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Throughout life you will feel love for a person with whom you will not have a happy ending story. You will fall in love and suffer, you may even feel like crying right now. And connecting with people who are going through the same thing is good to overcome an impossible relationship. In this sense, I want to share with you these impossible love quotes so that you can express your feelings with a friend, to dedicate to the woman you like or to the man who brings you so many smiles. And at the end, we will teach you some tricks to stop suffering from heartbreak.

And remember, if you want to vent, you can do it in the comments section. We can all support each other! But let’s go first with the short sentences.

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I will never belong to you, you will never belong to me, but despite everything … I will always love you.

If it is complicated it captivates you, but if it is impossible it conquers you. -Paulo Coelho.

There are several types of love that you should know: the first love, the platonic, the secret, the true and the impossible.

Why should I speak if my tears say it all?

I wish I could say “goodbye” forever.

“Get past her,” the dignity told me. “It is very difficult,” the brain advised me. “Falling in love with him is impossible,” logic warned me. “Dare,” my heart screamed.

It is time to forget and turn the page.

I flatly refuse to forget those perfect moments.

How am I going to pull you from my thoughts if you are in my heart?

Impossible love is equipped with two weapons: disappointment and bitterness.

I love you (expiration date: when I get tired of your long).

Maybe I’ll yell at you and maybe I’ll get mad, but it’s impossible for me to stop loving you.

The worst thing about impossible loves is that they always have a place in your mind.

The most difficult thing is to remove from your head what is hidden in the heart.

I prefer not to make an effort to forget you, since I would not do it in a million years.

My heart is broken because of you. + The fault is yours for believing that I could love you.

Why don’t you listen to me? + It is that I have decided to move away from a love that I will never receive.

I will continue loving you even though your love for me is in another galaxy.

Sometimes your worst mistake is having fallen in love.

If you stop worrying about beautiful bodies, you will find charming beings.

I miss you so much…

The human mind is so pessimistic that when something beautiful happens we wonder if it is a dream.

Impossible love is not real, there are simply people who do not want to try it.

How I suffer knowing that you are in my soul, but I cannot hug you.

Sanity does not make me happy.

What saint I fell in love with you if I knew you would not be for me…

Impossible Love Quotes

Impossible equals +1 possible, so don’t give up and hope, because happy endings come from very hard stories.

You will never understand my feelings for you.

Every time you look at me, I sink a little more …

When I dream we are inseparable, but when you wake up you become a dream.

The good thing about life is that, although what you expect does not happen, many things happen that you do not expect …

Everyone is fascinated by the forbidden, a love that will not be consumed.

It is impossible to forget someone you think about from the moment you get up until you go to bed.

Every time you look at me I sigh inside; Every time I hear a word from you you make me fall in love more.

I cry remembering that you will not sleep with me …

Sometimes I wonder if it is worse to remember the beautiful moments that we lived, or that they will never happen again.

Impossible luv is that which is tied to your soul with unbreakable steel chains.

The saddest thing in life is not loneliness, but falling in love with a person who makes you empty.

I just wanted to confess that you are the love of my life.

The two cataclysms of love: falling in love with those who do not love you and not loving those who have fallen in love with you.

That we are not a couple does not mean that there is not something between us.

I usually fall in love with the unusual, the infinite, the hard … the impossible.

Tips to overcome an impossible love

Thanks to science, we know that love is a hormonal process in which oxytocin is mainly involved, which stimulates us to feel the butterflies, those sudden desire to smile and even emotional excitement. And on the contrary, an impossible love participates in hormonal processes that make us feel down, sad and dull , which requires a lot of strength to get ahead and forget.

There are several reasons that can cause a love to be consummated, such as if you can harm a friend, if you are not reciprocated, if the other person is not single, if you meet thousands of kilometers … This causes their impossibility and the consequent sensation of pain, regret and even anxiety. You start to think how beautiful your relationship would be, the beautiful moments that you would enjoy with him or her, but that you will never live. That is, it is not and will not be your lover. However, overcoming you is more than possible, first of all you have to recognize that love is fictitious. Then, you just have to follow the advice that I leave below with impossible love quotes:

  • Get out and air yourself . Don’t forget that you can lean on your family and friends. Avoid staying home without doing anything and socialize.
  • There is life beyond love . What are your hobbies? Have you focused on work? Are you still seeing your loved ones? Remember that falling in love is not the only good thing in this life.
  • We are too many people on this planet. Do you really think that meeting your better half is impossible? If you stop obsessing, in the end love will knock on your door! There is no need to despair, live in the present and take advantage of every moment.
  • Have will power . Overcoming heartbreak is only possible if you make an effort. In other words, wake up with a smile, shape your attitude, be more optimistic and repeat a hundred times: Yes, I can! No more crying.

We hope you liked these impossible love quotes to forget.