Ice Breaker Quotes

Many people use dating apps like Tinder, Badoo or Lovoo to meet new guys or girls, however, knowing how to flirt on Tinder properly remains a mystery. What are the ice breaker quotes? Is there a way to break the ice that isn’t awkward or crappy?

In the following Bigmatrimonial article we help you with some great icebreaker quotes that you can adapt to each situation. But first, let’s see some tricks to make your experience on Tinder or any other dating app as fruitful as possible.

How to start a conversation on Tinder?

Be original: don’t start with “hello, how are you?” These types of quotes, in addition to being unoriginal, do not allow you to continue having an animated conversation, so forget about them.

Bold but subtle: the best Tinder openers are those that show that a person is funny and nice, but that in no case go beyond the rude line. Many believe that the key is to start strong, but it is not, extreme or inconsiderate boldness can make many feel reluctant to follow a conversation, so be subtle.

Feel the waters: what is the other person you’re talking to like? Will you receive a compliment or comment? Feel the waters to find out through some icebreaker questions like the ones below.

Be funny: humor is the key to breaking the ice, as it is the fastest way for two people to feel comfortable talking or seeing each other for the first time. So the following ice breaker quotes will help you find the perfect openers.

You already have a little more idea about how to start a conversation on Tinder, so get ready to put these tips into practice and choose the best quotes for Tinder, Badoo, Lovoo, etc. that we propose below. Good luck!

Quotes to break the ice on Tinder

We started, how could it be otherwise, with some quotes to break the ice on Tinder that will help you get closer to that boy or that girl without risking your opportunities.

Choose the quotes for Tinder that best suit your personality and challenge yourself to learn how to flirt on Tinder.

What is a girl like you doing in a place like this?

Are you also nice or are you just gorgeous?

You will be tired of hearing that you have beautiful eyes … are you?

I was looking at you and I hit the wall very hard. I’m going to need your name and phone number to do the insurance.

Ice Breaker Quotes

Confess, what is the worst thing they have told you around here?

If Tinder says we’re compatible, who am I to contradict it?

I know they must tell you every day, but I think I have fallen in love.

My phonebook is missing your phone number, can we fix it?

I chose a profile photo with sunglasses because I already knew that you would dazzle me at some point.

Aside from being one of the most original Tinder openers , it’s a cheesy yet hilarious line that … let’s face it, hardly anyone could resist.

Also, if you are looking for funny Tinder bio quotes, this can also be a great option.

Is it okay if we skip the part where I tell you a clever quote and give each other the number?

Ice breaker quotes – Is it okay if we skip the part where I tell you a clever quotes and give each other the number?

I swear I’m a sweetheart, but Tinder won’t let me show you. Shall we give each other the number and talk?

Pineapple pizza, yes or no? Just kidding, I’m not that crappy, how are you?

One of the best quotes to break the ice, without a doubt. On the one hand, this Tinder opener helps you to “make fun” a bit of those who use this type of flirting techniques, and on the other you show that you are above those things; You trust your abilities and you know that your charisma will be enough to win that girl or that boy.

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You are so handsome that I have forgotten what I was going to say to you.

I love the shirt you wear in your profile … it would look great with my sheets.

Sorry, but you have the prettiest smile I’ve seen around here.

I don’t know if you believe in love at first sight or if I would have to upload more photos, tell me something when you can.

I already have Netflix, so I just need good company … can you help me?

Wait, I’m thinking of some funny and witty quotes to win you over.

Would sending you that first sentence make me look funny or an arrogant freak?

I invite you to the cinema. At least if you don’t like me, you’ve seen a good movie.

Funny ice breaker Quotes

If you want to learn how to flirt on Tinder or any other app, humor cannot be missing.

In the end, complicity is largely based on the ability to make each other laugh, so here are some funny ice breaker quotes that cannot be missing from your repertoire.

What is a person as attractive and friendly as me doing … without your phone number?

Ice Breaker quotes – What is a person as attractive and friendly as me doing … without your phone number?
You remind me a lot of my next ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

Roses are red, the wind moves them, I am a 6 but you are a 9.

I have good news: I don’t take pictures without a shirt in front of the mirror.

I am exhausted, I have been taking care of some puppies all day and playing with my nephew and I still have to go to volunteer … where were we going?

Nobody is perfect. Sincerely: Nobody.

If you have something between your teeth, I’ll tell you. I am that kind of person.

For giving you a bite I was skipping the diet … has it worked?

Look no further, I’m here.

With you I would spend a hundred years in quarantine.

If you are looking for quotes to break the ice on Tinder that are funny and are the order of the day … this is the best!

Knowing how to start a conversation on Tinder in full confinement (one of the many in 2020) is not easy, so bet on taking advantage of the situation a bit and you will already have a topic of conversation with that person.

I don’t want to be daring, asking for your number without knowing each other well … how do you see getting married?

I just moved in, could you give me directions to get to your house?

Quotes to break the ice – I just moved, could you give me directions to get to your house?
My dog ​​would love you …

I swear to you that until a moment ago he was homosexual.

Look, let’s skip the preliminaries and get straight to what really matters … what’s the best reggaeton song?

Wouldn’t we by chance have a mutual friend who could introduce us?

Look, I was looking for my better half, but you’re the whole greengrocer.

I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but I make the best potato omelette in town. Do you want to check it?

So you like Japanese food? To me too, we have so much in common that it would be a sin not to know each other.

I’m writing a novel, if you give me your number, I’ll send it to you when I’m done.

More quotes and questions to break the ice

The quotes for Tinder and other apps that tend to succeed the most are those that allow the other person to follow the conversation.

That means no closed questions (yes or no); Bring out your best weapons and learn how to flirt on Tinder with the following quotes and questions to break the ice.

Pasta with tomato or pesto? It is a matter of life and death.

What would your ideal date be like? I think I can make it come true.

Quotes to break the ice – What would your ideal date be like? I think I can make it come true.
Do you like bad boys? Because I’m bad at everything: in love, in studies …

Where are you planning to go on our first date?

Do you study, work, or are you also a mess on your feet?

What is the craziest thing they have told you around here?

How was your last date on Tinder? Do you think I can overcome it?

What would you like for dinner?

Would you rather go back to the past or know the future?

Tell me, what place in the world would you love to visit?

From 1 to 10, how do you handle confinement?

Counting this, how many times have they tried to flirt with you today?

Icebreaker quotes – Counting this one, how many times have they tried to hook up with you today?
Do you cook or enrich?

There are Tinder openers that shine for their surrealism and grace … and this is one of them. If you don’t know how to start a conversation on Tinder but you are clear that you want a fun option that will displace the other person, this is yours!

And if not, choose any of the following quotes to break the ice or other Silly and funny quotes.

I’m very lost with these apps … how’s this going?

I don’t know if I’m your type, but would you give me a chance to check it out?

I know you about something but I don’t remember what, do you remind me?

-Do you know how much a polar bear weighs? -No idea. -Well, enough to break the ice … delighted.

Icebreaker quotes like this are hilarious and witty, and they’ll definitely stimulate the conversation so that you both keep getting to know each other if you’re interested.

Dial 1 to receive a compliment. Dial 2 to receive a GIF or meme. And dial 3 for an original question.

I have lost my phone number, can I have yours?

I really like your eyes, especially the right one.

I’m not sure if you look more like a sexy aunt or a sweet girl. What do you consider yourself?

What three things would you take to a desert island? I do not count.

Quotes to break the ice – What three things would you take to a desert island? I do not count.
Are you more of cats, dogs or me?

Are you good with lentils?

Do you have a grandmother or do I remind you how beautiful you are?

On our first date … What song would you like to sing at karaoke?

How are you doing the week? Do you want me to improve it instantly?

I love that picture, where did you take it?

When was the last time you stayed up all night? If you give me the appointment, I know what the next one will be.

Do you like the typical quotes to break the ice or do you prefer us to get to the point?