Interesting questions for a guy (man) about love and relationships

Even if you’ve been dating a guy for a while, it’s not a fact that you’re 100% compatible. What should a girl ask a man (boyfriend) before marriage to understand how compatible they are as a couple? In this article, we will look at interesting questions for a guy that will help a girl understand his thoughts about love, relationships, family, and marriage.

Thanks to these questions, the girl will receive an assessment of the alleged marriage partner, and will he understand her man or not? Does she want to live with this person or not? Why does she want to marry him? What will their life together be like?

And if a girl realizes that the guy is not the person with whom she would like to connect her life, then she will be able to protect herself from heartache. Therefore, we advise you to carefully consider the list of questions that you need to ask a guy (your potential fiancé).

10 interesting questions about love for a guy

  1. How many people do you love? What are you willing to do and are doing for them?
  2. What do you expect from your future wife? What kind of woman do you want to see her in marriage?
  3. Because of what you may have doubts about the love of a girl?
  4. Let’s say a friend asks you for advice on what to choose: love or money? What advice would you give him?
  5. Does love at first sight exist or not?
  6. Why do you love Me?
  7. Why is it hard for guys to tell girls about their love when they love them seriously?
  8. Out of love for a girl, can you take her blame, for example, in a traffic accident?
  9. Why is it difficult for many guys to propose marriage to their girlfriend ?
  10. How can I prove in practice my love for you?

Interesting questions for a guy about family

  1. What is your attitude towards women for whom the main thing in life is to make a career for themselves?
  2. Could you live with your boss wife?
  3. What disciplinary measures do you consider acceptable in raising children to help around the house and obey their parents?
  4. If disagreements arise between spouses, how best to resolve them: 1) just keep silent; 2) to discuss immediately in hot pursuit, as soon as disagreements arise; 3) shout or even hit to silence; 4) some alternative option.
  5. What determines family happiness?
  6. Should parents interfere in the relationship and family life of young spouses?
  7. What should a woman do when her husband is in a bad mood?
  8. How do you understand the phrase “devotion to the marriage partner”?
  9. What do you prefer: a woman’s ability to save or earn?
  10. What is the best age for a girl to get married and why?
  11. How often should spouses visit their parents, visit friends, or host friends?
  12. Why can a marriage be threatened with divorce? (We recommend learning about the reasons for a divorce from her husband and how a woman can survive it?)
  13. What is the role of a woman in marriage?
  14. Suppose there are problems in a marriage, who is better to seek help to solve them: from parents, friends, a lawyer, a psychologist, a church or the Internet?
  15. What is your attitude towards divorce?
  16. Why are men more interested in politics than marriage?
  17. What is your attitude towards men who give up their family for the sake of politics or business?
  18. What is your opinion on how to make a marriage happy?
  19. What is your attitude towards whining, grumpiness, tediousness? Will you endure this in your family from your beloved woman? What to do so that the family does not have these things?
  20. What are your life goals? Can marriage affect the achievement of these goals?

Questions to get your boyfriend interested

  1. What are you willing to sacrifice for your loved one?
  2. Can you guess what your friends are thinking right now?
  3. Does selfless love exist in a relationship or not?
  4. Does love mean that a husband/wife should turn a blind eye to the transgressions of a life partner?
  5. How do you understand the expression “love does not seek its own”?
  6. Can love prevent irritation? How?
  7. What should a loving person avoid?
  8. How to strengthen, strengthen your love?
  9. How in practice can you show your love for a woman?
  10. How can a husband and wife show their love to each other every day?
  11. Should a wife constantly show her love to her husband and how best to do this?
  12. How should a woman behave in order to always be loved by her man?
  13. Is it always important to apologize in family conflicts? Who should apologize first: a man or a woman?
  14. Are modern men capable of selfless love? In what way does it manifest itself?
  15. What actions or words of your girlfriend can bring you pain, trouble?

Unusual questions for a guy

  1. Are you adventurous in relationships or not?
  2. What are the benefits of being a man?
  3. What makes a woman beautiful in your eyes?
  4. What mistake in a relationship will you never make again?
  5. Are you more like your father or mother in character?
  6. Should a successful man be humorous or strict and serious?
  7. How will you deal with unemployment if one day you will be left without a job? (We advise you to learn how to make your husband work if he does not want to provide for his family?)
  8. What’s your take on office romance? What will you do if this is the only opportunity for your soulmate to move up the career ladder?
  9. What will you choose: to be loved, rich or famous?
  10. What will you give priority to: professional career and personal growth or personal life?
  11. Is female beauty more in the eyes or in the smile?

Tricky relationship questions for a guy

  1. Do you mind if your girlfriend wants to dye her hair red, blue or any other color?
  2. If a man is wrong, should he apologize to a woman? Can this be called a sign of weakness?
  3. Is a man considered henpecked when he helps his wife, for example, hang up laundry?
  4. What is your attitude to the “old men” who left their wives to marry a young woman?
  5. What do you want to do before the wedding? Suddenly you don’t have time to do what you have planned, will you regret that you rushed to the wedding?
  6. What is your attitude towards arranged marriage or marriage contract?
  7. What is your attitude to “empty promises”?
  8. How close are you planning to maintain with your wife’s relatives?
  9. Is a husband obligated to discuss with his wife serious issues that relate to family matters?
  10. If a beautiful stranger offers you a date, will you agree?

Questions for boyfriend

  1. What qualities would you like to see in your wife?
  2. What qualities should a woman look for in a future marriage partner?
  3. What feminine qualities should a man pay attention to when choosing a future marriage companion?
  4. What can hinder a happy marriage?
  5. Do you think a wife can be her husband’s best friend? How can she become one?
  6. Can religious differences affect marriage?
  7. You’re jealous? What does appropriate or inappropriate jealousy mean? How to avoid inappropriate jealousy?
  8. How do you see your role in marriage? What is the role of your spouse?
  9. What is your opinion: how to avoid family disagreements and tensions?
  10. What prevents husbands from treating their wives well?
  11. Why do husbands stop caring about their wives after a few years of marriage?
  12. What mistakes should be avoided in marriage?
  13. Should a girl rush to get married?
  14. Can money be considered the key to a happy marriage or not?
  15. What does it mean that husband and wife are one?

Relationship questions for a guy

  1. What are the qualities a man most wants to see in a woman he likes?
  2. How many times have you fallen in love?
  3. What qualities do you hate the most in a woman?
  4. How old were you when you first started dating a girl?
  5. When you are asked to describe me or tell me about me, how will I appear in your description?
  6. Do you think that when a husband and wife are different in character, they can be a happy married couple? Does it strengthen the marriage or is it a source of constant conflict?
  7. Have you ever had your heart broken?
  8. Do you easily get along with people, make friends or not?
  9. Ever broke someone’s heart?
  10. Can you honestly tell your beloved girl your opinion about her appearance, figure, weight?
  11. In one survey conducted, people’s opinions were divided. What is your opinion: is it reasonable for a man to give his wife to another for $1,000,000?
  12. What kind of romantic dinner would you like to arrange for your wife? Is this a must for spouses in a relationship?
  13. What do you value most in friends, friendship?
  14. What’s the funniest thing a girl has asked you to do?
  15. What does friendship mean to you?
  16. What do you do when you notice admiring remarks or sidelong glances of other men at your girlfriend?
  17. What do your friends think of your girlfriend?
  18. Ever confessed to a girl in love? Did you have feelings for her?
  19. Would you be able to tell your loved one something that you have not told anyone else?
  20. What will you do if your friend says that your chosen one is not suitable for you?

Personal questions for a guy

  1. What do you prefer: play billiards with friends, go fishing, arrange a romantic dinner for your wife, with whom you quarreled the day before?
  2. What is your take on flirting? Is a married woman allowed to flirt with other men?
  3. Have you ever beaten women? Could he hit his wife and for what offense?
  4. Can spouses keep secrets from each other?
  5. Would you be able to talk with your marriage partner on various topics? Do you find it easy to communicate with the opposite sex?
  6. Do you have health problems? Is it worth it to talk about them with the prospective marriage partner before the wedding?
  7. Are you able to give in to an argument? In what case?
  8. What makes you stop trusting a woman? What should a life partner not do in order not to lose your trust?
  9. If I hide something from my past, can you trust me?
  10. Did your parents quarrel among themselves, how did they resolve their conflicts? How would you resolve such conflicts in your family?
  11. Do you want to live first for yourself after marriage, without children? How long? Is it worth it to do so or not?
  12. How do you feel about children? Do you want to have children and how many?
  13. Should a couple necessarily register their relationship or is it better to live in a civil marriage?
  14. What does a girl need to do to constantly warm up the love of her husband?
  15. Is dating your girlfriend’s twin sister considered cheating or not?

Summing up

Relationships are an integral part of our lives. It’s perfectly normal to want a good relationship with a guy or a man who you like. But for these relationships to be life-long, a girl needs to seriously and honestly answer herself how compatible she is with this person.

We examined interesting questions for a guy that you can and should ask him before marriage. When a girl asks a guy questions about family, love, and relationships, she tries to understand the mindset of her boyfriend on family relationships and what kind of marriage partner he will be for her. So that her decision to marry him was balanced and serious.