If She Blocks You, She Loves You: Debunking the Myth

If She Blocks You, She Loves You… is that right? Maybe. Perhaps this is the perspective of someone who is denial. There are numerous reasons why someone might be able to block someone else. To fully understand the motivation for why she has blocked you, look back at the beginning of your relationship, then try to place yourself in her position.

Perhaps she really loves you. Perhaps you’ve caused her pain or offended by some means. Perhaps she wants to take an interruption or doesn’t wish to be in contact with you. Perhaps she’s not at all.

Why do people choose to block other people?

If she blocks You If She Blocks You, She Loves You

In the cases that belong into this category among the most common reason is that there are unrequited feelings. It could be that she has strong feelings towards the person you love but you don’t have in common. Maybe ending your relationship wasn’t in her plan.

It’s difficult to notice your loved one’s social media account or contact number continuously appearing as a reminder that the affection she feels is not mutual. Perhaps she’s unfollowing or blocking you in order to be able to follow or unblock you once more. It could be a plea for attention or an last-ditch attempt to get you to notice or consider her.

She’s Hurt, Anger Perhaps Offended, Hurt, or Disappointed

Do your posts on social networks seem full with hateful subtweets or thoughts that are in direct contradiction to her beliefs? Maybe you’re posting with someone who she doesn’t like to share her thoughts with. Are you constantly fighting via text messages? Perhaps it’s easier to stop you from reading text messages or posts which can hurt her.

She’s In Need Of A Break, Or Needs To Get Moving

This is fairly straightforward and, regardless of motives behind it If she’s stopped you from doing something and is not able to get through, she may need to take a break. But it might be more than simply needing an interruption. Maybe she’s in need of moving to the next level.

If she’s come to an agreement with the end of her relationship or friendship, blocking you may be a minor step for her or allow her to move on little bit more straightforward.

More than that it is possible that she has left the scene. If that’s this the situation, she might be trying to guard your feelings. Maybe she doesn’t want to be seen in her posts on social media with another person or wish for you in contacting her and negatively impact her new relationship. Perhaps she is trying to protect you from harm.

She Doesn’t Want You to see her work or Be Connected With Her

There could be deeper reasons behind why she resisted you, like being unwell or wanting to leave and move on, but if it’s become so bad that she is feeling like you are constantly being suffocating her or making her feel guilty it is likely that she needs to cut off the relationship altogether.

If you keep reaching for help and do not respect her needs or feelings her needs, she could resort to blocking you in order to stop the abuse. Your attempt to restrict the possibility of contacting her in any way could be a way to make her feel more secure.

Or, perhaps, she’s just not at all.

If your lover blocks you While You’re Together

It is probably the most bizarre of all scenarios in which women might hinder your. The first thing to consider is… Are you actually together? If you’re engaged and she is averse to your progress, it’s important to establish the reason she feels the relationship has ended.

If you are in a committed and committed relationship and she is unable to access your number or your social media accounts It is most likely to be to be a temporary act. This behavior can be quickly reversed following an argument or when emotions have subsided.

However, it is an indication of an issue in your relationship. Blocking your partner while in a committed relationship can indicate one of many things: poor communication skills, immature coping skills, manipulative “punishing-your-partner” behavior, needing a break, or even cheating.

It could be a sign of inadequate communication skills or coping abilities or her desire to take revenge on you, if your response to a disagreement or argument is to cut off your contact and then block your contacts, you should think whether this is an acceptable solution to ensure the relationship?

However perhaps she is in need of some time and feels you’re not taking care of her. It is essential when you are in a relationship, to keep in mind that there are two people with very distinct perspectives and communication styles, feelings and wants.

Your particular relationship strategies might not be what she is looking for, but when she is in need of some time out, a moment to think or to relax, it is something that should be acknowledged and respected. If you are not respectful of your partner’s requirements and privacy it could result in her being unable to communicate with your access to her. If that is the case you should consider whether your actions realistic for the long-term of the relationship?

The worst part is that this behaviour could be a sign of being a cheater. Are you able to tell if she is trying to conceal some thing or person from you? Do you think she wants to make sure that you’re not able to reach her while she’s in a relationship with someone else? Don’t jump immediately onto this idea, though you might be required to determine this.

Whatever the reason behind your partner not wanting to talk to you when you’re still together it could mean the end of your relationship is near. If this is the case with your relationship, then first decide whether this is the right option for you or your partner.

If so, you are able to end the relationship in a peaceful manner that allows both sides to achieve acceptance and closure. If this isn’t your ideal outcome or you think the breakup is not the best choice for either of you it could be the warning signal you have to figure out ways to settle the disagreements to foster an enduring relationship.

If she decides to block you after A Couple of Dates, she will block you.

If you’re not able to connect after a couple of dates, the possibility that it’s… the girl is not really interested in you. While it may be hard to accept, perhaps she’s not the ideal match or the right person for you. Maybe you’re not the ideal fit or woman for her.

This is fine! It is not always the case that feelings are mutually reciprocated. If a date appears to be going well from your point of view, it does not mean she was the same. That’s fine!

If you notice this is occurring to you, day following date you might need to reflect on your own and self-improvement are necessary.

Perhaps you weren’t a match. If that’s the case, don’t worry. You’ve just avoided the agony of losing the love of your life after taking time to build and establish positive feelings. Instead, make this an opportunity to learn and commit your energy to finding someone who is more suitable and compatible with you.

If she blocks you after The Breakup, she will block you.

Now the relationship has ended. This could be a difficult time for all parties. It is at this point that it is really questioned: if she doesn’t want to talk to you, does that mean she is in love with you? Maybe.

Did you break up with the partner? If yes, then maybe she still loves you! Maybe her heart has broken. Perhaps you blocked her to ensure that she doesn’t reach out in an attempt to revive the romance.

Perhaps she blocked you to ensure that she won’t look at your posts as a reminder every day to let her know that there is no longer a relationship between you. Perhaps she blocked you because it could be the sole way to get moving forward.

Did she break up the relationship? If you ended the relationship but then stopped communicating with you, it’s probably her effort to gain distance from you so that she can get on with her life. This may not be what you’d like, but it could be exactly what she needs. Sometimes, relationships aren’t working; two individuals may not be the right fit for one another.

It’s okay! If she ended up breaking up with you, it is possible that you be in need of clarity, reason and closure. But, if she’s close to obstructing your access to her, this might not be the thing she wants or wants. If this is the situation it is not possible to make your own demands on her. If that is the case you need to give up.

If She Disrupts You If She Blocks You, She Loves You

Maybe. But, more likely are the other possible reasons, such as anger, hurt, frustration and avoidance fear.

Look at the relationship, its past, and her requirements and needs, and then try to imagine yourself in her position. Don’t force your ideas and needs or beliefs onto her. Perhaps you’ll be able to find out why she was unable to communicate with your thoughts, needs, or views.

Whatever the motive for why she has blocked you she’s likely trying to convey her desire for privacy. Respect this. Respect her, respect your relationship, and you should respect yourself.

Find closure after the conclusion of your relationship and instead of dwelling on the reasons she broke up with you or why she resisted your way, focus on the future. What do you require in a partner? What could you do to become better with your partner? What are you doing to make sure that your new relationship is healthy and happy?

Have any thoughts or questions? Have you ever experienced this? Did you block the person who blocked you or the one being blocked? Comment below.