I Miss You Letter For Her

Sometimes circumstances separate us from a loved one. Short separation during vacation, or longer separation for professional reasons. Certain relationships can be strengthened by this situation, especially if one knows how to maintain the feelings… By saying “I miss you”, for example!“You miss only one being and everything is depopulated„. Here are samples of I miss you letter for her that you can use however you want, to send cute letters to the person you miss right now, whether they are someone you have a romantic relationship with or an affection.

I Miss You Love Letter

First of all, I hope that the moment you have this letter in your hands, you feel well and think of me as I think of you.

My love, in the moments when the night and I meet in the middle of the moonlight, I meditate on the time that we have been in our relationship. I never imagined that that text on my phone where you wrote “hello” would become a beautiful love adventure between you and me.

How to deny that you changed my life with your arrival, if I think about you day and night since then. You are the most beautiful thing after God and my mother that exists in my life. Don’t ask me how, but you hold a very special place in my heart. Look how the seconds, minutes, hours, days, and months have passed since the last time I held you in my arms.

My life, every day that passes I love you more and more. I know our relationship is difficult because of the distance, but I trust that soon, God will unite us forever. For now I consent to just seeing you and listening to you on Skype. My love, I want you to know that, I firmly believe in the commitment that we have decided to make despite the distance.

Today I was with our friends, they send you many greetings and ask me when you will come again, they were very happy to know that you will soon. My pretty girl, take good care of yourself, so also take care of the new member of the family and do not forget to take him to the vet for his vaccinations on time.

I say goodbye for now, but not before telling you my darling that: I long in my heart to see you soon, walk by the seashore in a sunset, kiss your mouth and whisper I love you in your ear.

PS: I miss you so much.

Letter To Someone You Love And Miss

“I miss you”: romantic relationship

“Out of sight near the heart”

“Lately, being separated from you, I realize that you accompany me in my daily life despite the distance. The smallest things connect you to me: I drink my morning coffee thinking of you. I watch the sun setting over the sea thinking that you would like to share this moment with me. Everything that seems beautiful to me inevitably reminds me of you … I can not wait to find you but I feel that far from having moved away from On the contrary, this short stay will have allowed me to realize how close we are. “

What I miss the most …

“What I miss most …
Is it your mischievous smile?
Or your reassuring eyes …
Is it the softness of your palm against mine?
Or your soft and bewitching voice …
is it your cuddly way of hugging me,
or your words that rock me …

What do I miss the most?
It’s all of this at the same time …
Which I can’t do without! “

I Miss You Letter For Her

“Too far from me”

“If you only knew how much I miss you! Every moment I try to imagine you, to feel closer to you. Right now, I’m on the beach and watching the couples who seem happy together . I see us, in their place, hand in hand. I tell myself that it will soon be our turn to experience this kind of thing … I promise you that our reunion will be a real firework! “

“You miss only one being …”

“It is today that I understand Lamartine’s sentence:” You miss only one being and everything is depopulated . “I understand it and I live it, in an intense way. The lack that I feel of you prevents me from see the beauty of the world People around me seem bland and sad to me Even the food seems to have less taste Come back to me quickly to give meaning to the world around me!

“Absence strengthens a great love …”

“Just like you, I often feel sad that we are apart for the moment. And yet I cannot help but feel carried by a positive and beautiful conviction, that our love will come out strengthened. Roger Bussy-Rabutin’s sentence illustrates what I feel: ” Absence is to love, what the wind is to fire; it turns off the little one, it turns on the big one. “It is possible that distance separates those who love each other with a shallow love. But for all those who love each other with an intense love like ours, distance does not only stirs up the desire to meet again and the desire to build so as never to have to leave each other again. “

“I miss you”: loving relationship

“We were having a good time together …”

“I take this vacation to recharge my batteries, see beautiful landscapes and meditate too. My musings take me back to the time when we had a good time together. I am really nostalgic and I realize how much I miss you . Hopefully we will remedy this soon and organize ourselves to have some quality time together. “

I Miss You Letter

I do not know where to start. I have so much to tell you, and at the same time so little …

I would love so much for us to meet to talk about all this. I understand that this is not an easy decision, but I really want you to know how much I care about you. These are not empty words. I can’t seem to pin you down, how can I guess your feelings? You yourself do not know how you feel …

On the one hand, I think that’s part of what attracts me: this sensitive, uncertain, fragile aspect. I’ll do anything to be with you, I can still wait but for how long? You don’t know, but I’ve been looking at you and waiting for you for many months already. In silence, discreetly. I don’t know so much how to make you understand how much you mean to me, to make you understand how deep what I feel is.

Before writing you these lines, I wondered at length if this attraction was only “the fantasy of the difference in age”. But no. It’s deeper than that. It’s not the first time I’ve had a relationship with someone older than me. Nevertheless, this is the first time that I have felt something so strong … It is so strange. The attraction, the envy, the jealousy, the desire to touch you, to feel you near me.

I cried for breakups, arguments, but I never cried because I missed a man. I can no longer count the hours spent crying because I miss you, nor the hours sobbing as I remember the taste of your lips, the sweetness of your gestures, the sound of your voice.

I’ll wait for you to decide what is right for you to do, but I beg you, just remember one thing: I love you.

I need you so much: you are my only one.


Missing You Letters For Her (distance)


Life is cruel, it delights in our sufferings or maybe it separates us so that we can better find us. This is what I hope deep inside me. Since last summer, a flood of feelings invaded me and continues to flow through my veins like a soft drug that I could never part with. I rediscovered the passion, what I feel like living for.

It is often said that reason kills passion. In my case, it is the exact opposite. The guilt has never been so far. How can I feel guilty? Guilty of loving? Guilty of feeling such a pure and pleasant feeling? Guilty of being the victim of what is commonly called a “love at first sight”? The one and only thing that breaks my heart is knowing that in a few months you will be 600 kilometers from my body.

Despite our respective lives, I think only of you, I only see through you. You have become my priority, the center of my thoughts. I’m waiting for the moment when we will find ourselves like a fifteen-year-old girl who has been forbidden to see her boyfriend. I constantly want to be wrapped in your arms, forget everything, snuggle up in our bubble and never come out.

Thinking Of You Letters

You built a family, I built mine. But we cannot repudiate this happiness that has crept into our hearts. I will not succeed. You are the man of my life, I am convinced of that. You were able to give me back that lost joy that lay deep inside me. By your side, I feel beautiful, I feel like a woman! You lifted the gray veil that I wore over my eyes, which made my life monotonous and hard. Near you, I am not afraid of anything.

I only hope for one thing: that the distance brings us together sentimentally as much as it will separate us physically. The lack will tear me apart but it will be so intense that it will push us to find each other. I believe in it, I really believe in it. Why should we match the ideals dictated by society? Fall in love, get married, have children and stay all your life in this washed-out everyday life. No, when this feeling so strong took hold of me, I told myself that I didn’t want this life anymore. I want to be with you, yours, all the time. And repaint our world in vivid colors this time around.

You know I’ll be waiting for you. My choice is made, I am ready to leave my husband, to leave everything to live this unique passion which binds us together. I dread your departure, I’m afraid but as I told you; I believe it. And that’s what matters.

I love you, with limitless love.

Romantic Missing You Letters

My love:

It eroticizes me to receive your letters.

As I take my breath away, your words penetrate my body.

Every afternoon when I get off at the central train station, I run to get your letters at the post office box. The one on Lexington and 45, where the same coffee is still. I always sit there and read them. I already do it by trade, even if I know how long it takes you to answer mine. Because you insist on writing them by hand. With carefully chosen nibs and inks, particularly for the occasion. Like the carver who chooses that piece of wood that will make him remove the most holy of holies from it.

Maybe that’s why I think your letters are melancholic. Because they take time. Because they remember. Because they force me to think of you first.

I love receiving your letters. I love knowing, even if it’s selfish, that you fall asleep thinking about me and the things we have done. I love hiding your cards under my pillow, at the risk of being discovered. Like wanting to be.

Your letters smell like you. I smell them to remind you and feel that I am by your side. I brush them with my fingers as if it were your face that I caress. The one who flatters. The one I entertained. Sometimes, lying next to her, I take them out of their hiding place and rub them all over my breasts.

Do you remember the day we met? It was inside an elevator. Just by looking at me you told me that I was beautiful. It never happened to me. It is not never would have told me that I am pretty; we women get used to that. You always told me that you remember my pink color. But no one like you, the eyes had given him away. Your liking for me went out of control for them. Like an appetite without moderation. It is that your eyes are like the springs that arise in the plains. In your eyes I can see you everything. Your passion. Your stubbornness.

I’ve never told you, but I like that you are so predictable when something fascinates you. I like to have the advantage of warning you of austere control.

I was risky. The girl in the elevator, that’s what you called me when you answered the text I sent you. I confess that inside that sealed box that rose through the floors I felt our magnetized bodies. Like when we made love for the third time. When we had that fascinating conversation about body, soul, mind and spirit. When we talk about the doubling. How to forget it. I will never forget your rule that you have to be naked to talk about serious topics. I think that’s why I love talking to you about the serious and severe things, the real and the true. Well, being naked there is no deception. There is no mockery. There is no fold. There is no dissimulation.

Know something? Your letters hurt me too. Not just because they remind me of the things we haven’t done. Rather, it is a vague sadness. Calm. Although it is almost permanent. And pain is always pain, even if it is not severe. Know that, even if I wanted to, there will be things that we can never do and that desire is not enough. Knowing that we have no name for what we have. That we know from the beginning but that we have no concern for the true ending. Still I like that you are not thinking about what will happen tomorrow. That we live our thing without fear.

I miss you too. Even if we’re not together. Although I’m not sure if I miss you the same way that you miss me. Your strangeness is romantic, sensual, sensory. In my case, when I miss you I feel exiled. Rejected from a homeland that I conquered first.

That’s why when I go to bed, I dedicate myself to fly with you even if I’m not by your side. I remember our readings from Mahfouz, Pamuk and Kundera. And I’m going on a trip with you to Cairo, Istanbul, Prague. Holding hands. In public. Without modesty. In the middle of the large squares. Like tourists taking photos and videos of us. I confess that I have that fantasy when I have sex with my partner. I know I shouldn’t say it. But ours is a sincere feeling. When I’m sitting on it, I contort and fantasize about the idea that we are traveling abroad. It is only in this way that I reach the culmination of pleasure. Canceling the recurring dream I have at night with you, where we always miss a flight.

My love, I miss you too even though we are so far away.