people. The latter will not be admitted at all as witnesses. Choose only married couples who have been happily married for a long time.


Fortunately, you can get married at any time. If we pay attention to church statistics, then a sufficiently large number of couples, after a certain period of life together, come to raise their relationship to a new level. Alternatively, you can do this for your wedding anniversary. The wedding will help cement the already strong and established union for a married couple.