I Never Want To Lose You Quotes

I leave you a list of i never want to lose you quotes, to dedicate them to that person who is so important to you.

Quotes to say I don’t want to lose you

If you were a tear, I wouldn’t cry for fear of losing you.
(Jim Morrison)

“I’ve been afraid of losing you” is a beautiful statement.
(Valemille, Twitter)

I found you for a reason, and I don’t want to lose you for none.

I want to be the “I never want to lose you” of your life.
(LocoOtro, Twitter)

Without you a tree would
no longer be a tree.
Nothing without you
would be what it is.
(Giorgio Caproni)

Those who really love are afraid twice:
First of finding you, then of losing you.
(CannovaV, Twitter)

If I sleep, I fear losing you.
Love, don’t leave without saying goodbye to me.
I startle and reach out my hands to touch you.
I wonder: Is it a dream?
If only I could entangle your feet with my heart and hold them
against my bosom! Love, don’t leave without saying goodbye to me.
(Rabindranath Tagore)

Fear means I have something to lose, right? And I don’t want to lose you.
(Meredith, Grey’s Anatomy)

But I lost myself when I lost you – But I lost myself when i lost you.
(King’s wool)

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I understood what you are to me when I realized that I could lose you.
(Mr. Rain)

If I ever lost you, I just wouldn’t know where to start forgetting you.
(ChiaraNonEsiste, Twitter)

– I was afraid of losing you, you know?
– Yes? And when?
– Before I find you.
(CannovaV, Twitter)

You look surprisingly like my fear of losing you.
(aerdna77, Twitter)

It’s a continuous ‘I don’t want to lose you’ running through my head.

I have to wait, because I will find you again, I have no doubts,
I have to see how not to lose you anymore.
(Walt Whitman)

My love is selfish.
I can not breathe without you.
(John Keats)

I don’t want to lose you, but I also don’t want to force you to be by my side.

I memorized your map in my pupils
I do
n’t want to lose myself I don’t want to lose you.
(camilaesguerra, Twitter)

Life is made of choices.
Whoever chooses to lose you is because they haven’t had the courage to live with you.
(Charles Bukowski)

I never want to lose you
And if I had to, I would choose you
So stay, please, always stay
You are the one I hold on to
Because my heart would stop without you.
(Miley Cyrus)

I am not afraid of losing you.
I’m not afraid of having you
I’m not afraid of inventing you
I am not afraid of destroying you
I’m afraid of not recognizing you.
(BarbaMaura, Twitter)

The first thing I do is build you all the escape routes. I don’t want to think you’re staying because you couldn’t leave.
(followfabrizio, Twitter)

“I’m afraid of losing you” only if you’re talking to a lighter.
(Totonno1980, Twitter)

Whoever has chosen to lose you deserves never to find you again.
(grazyetta, Twitter)

Of those times we say “shut up” instead of “kiss me”, “I don’t care” instead of “forgive me” or a “go away” instead of “I don’t want to lose you.”

If a person cares about you, they will do the impossible not to lose you.

I don’t want to lose you but I want to lose myself with you.

I’ll be brief: I don’t want to lose you.

I Never Want To Lose You Quotes

You are what I want, what I never looked for but found, what day after day I have come to love with all my heart and truly my love, I want to tell you that I never want to lose you.

I never want to lose you, but if one day you decide to leave, I will understand it and I hope that you also understand that no matter what, I will continue to love you and wish you to be happy always.

My biggest fear is losing you.

You may not realize it, but you don’t have an idea of ​​how essential you are to my life, I never want to lose you because for me you are gold
(Light Giane)

I do not want to lose you or lose me,
much less let us drift
I want to save you and save me my whole life.
(danielbasarte, Twitter)

I do not want to lose you or lose me,
I want to take all the risks of life with you.
(danielbasarte, Twitter)

Sadness and melancholy I do not want them in my house.

For what a thousand words. Take just two: I love you.

If I knew that these are the last minutes that I see you I would say And I wouldn’t foolishly assume that you already know

I want to go west to the Indies. The earth is round.

I want to go back to the origins of cinema: to improvisation; eliminate that Gestapo that is the script, so that from each plane a piece of the universe grows.

I’m not going to look for you to ask for your forgiveness,
I’m not going to call you and apologize in a thousand ways,
maybe I’ll call you because I really want to hear your voice,
maybe I’ll look for you
because I want to see you because I miss you, why …

I do not understand
if I do not want to have you
and if I lose you I faint
if I know what I want if it is both the pain that I feel T_T
and if I want you close or I want you far away
in this last coin that …

Get away from me and do it soon before I lie to you.
Your sky turns gray, I’m already walking through the storm.
Get away from me, escape, see that I shouldn’t see you anymore.
Understand that even if I ask you to leave, no …

to live is my dream to
love is my inspiration to
lose you is my fear
courage is my need
to tell you how much I love you ……… I love you never doubt it with every doubt of yours, is a stab in …

Everything has changed since I met you and now that I love you, I wouldn’t want to lose you …..

I love you my way, I carry you on my mind, you are my life, and I don’t want to lose you.

I want to lose you in my dreams and find you in my reality

So what is time? If no one asks me, I know; If I want to explain it to whoever asks me, I don’t know.

The frog said to the mosquito from a jar: I want more to die in wine than to live in water …

An empty thought full of ideas: in

this life there are many poets, I don’t speak in verses, sometimes I just want it to end, seeing one day die and another born, I want what I don’t have and not what …

If you don’t want to be lost in oblivion as soon as you’re dead and corrupted, write things worth reading, or do things worth writing.

Faith: I love you because I believe you and not because I understand you.

Now actors are more like human beings than movie stars of before. I don’t want to be an idol.

I love you not only for how you are,
but for how I am when
I am with you

you will always be my greatest love
because since I met you my life changed
I love you very much my beautiful kosita …….

I love you for knowing that you love me I love you because without you I would not have been able to live it is a joy to be together with you to take your hand to run away to live an adventure I never want it to end and s …

For a kiss from your mouth two caresses I would give you
three hugs that show my joy four times …

and in the fifth symphony of my sixth thought
seven times I would tell you the eight letters of a te that …

It is FORBIDDEN to say I love you and not show it !!!

I want a word, a look, just a gesture I seek from you.
I want a smile … the kind that speak that makes you feel things that I dare not say.
I want a sign that gives life to my hope …

Sorry if everything I say rhymes, I just felt like writing, but there is something I want more than that, and that is that I love you.

Better than a consolation one I love you

If each star said I love you, I would not reach the sky to show you how much I love you

Today I want to improvise eternity,
lose my composure without thinking,
change the direction of the wind, be the owner of my thoughts …

A kiss,
two hugs,
three caresses, would give me
four times my joy and in the
kinta symphony, my
sixth thought,
seven times, would give you the
eight lyrics of a

I want you to know that you are for me,
my desire to live my desire to feel
That you are my strength and my desire,
lament, laughter, my engine to continue.

I don’t ask that things always go well for me but I’m sick of losing you without wanting to

See that love is strong, life, don’t be annoying to me; See that you only have to win, lose yourself.

Open your senses so as not to miss anything of the beautiful and beautiful that surrounds you

I am not resigned to bid farewell to such haughty and firm feeling that so much impulse and light gave to my life.

Love and jealousy are companions.

Don’t give up ….
Because every day is a new beginning,
Because this is the time and the best moment, because you are not alone because I love you.

There is always tomorrow and life gives us another chance to do things right, but in case I’m wrong and today is all we have left, I would like to tell you how much I love you, that I will never forget you.

Our friendship was born on the benches of the school because
I want you to carry it
for all eternity

Today I dreamed that the love of my life was you.
Today I dreamed a life and it was with you
And today I dreamed writing poetry and it was about you
Today I dreamed that you were only mine
Today I no longer want to dream I want my dreams …

My feet are my only vehicle, I have to keep pushing myself forward, but while I’m leaving, I want to tell you: Everything is going to be fine.