Interesting Topics To Talk About With A Girl Over Text

How do you find interesting conversation topics to impress a girl? What to talk to a girl about to get her attention? What are the interesting topics to talk about with a girl over text? How to develop her charisma so that she is surprised? These questions constantly occupy the thoughts of seducers. If you too are looking for the answers to these questions, you are one of them.

Honestly, the hardest part isn’t coming up with a conversation with a woman, but rather finding an interesting topic for her to want to continue the discussion. If the greeting was enough to attract a woman, no man would be single at this time yet. How then should we proceed so that she is impressed, what interesting topics to talk about with a girl over text so that she wants to continue conversing with you?

This article will tell you a little more about the subject by helping you find topics of conversation that can adequately answer your main problem:  what to talk with a girl?

Topics about her past

Can’t find a topic of conversation? Are you running out of ideas? Why not ask him questions about her past? Of course, it’s not about pestering her with hundreds of questions, but rather trying to get to know her a little better without going into too much detail. Be aware, some women don’t like to expose their lives to everyone. Remember that you are not her best friend yet, so don’t act like one. You are a stranger in her eyes and it’s the way you approach the conversation that will gradually break the barrier between you two.

Her childhood memories

For a woman to enjoy a conversation, she has to live and feel emotions. A woman is much more sensitive than a man. Try to understand this fact. Do you want her to feel emotions? Invite her to talk about her best childhood memories. Get her to rehash in her head wonderful memories linked to her past as a little girl. Once she finds her best memory, she will be willing to continue chatting with you. Then act on her responses, try to simulate the situation she was in as if you were in her shoes. Women like men who pay attention to what they say.

Her childhood dream

A woman is not immediately born a “woman”. She was a little girl before she was one with the exception of Eve (Adan’s wife in the bible) of course. Boy or girl, children all have a dream that occupies their minds until they grow up. If you’ve had one or more, she too has certainly had at least one in her life. As you approach the conversation, try to talk about your dreams as a child to get him to share her dreams with you. Your role is to start the conversation, not to prepare a speech before a jury. So, consider handing it over to him.

Interesting Topics To Talk About With A Girl Over Text

The place where she grew up

Where did she live during her childhood? Did she enjoy living there or not? Has she lived in one place until now or has she already moved? Ask her for information about the place or places where she spent her childhood so that she feels pleasant emotions without harassing her too much with questions. If she reacts badly to your questions, don’t push it. Apologize with a certain dignity. Unfortunately, not all of us are fortunate enough to have grown up in a graceful and calm environment. Some people have had a hard time when they were still children.

Her relationship with her family

Does she have brothers, sisters? Are there many in her family? Had she had any problems or conflicts with any of her family members? Try to know her story to give you an idea of ​​who he is. You should never judge her or conjure up an air of concern. Show her that you care about the ones she’s telling you. Some women like to have a long conversation with the person or people in front of them. Give it that pleasure.

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The joys of her childhood

Did she ever feel happiness when she was still a child? If you don’t know what interesting topics to talk about with a girl over text, ask her about the joys of her childhood. Was she happy when she lived with her parents? Was she in contact with other children? Did she have any childhood friends? Women love to bring up this kind of discussion.

Talk about experiences that changed her life

By directing the topic of your conversation to the experiences she has had, you make her relive the strong emotions she felt during those moments. Expect her to return the question to you and be prepared to give her an answer even if you haven’t had any intense experiences. If you can’t get a response out within a second, consider taking advantage of her experiences to get the conversation back to her. What to tell him? For example, you can tell her that you are still waiting for the experience that will turn your life upside down and that you might go through it with her. As much as possible, don’t be too direct or risk scaring her away.

The worst dates of her life with a man

This talking point will help you make him understand that you have some social intelligence. It will allow you to develop a bond with the girl vis-à-vis the problems she had to face in the past. Speaking of this subject, you will automatically be exempted from the categories of men she no longer wants to deal with.

The things she experienced during her vacation

Everyone dreams of going on vacation to discover the world and to live new experiences. A somewhat trivial subject, but interesting, do not hesitate to share it with your conquest. Indeed, it is very likely that your interlocutor experienced positive emotions during her vacation whether she stayed at home or even went on a trip. Also, asking her about the progress of her stay in another country will allow you to have a conversation with the girls.

What to talk about with a girl? Well, pay attention to what she tells you about what she went through during the holidays.

Her travels

Has she ever traveled anywhere? Which countries has she visited so far? Women often like to tell others about her travels. Use this idea to your advantage to get her interested in the conversation. However, be careful, as this kind of topic can unintentionally backfire on you. If she has had bad experiences during her travels, try to shift the focus of the discussion to positive things. Above all, avoid staying idle, you can also take the opportunity to comfort her. If she’s letting her guard down, give her a hug while keeping a minimum of respect (don’t even think about touching her with wandering hands).

Her crazy moments

We all have a slightly crazy side buried deep in our souls. What follies could she have done in her life? This kind of situation leads to strong emotions that will allow you to get a little closer to her by being her new accomplice.

Her jewelry and tattoos

Does your interlocutor have tattoos or wears jewelry in particular? You can talk about a topic during your conversation. Don’t be afraid of her reaction. Ask her if she chose her jewelry by chance or if it means anything to her. Most women wear bracelets and necklaces that relate to their stories. If she agrees to answer your questions, it is because she already trusts you a little. However, if she refuses to talk about it, don’t force her hand. Move on to another topic of conversation.

What to talk to a girl about: topics related to these interests

Apart from studying and working, everyone has their own interests. Some play sports, others like to listen to music. What to talk about with a girl? Direct the discussion to their areas of interest. What does she like to do in her life? How does she have fun? Does she have a hobby that thrills her more than others? Interests are one of the things you must include when talking to a girl.

The sport

Your interlocutor practices sport? To know the answer, don’t be shy and dare to ask him the question. A sportswoman likes to be asked about her favorite sport. To avoid surprises when she returns the question to you, prepare your answer now. Of course, if you are an athlete you won’t have a hard time answering it, but if you are not, it is more difficult to come up with an answer spontaneously. There is no need to lie, for example you can tell him that you have other kinds of interests instead. You can also say that you are interested in her advantages to practice later (if so).

Her favorite dish

One of the more classic “what interesting topics to talk about with a girl over text” topics, but still paying off to this day, ask her about her favorite food (s). By bringing up this kind of subject, you get her to rethink the sensations she feels when she tastes the dish (s) in question. This subject will also allow you to know her culinary talents. Many women are passionate about baking and are deeply involved in a discussion about this subject.

The kind of movie she often watches

Does she like romantic movies, action movies or detective stories? Where is she interested in a series that airs daily on TV? This is an interesting topic to include in the discussion! Do the films or series that she watches have features that set them apart from others? Which characters does she admire the most in the script? What are the reasons that make these films her favorite pastime? You can start from a guess to reveal her characters to him. For example, “I see you are a brave woman because you like action movies” or “you are not afraid of anything being passionate about horror movies”. Keep your tone a little humorous when giving him your comments. Put aside the overly serious man in you.

Her favorite book

Nowadays, many women are passionate about reading. Who knows ? Maybe your interlocutor is one of them. What kind of book does she like to read? If she doesn’t have a passion for books, does she read magazines or articles? Based on her answers, you can guess her characters as in the case of movies, novels and series.

The kind of music she listens to

We all love to listen to music, man or woman, big or small. Even babies in their mothers’ wombs appreciate the music they listen to. What kind of music does your interlocutor like? What to talk about with a girl ? Tell her about your favorite music so she can tell you about it too. Does she enjoy classical music, retro or rock and roll? What hits does she often listen to when she puts her headphones on her ears? This talking point can either lead you to success or make you seem heavy and boring to them. It all depends on how you approach the conversation. Be strategic, but not too serious. Look relaxed and cool. You’re not at the office there, you’re having a good time seducing a girl.

Her favorite dance

Does she practice dance? Is moving her body a way for her to have fun while forgetting her problems? Instead of looking for something that is too complicated, why not ask her questions about simple things that she is used to doing.

Some women take lessons to learn dance. For example, you can ask her if she takes any. If so, ask them for more information about their dance club. Maybe she lacks a male partner for her performance to improve. Dancing is a great way for a friendship to turn into a romantic relationship.

Her pets

What to talk about with a girl ? Ask if she has any pets. There are women who find pleasure in taking care of their dog or cat. It’s like a real center of interest for them. If you are a smart man, include this topic in your conversation.

A projection into the future

How does she imagine her future? Does she have projects that she wants to achieve? You can also choose a subject on a projection to the future.

The countries she dreams of visiting

She may have taken long trips so far, but she may still dream of visiting other countries. It may also be that she has never visited other countries other than her own. Does she want to go to Africa, Asia, or Antarctica? Would she like to discover other civilizations to learn about their habits and customs? What to talk about with a girl ? Get her to tell you about the countries she dreams of visiting. You could then continue the conversation by asking the specific reasons for their choices.

Her projects

What are her plans for the future? Is she still studying or is she an employee in a company? What to talk about with a girl ? Tell her about your plans so she can tell you about hers.

Her goals in life

Everyone necessarily has a goal in life. What are her professional and emotional goals? Is she considering being a career woman or being a stay-at-home mom? Some women place more importance on their jobs than on their families. On the other hand, others pay more attention to their children and to life in their homes. This subject can be developed over a very wide field. Indeed, her goals in life are not limited to her professional career or her marital status. For example, she would like to visit more than twenty countries or become a celebrity.

The dreams that haunt her mind

Imagine being in the shoes of a genie of a magic lamp and ask him this question: “if you are entitled to one wish or three wishes, what would you like to get?” This question will make him think of the multitudes of dreams that have haunted her mind for a long time. Maybe she dreams of being a rich woman, being the fashion queen or going to the moon. All dreams are allowed, even the wildest. By this impregnation, you make her live intense moments that she will surely appreciate.

Other topics of conversation

There are over a dozen other conversation topics that you can use to impress a beautiful young woman. What to talk about with a girl  to make her understand that you really care about her? Take inspiration from these few ideas.

Her qualities

Besides her smile, what other good qualities can she have? Everyone necessarily has a potential concerning one or more points in particular. It is always interesting to tell someone else about your talents. What to talk about with a girl  ? Why not ask him questions about her qualities? Does she know how to prepare good meals? Does she have talents in a specific area? Does she have interpersonal skills? This kind of discussion is always advantageous for you, because no one would turn down an opportunity to showcase your qualities in the great days.

The things they hate

Your goal is to make her experience sensations so that she allows you to be part of her life. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask her which ones in life they hate. This subject is very broad. These could be the foods they don’t like to eat, the kinds of people they don’t want to hang out with, or the embarrassing moments they mostly want to avoid.

What does she expect from romantic relationships?

Every woman has an idea of ​​what the ideal man would be for her. Handsome, seductive, attractive and understanding, women draw the faces of perfect men in the image of Prince Charming (in children’s stories). What to talk about with a girl ? Try to guess which ones she is looking for in a romantic relationship. Many women enter a romantic relationship to find the comfort they need. Maybe she’s craving love or maybe she’s having a hard time and needs someone to support her. Maybe she just needs a man too.

What characters does she look for in a man?

Your discussion has been going on for a long time now, maybe it’s time to shift the conversation to more serious matters. Most men make the mistake of talking about the remaining topics on an overly friendly topic. This strategy will only put you in friend zone relationships with her. Remember that you have one goal: to win her heart. So dare to ask him questions that would make him think that you want to enter her life as a man and not as a friend or as a brother. Ask her what traits she looks for in a man.

It is never easy to apprehend a girl. At any time, she can react differently and cut off the conversation. This is why the way we approach the discussion is very important. Remember, you don’t mean anything to her yet. Everything will depend on your behavior. Be polite without being too serious. Have a sense of humor and impress her, find topics that will rekindle a passion in her. You can opt for replies in the form of questions. And always expect her to return your questions to you. You can also all give a response first to give her time to react if she wants to tell you what she is.