Ideas for choosing an unusual wedding dress

Most wedding ceremonies are similar and typical in many ways. Most often, we meet brides in the same dresses.

They all walk in parks and take pictures in the lilac bushes. Designers from all over the world offer their wedding dress styles to modern brides.

The most creative wedding dresses

Fortunately, nowadays, the attitude towards the wedding as a phenomenon has changed significantly in general. From now on, there is no such thing as a wedding for relatives or the duty of the groom with the bride. Now the wedding is the day when the bride and groom have the right to do whatever they want.

This led to the organization of ceremonies abroad, where none of the relatives are invited at all. Only the bride and groom decide where to hold the ceremony, in what format, and in what clothes.

It is much more difficult for a girl in this matter. On the one hand, everyone wants to stand out, but on the other, they want to remain attractive and stylish. It is worth mentioning right away that this is a rather difficult mission, but it is quite possible to fulfill it. Before stopping your choice on such options, it is worth considering how appropriate they will be.

Important! The bride should definitely consult with the groom. If you decide together that such an image will not shock others and will look decent, then feel free to experiment.

Creative outfits are offered by modern designers. Almost every girl wants to buy the most unusual wedding dresses from a renowned wedding fashion designer. Huge queues line up for such clothes. After all, this is considered a real squeak of fashion.

The assortment of the outfit is not so large, but it is still there. Before buying, you should think about where you want to become more original. These can be the following indicators: style and color.

By style

Styles in which a girl can show her long and beautiful legs are considered especially popular and fashionable. These are the so-called transformed dresses with a train. The young lady has a rather short skirt in front and a long train at the back.

It was this option that formed the basis of many design solutions. It is customary for some designers to wear fabric with a flounce. It will be both front and back. Voluminous ruffles allow you to compare the girl with a flower. For example, with a beautifully scented rose. At the same time, the train is appropriate to wear not from the back, but the side.

A fluffy skirt and no less fluffy train will help make a real Thumbelina out of a girl, which came from the pages of a fairy tale.

By color

An equally important role is played by the color scheme of clothing. All shades and tones are currently available. Increasingly, brides are abandoning classic white dresses.

Unusual wedding dress, photo.

The ombre trend is becoming fashionable, which is reflected not only in clothes but also in the color palette of many things. With the help of an ombre, you can make a white top and with a smooth transition, achieve any bottom. It can be purple, yellow, red, or any other bright bottom of the skirt.

If the bride chooses a creative and rich color, then she should remember about the groom as well. A man doesn’t have to pick the same tone. It will be enough for him to choose the appropriate accessories. For example, an original scarlet wedding dress and a tie of the same shade.


When a woman does not think of herself without the prying eyes and attention of men, she tries in every possible way to attract them, putting on revealing outfits. Erotic dresses can become such a style. They should be distinguished from vulgar ones.

In them, it is customary to bear only one part of the body. For example, these can be legs and hips. In this case, the bride will have a transparent skirt, under which you can see the flirty naked hips. Alternatively, thin silk fabric can be used as a base for a bodice.

Non-fabric bridesmaid dresses

When you want not just to stand out, but to surprise guests, then you should think about things like truly non-trivial outfits.

Most of them are not made of plain fabric, but interesting materials. They are not at all suited to create the most unusual wedding dresses. However, such clothes exist and are the most demanded among extravagant ladies.

Original wedding dress, photo.

From paper

It sounds amazing, but a lot of wedding clothes are made from plain toilet paper. It is carefully folded in such a way that it resembles beautiful and expressive rose flowers.

In this way, you should be extremely careful. Getting caught in the rain will mean losing your dress.

Of flowers

One of the most luxurious outfits is considered to be created from flowers. In it, the bride will look like a fabulous nymph. This look is perfect for a celebration in the woods. A great option would be to hold a rustic wedding.

Such a dress runs the risk of quickly losing its appearance, thanks to the quickly fading flowers. Therefore, to replace such an outfit, it is imperative to have a classic version of the bride’s clothing.

Of feathers

Chinese designers were able to create a unique wedding dress using peacock feathers. Of course, the clothes themselves will be much more expensive than usual.

But beauty and luxury will captivate absolutely everyone present. Over a million feathers are used to create this look. You can complement the dress with matching accessories in the form of a hat made of the same material.


Thanks to technological progress, any bride can be made to shine at a wedding. With the help of LEDs connected especially, the dress will be a bright addition to the whole festive evening.

It will brighten up any party. Additionally, you can specify the desired color. However, it can be easily changed. For example, it will shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow.


Candy, cake, and marshmallows are what women adore. Speaking of sweets, one involuntarily recalls the fair sex, which is so attached to them. There are many decorative ornaments made with candy.

Fashion has stepped forward, creating a dress of sweets. Such a product will be desirable for all guests present. However, it should not be worn for summer celebrations, where sweets will become unusable too quickly, having lost their original appearance.

How to complement the original dress?

Additional accessories and elements will help to create a harmonious image. With their help, it will be possible to make a complete appearance in which the girl will look dignified.


The elements that are reflected in the dress can be used as additional accessories. For example, clothes made of flowers are already bright and colorful in themselves. It would be ridiculous to overload it with ordinary cheap jewelry. Such an image requires its continuation in naturalness. A wreath of flowers, a headband, or a beautiful hair clip, neatly woven into your hair, will help create a single image in the end.

The shoes themselves for such creative outfits should be selected quite simple and modest.

Don’t overload the whole image. Otherwise, you will not look extravagant, but ridiculous and funny.

Body art

Bodypainting is a popular way to decorate. With it, you can repeat the patterns on the dress. Bodypainting differs from tattoos in its ease of application and its fragility.

These are unconditional disadvantages. But he is very beautiful and feminine. And this is exactly what you want to achieve by creating the image of the bride.


An original, unusual wedding dress is what many girls dream of. But most of them are still afraid to deviate from established traditions.

Don’t worry about this. Modern designers invite brides to stand out and become spectacular stars at their parties.