I Love You Messages

Sometimes saying i love you messages is all you need to express how you feel about someone. And the fact is that the power of these two words is not only much greater than many love poems, but you can be romantic and inventive in a thousand different ways.

So today we bring you more than 80 i love you messages to seduce the boy (or girl) you like, or to remind your boyfriend (or girlfriend) how much it means to you. Once you have the right moment and place, take advantage and surprise him with some nice words of i love you messages. Or if you want, dedicate them to the cover of your favorite book or another detail that excites you.

Without further delay, here are all the i love you messages.

I love you Text

Table of Contents

  1. I love you not because of how you look at me, but because our eyes travel in the same direction.
  2. You are the energy that activates me. You are the light that illuminates me. You are the look that seduces me. You are the soul that makes me in love.
  3. For love, one man can change the world.
  4. Although the distance does not allow us to be together, my thoughts keep me close to you, that’s why know my love, that ours will never end.
  5. Thank you for understanding. Thanks for putting up with me. Thanks for your support. I love you princess.
  6. They say that routine kills a relationship … because every day I am more in love with you, you are my only illusion.
  7. The love I feel reaches the deepest part of the universe, that corner reserved for our purest intimacy.
  8. I am afraid, since I had never loved someone so much. I’m dying to hug you again, whisper that I love you, even with the uncertainty of not knowing if you feel the same. You are everything to me.
  9. You are my guardian angel, who protects me in the dark, and that’s why my dear, I will always love you.
  10. Don’t get excited either. I just want to feel your warm hugs for the rest of my life.
  11. I will love you little by little … this will last a lifetime.
  12. My happiness has your name written, only you know how to steal a smile from me, make me feel complete.
  13. I may have been wrong, I may have hurt you, but if someday you decide to give me another chance, here I will be waiting for you. I love you a lot.

I love you madly

  1. Whenever I think about why I am so happy, you come to my mind and I sigh with joy. I love you princess!
  2. I do not remember how I be in love with you, nor when, but what I do know is that you are the woman of my life, and I will always love you.
  3. I realized that true love existed when you said “I love you” and my legs began to tremble.
  4. Two words. A feeling. I LOVE YOU.
  5. I will love you until the end of my days, and as proof of this here you have my heart. It’s all yours.
  6. I love you so much that I would bite a thousand forbidden apples for you.
  7. When you die your body vanishes, but your soul rises to heaven. So in heaven I will love you forever.
  8. I love you is little for what I feel. I love you too, I love you, I love you!
  9. I will never love anyone as I love you. You cheer me up every morning, you pamper me every night, and you don’t know how much I appreciate everything you do for me.
  10. Don’t ask, just love me.
  11. Yesterday I loved you … today I love you and you have me completely at your feet.
  12. Whenever some fear assails me, I find peace in you. Whenever uncertainty lurks, there you are to restore tranquility to me.
  13. If you do not trust my promises, I will show you with this gesture (and you give him a copy of the keys to your house).
  14. When I met you I did not dare to speak to you, then I did not dare to write to you, later I did not dare to kiss you … and today I am terrified of the idea of ​​you abandoning me.
  15. There are those who recite luv poems, however, I prefer five letters that say it all: I love you.
  16. Not a thousand messages or a thousand words; A glance is enough for you to know that I really love you.
  17. I love you very much, I will never stop loving you, even when I pass to a better life my soul will continue remembering you.
  18. I know I love you because when you are by my side an aura is created that radiates optimism and much, much happiness.
  19. How is it possible that I can love you so much?
I Love You Messages
  1. If you think that I love you, you are wrong, because what I feel for you is much more intense than this feeling.
  2. I don’t want to live forever, because if it were, my life would not be yours.
  3. Now we are not together, but I still see you, because I have you constantly in my thoughts. I love you.
  4. I love you from here to the sun. No. I love you from here to a million universes.
  5. Legend has it that love is for fairy tales … because you and I have that story and I love you with all my strength.
  6. You walk away and time slows down, you get closer and it goes crazy …
  7. Wait! If you’re going to leave me, don’t forget that no woman will love you the same as me.
  8. You mean everything, because you filled my emptiness and accompanied my loneliness.
  9. I don’t want flawless love, all I want is for it to be ours.
  10. I love you in my mind, I love you in my heart, I love you day and night, I just love you, my love.

I love you with all my strength, my love

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  1. I love you because next to you everything impossible is more than possible.
  2. You are my everything … that’s why without your love I am nothing.
  3. A second in our love is like a year in boring real life.
  4. Mine is not called love … mine is called [name of the person you love].
  5. I love you so much… so much that I will need a hundred hearts.
  6. Time loves you too, so when you show up it doesn’t want to pass.
  7. I don’t care if you get mad, walk away or yell at me. Whenever you need me, you will have me to help you. My life is yours. I love you.
  8. They say that love runs out with time, but time in my heart is infinite.
  9. Pretending that nothing matters to us, acting as if we are not interested, playing tough … is the attitude of two people who are in love. And if you have not loved anyone, it is impossible for you to understand.
  10. Love does not understand anger, hate or revenge … love understands passion and sharing, it understands you and me together.
  11. My heart had never beat for anyone, but then you came and taught me to love. I love you very much.
  12. I love you messages with which you can express how you fall in love with that person at the time of meeting him.
  13. Sometimes I answer you late, sometimes I greet you with a certain pasotism. Do you want to know the reason? That I’m afraid to tell you that “I love you” and not be reciprocated.
  14. Maybe not every day I remind you how much I love you, but I swear to love you every day of my life.
  15. There is only one thing that makes me extremely happy: that you say “I love you.”
  16. I love you so much that I don’t even remember what my hobbies were.
  17. At the same moment that I am going to confess my feelings to you, you smile at me and I get so nervous that I can only kiss you.
  18. You are special, and that’s why I feel special with you.
  19. My true happiness is found in that gaze that penetrates me, in those hands that gently caress me and in those tender lips that gradually unite with mine. I love you.
  20. Two people who love each other, so is happiness at its best.
  21. You are my whim, my favorite sweet. I love you madly.
  22. You are the most beautiful, both inside and out.
  23. My diamond. My emerald. My treasure. I love you.
  24. It’s not that I love you too much, it’s that I will always love you.
  25. Just because I forget to remind you that I love you, doesn’t mean I won’t love you forever.
  26. You are the snake that sails all day through my belly. I love you.
  27. How much i love you That is something only my heart knows.
  28. Say it is crazy, my craving, my vice … but do not repeat again that it is something fleeting. I love you so much.
  29. I miss your smile, I miss your look, I miss your skin, I miss your lips … I love you.

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