Interesting ideas for a wedding photo shoot in a church

The temple is a secret and sacred place. People come to it to pray, to thank the Lord for everything that we have. Someone comes with their misfortune, someone – with happiness. In any case, the church is something secret, intimate, and secret for many people. F Still Image wedding – not a place for pathos, and the process that captures the most intimate moments of the pair.

How to behave in church?

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There are very few places where you can talk to God. And there are plenty of people willing to do it. In this regard, a simple human need arises to respect all those who are next to you in the temple.

When you come to church, you can familiarize yourself with the rules that help not to disturb the people present. These rules apply to absolutely everyone and at all times.

Many people believe that if they came not only to pray but to witness such important events in life like a wedding or baptism, then they can behave as they please. This is completely unacceptable. The same applies to photographers, videographers who are present at these festive events.

Photography features

If a photographer is invited to a wedding, then his main task in addition to photographing is the need to become a shadow. For this, absolutely all photographers wear modest clothes, try not to stand out.

The situation with the temple is much more complicated. Any professional, before visiting the cathedral for a wedding, should familiarize himself with the rules that the Orthodox religion imposes.

  1. It is necessary to come shortly before the moment of the solemn ceremony and go to the priest who will conduct it. Be sure to ask his permission to photograph the entire procession. Of course, the bride and groom will discuss this moment at a personal meeting with the clergyman. But still, the rules require that the photographer himself personally approached the person who will conduct the ceremony and ask him for permission. Check with your priest for an important point regarding the flash unit and other equipment you would like to use.
  2. If the photographer works on a permanent basis and often enough visits the church for professional purposes, then it is best for him to ask the written permission of the bishop. With this paper it will be possible to go to local cathedrals and take photographs without hindrance. Of course, there is no need to be impudent in this. You need to be as humble and inconspicuous as possible. But in the event of a conflict, you can always show the priest a written permission.
  3. The professional is the same person as the rest of the parishioners. This means that he must adhere to all the established rules without fail. In fact, there is nothing difficult about it. It is worth arriving 10-15 minutes before the start of the wedding in suitable clothes. In no case should you leave the hall until the sacrament ends. Even if your work is completed in full, you will need to wait until the end of the ceremony and only leave the hall with everyone.
  4. One of the most pressing requirements is that a professional will have to move around the hall as little as possible while photographing. Very often photographers complain about this instruction and do not want to follow it. Priests, with personal agreement, may allow movement around the hall, but this should be done as carefully, quietly and a little as possible. If you move from your seat several times, this will not be a big deal. And if in 10 minutes you change several locations, then you may be asked to leave the hall in a mild form.
  5. Remember an important rule, a photographer at a wedding turns into a journalist and photojournalist. In no case is he allowed to ask people to stand up straight and pose. The reporter should work quietly, not whisper, and only take random pictures. If you pay attention, in many photographs from the church, neither the bride and groom, nor the guests are looking into the frame. This is due to the good work of the photographer. Before direct work, warn the bride and groom about this. If they want to get a photo where everyone will be looking into the frame, they can do this after the ceremony at the exit from the church.
  6. While the priest reads the Gospel, the photographer should stop his work, stop for a few minutes, lower his head and listen to a prayer. Shutter sounds and unnecessary noise are not allowed during this time.

The reporter during the wedding ceremony should dress as modestly and discreetly as possible. He has a floor-length skirt or trousers, depending on gender. The woman should also cover her head. It is forbidden to use bright makeup and excessive amounts of jewelry.

The priests in almost all cases give the go-ahead for a photo session. But still, during the sacrament itself, they can be strained by unnecessary movement around the hall and the noise emanating from you.

Therefore, it is imperative to go to the priest after the sacrament and report that you are very grateful for everything. It will not be superfluous before the sacrament and afterward to light a candle, praying for your loved ones or already deceased people.

Ideas for the photographer

The wedding is one of the ceremonies that photographers love so much.

Love is quite explainable by several indicators:

  1. Natural light – all cathedrals are dominated by bright light that comes from windows. Previously, temples were built in such a way that they had as much sunlight as possible. This, in turn, prevents the photographer from using a flash. And even without it, rich photos are obtained regardless of the season.
  2. Location – no need to figure out how to hide flaws on the walls in a restaurant or shabby stairs in the registry office. Everything in the temple is as light as possible, beautiful and bright. By itself, the decoration of the cathedral can be considered both as a whole and individually as a real work of art.
  3. Atmosphere – nothing beats the mystery and attractiveness that is in any temple. These kinds of rituals are striking in their inner strength and energy. And from the photographs and breathes a divine principle.

For young people to like the work of a photographer, it is always necessary to have several proven and effective photographs in stock. It is worth making a reservation right away that posing for young people will be prohibited, so you should not involve them in the shooting process. Despite this, you can come up with some interesting ideas.

  1. An overview photo – it will be possible to make it in a temple with a large vault. Ask the priest to climb to the highest point of the temple. During the ceremony, you will take a photograph, taking in the lens both the bride and the groom, and the priest, and the temple itself. It will seem as if you are peeping at what is happening from above.
  2. Each stage of the wedding is beautiful in itself, so you don’t have to invent anything. Be sure to take photos with the priest reading the prayers. Cards also look spectacular during the betrothal of the groom to the bride.
  3. Do not forget about the joint photo, it can be taken already leaving the church. You should all line up on the stairs of the temple and take a beautiful photo against the general background, which will remain with everyone for a long memory.


A wedding photoshoot is a rather complicated and interesting process. A professional in his field should arrange his work so as not to interfere with anyone, and in the end, get an excellent result. The Church is already good because it is beautiful and sacred.

After the wedding ceremony, all those present and the newlyweds have genuine emotions, which a specialist simply must capture.