Is Dr. Squatch Good? A Comprehensive Review

The Dr. Squatch has become an incredible, well-known business due to its long-winded ads that run across multiple platforms, promoting natural products for hygiene, mostly targeted towards males. The average person knows, if they stay long enough to continue watching the lengthy ads every time they come on, the business is flourishing and you’re crazy if do not want any of the products!

How much do you really have knowledge of Dr. Squatch and its business practices and the products that it provides? What are the opinions of people about the products the firm offers? What’s the best method to learn more what people think of Squatch Dr. Squatch without having to purchase a product?

The most effective way to learn everything there is to learn about the Dr. Squatch is through Dr. Squatch’s review and you’ll find it below!

What is the Meaning of Dr. Squatch?

Beginning in the basement of CEO Jack Haldrup in 2013 due to his passion to create natural soap and hygiene products for males,the company is known as Dr. Squatch has grown to huge proportions in just 10 years.

He began the process for himself, but quickly realized that people would prefer natural soap with masculine scents with nothing that was hidden from its ingredients list. And he was right. He also made it a point to play a bit about the title of his business by saying that the excellent natural soap for men was what he wanted to make was as unique and mystical as the classic stories of Sasquatch out in the forest.

According to the CEO, the aim of Haldrup is “to encourage and inspire men to live healthier and happier.”Part of this mission was conceived due to an issue that Haldrup was not satisfied with the amount of chemicals found in typical cleaning products and soaps sold in stores.

However, shortly after starting making these wonderful soaps , his father realized other people might like to own high-quality, natural products for hygiene also! So, the business was created and quickly increased in size!

Based on the popularity of its products it is clear that the company has been successful in bringing good, all-natural products to all the people! The website states that even as they cherish how humble they started, the business has a great relationship with millions of customers regularly, selling natural men’s hygiene products.

One of the major highlights that the product line has, apart of its natural ingredients is that all the hygiene products Dr. Squatch sells are of what is described as “manly” scents that highlight the natural scents of Nature. These scents include citrus, aloe, wood scents, and more intriguing scents, like alcohol, yogurt and cold coffee.

There are ingredients to make the product on their site, along as descriptions of items themselves as well as testimonials from actual purchasers.

It’s definitely an intriguing variety of products to pick from, however, you could purchase hygiene products at the local dollar store as well, don’t you? What is it that makes this brand unique and makes it the ideal product for everyone? The reviews speak for themselves and below, they’re summarized into the most commonly used advantages and disadvantages to aid you in deciding the quality of Dr. Squatch truly is.

What Do Customers Think About Dr. Squatch And Its products Dr. Squatch Reviews Dr. Squatch Reviews

It’s not just about price. Dr. Squatch website isn’t just a great place to browse the available options to purchase every product comes with an overall rating of 1 to five stars based on user reviews. These reviews are available by clicking first on the item, and after that, click on “reviews” right next to the star rating on the left.

All of these reviews come from genuine buyers who wish to share their feedback, which means that we know that this isn’t just someone who gets compensated to leave a great review or leave a negative one just for the sake of the review, without ever purchasing the item.

The reviews are also overwhelmingly positive, with over four ratings for each item they offer – with the exception of, bizarrely the bathrobes located in the “Swag” section that is three stars.



  • It is widely acknowledged as smelling wonderful.
  • The scent has a strong masculine scent.
  • The oatmeal’s sandy, gritty texture is fascinating and feels amazing in the touch.
  • Effective exfoliant that cleanses the body.


  • Soap creates a black film on white showers and bathtubs.
  • Bars dissolve more quickly, which results in smaller washes for a single bar.

Hair Products


  • The scent is strong but it’s pleasant.
  • Hair lilies after washing it out keep your hair fresh and clean throughout the day.
  • Fresh and clean.
  • Ideal for skin that is sensitive and dry scalp.


  • This is not advised for day-to-day usage.
  • It isn’t worth the money due to the smaller size.



  • The product lasts for years and it feels as if it’s only been used in spite of its efficacy and regular usage.
  • The aromas are fantastic. A lot of people prefer Fresh Falls over the other choices.
  • It completely eliminates the smells for all the time the product is used.


  • Deodorants in particular take much longer over other items.
  • The cost is prohibitive.
  • Some of the scents actually smell awful to them, for example, that of the Bay Rum scent.



  • Then you can clean and whiten without making an effort!
  • This product provides improved whitening of teeth, and makes people feel more fresh inside their mouths than regular toothpaste.
  • The ability to wash ones teeth and avoid the smell of mint. Being able to drink or eat quickly afterward without having a weird aftertaste.
  • Many reviewers have said that it helps their children to clean their teeth more frequently.


  • Some people weren’t enthusiastic about the citrus.
  • A person said it wasn’t ideal for teeth with sensitive nerves.

Shower Boosters

Shower Booster products are a assortment of items including soap grippers, shower caddy and bags for traveling with soap bars. As a result, reviews are scattered and aren’t able to be easily summarized. I’ve listed each of them individually below:

Bigfoot Soap Saver/Bigfoot Shampoo Saver


  • It’s a great shower accessory.
  • It extends the life of soap bars, as they claim.


  • It is considered to be a costly product.
  • One person said about the soap saving device should not be used in any way.

Soap Gripper


  • A useful grip product that is very well-loved.


  • Expensive.
  • Some consumers may not need this product.

Travel Bag


  • We are praised for the ability to carry your soap bars while traveling.


  • Some have suggested the use of a bigger bag for travel that could accommodate more of the goods which Dr. Squatch sells.

Shower Caddy


  • Large, simple to build product that houses many soap bars shampoo, conditioner as well as toothpaste and deodorant products at once.
  • A reviewer even said the scent of the wood and that the wood look will be very pleasing to clients.


  • It takes a long time to put together the caddy for a few customers.
  • Would have preferred a higher wood of a higher quality.

Scalp Scrubber


  • It is a great massager and helps to get the soap deeper into hair and scalp for a great clean.


  • The product is soft to be effective without having apply pressure on your part.



  • Woody scent that is ideal for teenagers who want to feel “manly” when they get older (some are using it to make an aftershave but be aware of this!)
  • In light of the high cost of perfumes in general this price is fair considering the quality.


  • Many say it smells like wood certain reviews claim it doesn’t smell like the pine it’s claimed to smell like.

Beard Oil


  • It is easy to use and ample considering that beard oil is like all beard oils, it comes in a small bottle.
  • Soft and manageable beards after you use this product on a regular basis.
  • Aided dry, sensitive skin beneath their beards to become moisturized and smoothed.


  • The scent of beard oil is extremely powerful.

Hand Sanitizer


  • It is capable of effectively cleaning hands A reviewer claimed it helped him get transmission fluid from his hands!
  • It does not leave any sticky or uncomfortable residue , like other hand sanitizers that are available that are available.
  • Fresh, pleasant scent that doesn’t have a strong alcohol smell , which typically comes with a typical hand sanitizer.
  • Spray comes in a convenient spray bottle that’s small enough to be carried around.


  • One reviewer claimed that it leaked into their package.

Liquid Hand Soap


  • A lighter, highly efficient liquid – one reviewer stated it would need two drops to be enough for a good thorough hand washing.
  • It has a pleasant, fresh scent As evident by the majority of all other reviews on the other the Dr. Squatch’s scents.
  • A fantastic lather with moisturizing qualities that are different from other soaps.
  • One review spoke of a safety cap that lets you know the amount of soap to make use of better.


  • Most complaints are about dimensions – for instance, a customer purchased 10 ounces of wine, but got an ounce bottle instead.
  • The bottle itself is hard to work with or to dispensate soap from.



  • Candles come with a wood wick which enhances the scent of the natural wax by adding a the woody smell.
  • Candles last for a long time with wonderful scents that fill a space.


  • They’re about similar to Bath and Body Works candles that are thought to be costly.
  • Reviewers report an absence of smell or faint scent. (Keep in mind that most recent reviews that mention this could be the result of an ongoing pandemic, and could be considered to be an outlier given the number of other reviews that have positive comments on the smell. )
  • One reviewer stated that the delivery took an extremely lengthy time for it to reach them because of shortages that weren’t mentioned, and another wrote the candles that were damaged in their package were not substituted.


Just for curiosity, I went through the reviews for the Swag Section, which included several different shirts as well as an oversized bathrobe. The overall consensus seemed to suggest that the clothes was comfortable and soft however it did not fit very well. Some people even suggested that the robes were designed to be worn by a child, not an adult, which is something to keep in the mind. Perhaps the business should stick with hygiene products instead of transforming towards clothing labels.

Bundles and Subscriptions

There are also a variety of bundles, and for the most part, we’re leaving out of Dr. Squatch reviews here in order to avoid duplicate review summary. There are subscriptions that were not reviewed and therefore aren’t included in this review section. Be assured, however, that reviews are similar every product that this company sells!

How We Feel The Verdict

The reviews had lots of praise for these products that Dr. Squatch could provide and we completely agreed with the reviews! Their soaps made from natural ingredients along with their other products are fantastic and worth the cost they charge.

The issues with the product appear like minor issues and are more of a thing of opinion or personal mistake than the product itself are actually poor, and there’s many things to consider! It’s trustworthy and transparent regarding its business practices, so you don’t have to be concerned about the quality of products you’ll receive.

These products are perfect to give as gifts at a time of celebration or simply buying them for yourself regularly! The smell, cleanliness and the high-quality of the products are documented and impressive to look at. I would definitely like to own some of these products to use frequently.

In between all of the Dr. Squatch reviews and our own review of this product, the incredible natural products for men’s hygiene should not be overlooked. It’s a must going through the products more in depth by yourself by clicking the link below. Have an look!

Where can you find the Dr. Squatch?

Once you’ve learned how amazing Dr. Squatch is, the next step is to find something for yourself! Certain products are available on Amazon however, you must be sure to check with the seller to make sure it’s offered by Dr. Squatch and not a fake seller or fraud.

The most likely and best alternative is to go directly to the source. The online store is located on Organic Soap and Organic Soap handmade Soap and Dr. Squatch (drsquatch.com ).

Start by taking their unique test to determine the top-rated products or browse through the entire store, including its many sections that include reviews of each product.

The test will inform you according to your personal preferences and habits and what soaps will be the best for you. This can also be applied to scents of other products such as deodorant or shampoo! Bundles also come with discounts which can help you save cash and signing by email will allow you to receive discounts sent directly to you!

Dr. Squatch has no shortage of items as well as ways of saving money on the site alone. Even without discounts or bundles, consumers are sure to consider the items worth the price.

In the end, there’s no reason not to head out and buy it Dr. Squatch soap (or other products) now. Reviews are excellent and the company is excellent and you’ll smell amazing each time you apply the products.

Take the time to do your own research on the site to determine which products most suit your requirements, but the conclusion is clear the form of Dr. Squatch’s natural men’s hygiene products are simply amazing and get a ten out of 10!

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