Im Sorry Poems For Her

Im Sorry Poems For Her From The Heart

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A tear appeared in eyes
and … my lip a phrase of forgiveness;
Pride spoke and wiped away a cry,
and the phrase on my lip expired.
I go one way, she another;
But when thinking about our mutual love,
I still say: Why did I walk that day?
And she will say: Why didn’t I cry?
It is a matter of words, and, nevertheless,
neither you nor I will ever,
after the past, agree
on whose fault it is
. Too bad that a dictionary
has nowhere to find
when pride is simply pride
and when it is dignity!


Im Sorry… if I have offended your heart;
for not being what you really want and want it to be.

Im Sorry… for all the sufferings I have caused you;
for the disappointments I have caused you in life.

Im Sorry… for pretending to love me as much
and more than I love you.

Im Sorry… for wanting you to forgive me;
for bringing you so many misfortunes in life.

Im Sorry… for all the storms I have caused you,
and all the anguishes.

Im Sorry… for all your disappointments;
for loving you so much.

Im Sorry… for pretending to have you for me;
for this selfishness.

Im Sorry… for all the hardships you have spent with me;
for wanting to change for you and trying to fail you.

Im Sorry… for insisting so much on your love,
on my despair.

Im Sorry… for wanting to give you the best of me
and disappoint you in the end.

Im Sorry… for all the times I’ve cried for your love.

Im Sorry… as I am able to forgive you.

If you love me so much, forgive me …
Forgive me … for loving you so much.

Im Sorry I Hurt You Poems For Her

Im Sorry Poems For Her

I don’t want the sun to come through my window.
Well, it forces my shadow to accompany me
And I want to be alone at this moment
To only cry and regret.

Forgive me sun if I bother you
Another day I may want to see you
Yesterday with your eyes
you gave me light Today only your light gives me death

I lied to you

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I know that I lied to you,
that I am not as you think,
but I want
to reconcile myself with this poem if I can.

I have dishonored you as I have
never done and
I never deserve your forgiveness
but I must try.

My mistake only dishonor,
my reconciliation my effort
with which I will give myself to
be your pride and not your mistake

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I have no tears left, my eyes are dry.
I no longer have breath, my soul or the reflection.
My eyelids will close, the pulse will stop,
unless you forgive me, and my heart will return.


I will write you a poem for each day without your forgiveness
I will slide them under your door, they will enter through your window, I will
hang them from all the apple trees
You will have to admit that I will be all impetus and fervor

One I will write it on pink paper, another one in yellow I will
try all the colors until you find your favorite I will
hire a dove to deliver to your hand
Tell the postman what is his turn, be prepared

I will make a path of forgiveness poems at my feet
So that you can pick them up and arrive at the garden
Where I will be waiting for you with my endless forgiveness
So you understand that if you leave me I will make you happy.

Im Sorry Poems For Gf

A day like today I found you
I will take care of you and I will take care of you
And I will never lose you again
Forgive me if I failed you I will
never forget it
I would be nothing without you
I failed you
and always regretted it.
F0rgive me, forgive me
because I betrayed you
and I failed your friendship …


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I will seek your forgiveness everywhere in the infinite,
in the heavenly heights, in the depths of the abyss.
I will wander without awareness of time or anything,
through the most horrible shadows until I succeed.

May the demons look at me and mock me,
may innocence slip away, be exchanged for wisdom.
Let the darkness murmur my name and my sentence
that it has no peace, only agony, without your forgiveness only melancholy.

Agony did I say? Without your forgiveness I am already dead
Without your love the dry leaf of my life will have nowhere to fall.
The wind of horror and folly
will take forever. I will only be saved by your forgiveness, the rest will be delirium.

If you can forgive me you

If you can f0rgive me, I
know it was my mistake.
What happened at an
inopportune and bad moment .

The humiliation I felt
does not compare with
what I did is not forgiven,
nor with the poem I make.

Ruin our friendship,
if we had any
this is my way of


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I love you, yes F0rgive me my love!
Little bird that wanders your way, like you, I’m hunted.
When my heart shuddered with joy, he
lost his veil and was naked.
Cover it with mercy, and forgive me my love!

If you can’t love me, forgive me my pain!
But don’t look at me like that, from so far away!
I will creep quietly into my corner
and sit in the shade, covering my
bare shame with both hands . Don’t look at me, don’t look at me,
and forgive me my pain!

If you love me, f0rgive me my joy!
Do not laugh at my carelessness because you see that my heart
goes away in this sea of ​​happiness.
When I sit on my throne,
and reign over you, tyrant of my love;
When, as a goddess, I grant you my favors,
be indulgent with my pride,
and f0rgive me my joy!


No matter knowing where you are
, I will look for you, and I will find you.

I will have no worries
because the doubts were dispelled.

I have no fear or fears,
I learned to live, I am happy.

In this place, now and always,
here I will be, I feel safe.

I will not ask questions;
since I know the answers.


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I have a pain on board
that goes through my veins,
crosses my arteries
in rushing torrents
when my soul reminds him.

Warm dampness through my eyes
has been harvested from grief,
between trembling eyelashes that
lose their poise
while a fog blinds me.

A tear will drop soon
as a body that hangs
from the branch of a fig tree,
falling like lead,
wanting to cross the planet.

My pupils
are already trembling, the stars are shaking
under the shoulders of the earth
and two tears commit suicide
because he is no longer near.

You took it …
and I felt the dome of the sky break and break
due to pulses of that silence
in quotas and parts of glass

You took it …
and I felt, in the distance, the trot of the wind
that blew in my ears
like a tornado of war and tears
falling into the void.

You took it …
abandoning my hope,
with my soul contracted,
sinking into the night,
defeated on my knees.

I will dig your land until I empty you, until I break
my fingers,
all the water of the oceans drink you,
until I soak my bones.

You took a lightning bolt
of poisoned death from you,
I do not f0rgive anyone or anything !!,
you have not forgiven him.

I am going to tear the poem of eternal rage
and the pen to cross it on the table
with the tear of my pain spilled
by the channel of my cracked vein.

I do not forgive anyone or anything !!.

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