Ideas for your Something Blue

Wearing Something Blue on your wedding day, symbolizes purity, love and fidelity. This is part of one of the best-known bridal traditions : wearing “ Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed, and Something Blue ” on the wedding day.

You can include blue in a discreet and hidden detail, or you can make it striking and include it in your Bridal look If you still don’t know what to wear for your “Something Blue” , I leave you many original ideas to inspire you.

There is no excuse, surely some of these will look great on you !!

“Something Blue” with a ribbon

Blue ribbon on the bride's foot

“Something Blue” with a ribbon on the ankle.

Small blue ribbon on the Wedding Dress

A small blue ribbon sewn under the dress.

A blue ribbon on the Wedding Dress.

A blue ribbon in the Bridal Bouquet.

Image:  Big Bouquet en Fiori by Lynne | Snippet & Ink | Peaches & Mint by Pia Clodi en Magnolia Rouge | Megan Welker Photography en Style Me Pretty

“Something Blue” in the Bride’s Hair:

Detail of “Something Blue” in the Bride’s Hairstyle.

A blue racer in the style of War of Brides.

Tacori blue pin.

“Something Blue” in a Hair Comb.

images|   Wedding dresses Wedding | Tacori en Wedding dresses Wedding | Amy and Stuart Photogrpahy en Style Me Pretty

“Something Blue” on the Bride’s Nails:

Bridal nails in blue color

“Something Blue” in the bride’s manicure.

“Something Blue” in manicure and pedicure of the bride.

Images of: Jenny fox

“Something Blue” in the Bride’s Shoes:

Bridal shoes in blue.

“Something Blue” written on the Bride’s Shoes.


“Something Blue” on a sticker pasted under the Bridal Shoes, get them on Etsy .

Images: Em The Gem en Style Me Pretty | Inside Weddings |  Amy Arrington Photography en Style Me Pretty

“Something Blue” in the Bride’s Bouquet:

“Something Blue” embroidered on the Bridal Bouquet.

A blue ribbon detail in the Bridal Bouquet.
Blue Flowers in the Bridal Bouquet
A blue detail in the Bridal Bouquet.

A blue hanging to add it to the Bridal Bouquet.

Images:   Colin Cowie Weddings |  Anouschka Rokebrand en Style Me Pretty | Captured by Aimee en Style Me Pretty |   Christian Oth Studio en Style Me Pretty | Etsy.com

“Something Blue” in the Bride’s Garter Belt:

Blue detail on the bride’s garter belt.

“Something blue” in the bride’s garter belt.
Bridal Garter with “Something Blue

Images:  Anna Routh Photography in Style Me Pretty | Atelier Rousseau | Rosseau Workshop

“Something Blue” embroidered on the Wedding Dress:

A blue embroidery inside the Wedding Dress.

The initials of the bride and groom embroidered in blue under the wedding dress.

“Something blue” in an embroidered heart on the Wedding Dress.

This heart was made with fabric from the uniform worn by the bride’s father, who passed away seven years ago. Mom discreetly sewed it into the dress.

Images:  Kelly Sauer Ltd. Co. for The Girl in the White Dress en Style Me Pretty | April K Photography en Style Me Pretty | Sequins and Candy Photography en  Bridal Guide | Bitchless Bride

“Something Blue” in the Bride’s jewelry:

Bridal earrings in blue.
“Something Blue” in a ring.

Vintage ring with blue stone
Ring with blue stone.

“Something blue” on a necklace.

Imágenes: Etsy.com | Trumpet & Horn | Trumpet & Horn |  Tacori

“Something Blue” in your perfume

Perfume Something Blue

Perfume “Something Blue” by Oscar de la Renta.