I Love You But You Dont Love Me Poems

You Don’t Want Me Poems

Because You Dont Love Me?

I have felt so miserable
knowing that you do
not love me you are not bad!
You are just who you are,
and what can I do?
if you are not where I am!
I love you!
I love you!
but you don’t give me your love
why don’t you love me?
as I do …
just tell me you love me
even a cheating my heart.

You Don’t Love Me Like I Love You

You do not love me
as I love you, you
do not know want to
with enthusiasm,

Love is not a duty …

What to be so complicated!
And you fussed over him, woman!

To love is to accept quiet,
love is to understand,
to the excited life,
give it all your being.

Love is not asking,
but give,
is to know how to suffer,
while loving.

He who loves
does not think about himself,
nor does he turn his back

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I Love You But You Don’t Love Me

My love, I want to tell you
Although every day I mention it,
That it hurts me to love you so much
And only receive hugs of tenderness.

love I love you, but you do not love me
I understand it and it hurts
I accept it and I cry, I only cry
Thinking about not being able to have you.

My love
Our lost and in love souls
In distant stars, different skies.
I just want to tell you today, and eternally
I love you, but you don’t love me.

My love, and from the past
Our eyes did not see
Our lips did not love
Our hands did not caress.
And despite everything
I love you, but you don’t love me.

Rain falls, dies
Off our fire and off,
our hearts no later
have ceased, because.
I love you, but I do not love.

I Love You But You Dont Love Me Poems

I Love You Even You Don’t Love Me

-yet -without
you I don’t live -without you I don’t
-without you I’m no longer me
-my heart beats only for you
-will see that I love you as her
-you’re kidding me
-because I know
you, you don’t love me

2. No matter how much I try
the greatest speeches, I have
avoided crying
when you go away on sunny days,
I can please you
to take my hand
to think about the day
after what we could build,
build a future to
accomplish my desire
but you you only think of leaving
yet you know that without you
I would let myself die

3. -yet -without
you I don’t live -without you I don’t
-without you I’m no longer me
-my heart beats only for you
-will see that I love you as her
-you’re kidding me
-because I know
you, you don’t love me

4. I gave up everything, gave everything
do whatever you wanted
hoping that one day you would love me
I gave body and soul
to prove to you that I loved you
I shed tears
I have took blades
I fell into depression
for a long time
I made some self-sacrifice
I succumbed to your torments
I tried to believe in it for real
I’m hiding the truth
because I know you will never love me

This Is Not Love

I know you don’t love me,

but you just laugh at me.

You just ruin my love,

And sometimes I myself.

It doesn’t matter to you where and with whom I am,

It doesn’t matter what I love…

You played a cruel joke with me,

I won’t forgive you for this.

I know this is not true,

But only a vile game,

But to this day I do not understand:

Why do I love you?

It’s very difficult for me to love you,

But I can’t help it, or anything.

It’s impossible to forget love, is it?

What am I suffering for?

For what? I know you don’t love me. Why lie then?

You will make you mad about your lies …

You shouldn’t play with feelings!

And I loved you honestly, And I will not lie to anyone,

That I will remember those days for a long time,

And the fact that I love you!

Everything is clear and without mockery,

I’ll tell you honestly, not concealing:

In your game I am only a pawn, I realized this long ago!

I Love You And You Don’t Love Me

I love you, but you do not love me.
I don’t see, you know with someone else.
You will probably never be mine.
And I will always be the second for you.
You play with me as if I’m a toy,
Turn me on and leave one.
I’m so obedient in your hands,
You can’t see anything.
However, maybe you just see,
You amuse yourself, you amuse yourself , At
first you accidentally offend,
Then suddenly you kiss with a little breath.
You with me probably take revenge on another,
Only for nothing, I suffer.
Everything goes according to the eternal law,
you love him, and I love you.

Why Do Not You Like Me ?

I don’t understand
Why you don’t love me
I tried to attract
you But yet you didn’t notice her
I don’t understand
I don’t like you?
In a few days already passed
You have filled me enormously
have already told you my feelings for you
But what do you feel for me
Every day I only think of you
When it was only you and me
I do not see nothing but you
And even in my dreams I see you
What must I do to please you?

Song For Life: Even If You Don’t Love Me, I Love You

Even if you don’t love me, I love you…
We are part of the same family
That of all men
That of all races
We share the same space
In the four corners of the world
We form a circle
Rich in our differences
despite our preferences

Even if you don’t love me, I love you…
Our heart beats the same harmony
We hold in our hands
A piece of our destiny
To form the same path
Look me straight in the face
My eyes reflect your soul
They don’t not afraid of tears
To avoid dramas

Even if you don’t love me, I love you…
We are all human beings
With the same refrain
Not the same destiny
We all have one purpose
Navigating the stars
To weave a web
With our colorful faces
By so many beauties

Today you are here
Tomorrow you will leave
You will mark your passage
With a beautiful message
To add your stone
To the wall of humanity

Even if you don’t love me, I love you…
When you extend your hand to me
You become a human being
When I offer you my heart
I learn the happiness
Of being linked for eternity

“Let us cultivate this joy of feeling deeply human, by forging links with beings who are at the same time close or totally unknown and yet all so familiar, this is what we call recognizing ourselves in our humanity”