Interesting and funny contest “Kid” at a wedding for newlyweds and guests

At the wedding celebration, a lot of attention is paid to competitions. They are necessary in order to relax everyone present and create a suitable atmosphere. But with great pleasure the guests organize sketches. To create them, you will need a certain set of props and good actors. The rest of those present at the wedding do not have to do anything. They will find themselves in a real theater in a matter of minutes.

One of the most popular theatrical performances is the “Kid” competition at a wedding. With the help of this scene, it is possible to get a real boost of energy and cheerfulness.

Contest concept

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Contest kid at the wedding.

There are several variations of this theatrical performance. But the main point remains the same for each of the rooms. A bride and groom or two guests (male and female) are invited to the stage.

Under the playful children’s music, a special screen is brought onto the stage, in which holes are cut for the hands and head. A newborn baby’s costume is sewn onto the screen. The bride and groom insert their arms and head into the prepared holes.

It already looks quite funny and ridiculous. After this, the presenter announces that the bride needs to put a hat on the baby groom’s head. The bride is given a hat in her hands, which she tries to pull on the groom. The whole point is that the girl does not see at all where the groom’s head is. Accordingly, this looks quite funny and original.

The man, in turn, very responsibly approaches the task, trying to help his beloved. This is what creates all the comic nature of the situation.

Instead of the groom and the bride, two guests can also perform. There really isn’t much of a difference in that. It’s just that, as a rule, such a competition is given to young people, since it is the most memorable at a wedding. To an oncourse for a wedding kid:

The task of the competition is as follows:

  • entertain guests;
  • make everyone laugh heartily;
  • leave pleasant memories;
  • capture moments in photos or videos.
Scene at the wedding kid.

The baby at the wedding copes with all the tasks set with a bang. As a rule, the entire competition ends comically enough. The man takes the cap from the bride’s hands, inserts his hands into the slots for the legs and tries to put on with his feet.

Don’t forget to take care of the musical accompaniment as well. It is not necessary to carry out this scene in complete silence. You will still need to play soft and muted music from children’s cartoons. It can be both modern songs and well-known domestic compositions.

Scene props

It is impossible to realize an idea without props. In this stage performance, he is considered extremely important. Malysh at the wedding:

To conduct a theatrical performance, you must:

  • a special screen with slots – its size must be large enough so that a person can hide behind it in full growth. As for the width, a meter is quite enough;
  • costumes for newborns for girls and boys;
  • caps for newborns – they must be made to order and fit in size for an adult;
  • beanbag;
  • bottle;
  • pacifier;
  • bib;
  • pot;
  • toys.

Pay attention to the color of the screen itself. It doesn’t have to be bright. Her task is only to hide the young, without distracting attention to herself. As a rule, white or pastel colors are ideal.

Script text

In fact, there are several options for conducting this presentation. They differ, first of all, in the form in which they are written.

There is both prose and poetry. Based on this, choose what exactly your script will be based on. Both options are appropriate.

  1. You are our dear guests, I want to tell you a story. Once a wonderful baby was born. (At this time, a screen is brought into the hall, behind which the groom is already hiding, he puts his hands in the holes and waves to everyone present). We named our baby Zhenechka. At first he grew up very moody and whiny, but when we gave him a pacifier, he calmed down. (The facilitator’s assistant puts a pacifier in the groom’s mouth). But a little time passed and we sent the baby to kindergarten. There he met children and learned to dance. (The groovy children’s music turns on, to which the groom dances). But then our grown-up kid went to school and studied diligently. Once he met his beloved, whom he loved very much. (Show us baby how you love your bride.) At this time, the bride appears behind the screen. Let’s see if the bride is ready for life together,
  2. Guys, a baby has come to our wedding who wants to congratulate the newlyweds on their wedding day. (At this time, a screen appears, behind which two guests are sitting. The man passes his head through and puts his hands in his legs, the woman carefully puts her hands on). The presenter asks the kid to perform a dance, voicing it. For example, the hand slams on the right foot, then on the left. The hand hits the baby’s cheeks. From the outside it looks quite funny. It seems as if the baby is dancing squatting. At the same time, women, as a rule, do not skimp and strike from the heart.


The scene at the wedding, the kid will amaze all the guests present with its originality. This is a truly unique number, unlike any other. There are many options for how you can beat him.

The image turns out to be so funny and ridiculous that you can easily compose special contests for it. For example, ask them to dance to children’s music, recite a poem, or sing a song. In any case, no matter what your kid does, the number is always striking in its creativity. Guests are absolutely delighted with it, because during it they receive a large number of positive emotions.