I don’t have a girlfriend: why there is no soulmate and how to find a girlfriend

Some men at least once in their lives wondered: “Why don’t I have a girlfriend?” It even seems to them that everyone around easily starts relationships with the opposite sex, and a seemingly nondescript guy from a parallel (or work) even has several of them.

What could be the reason? And is it necessary to somehow solve the “problem” of the absence of the second half?

Possible Reasons for Not Relationships

“I don’t understand why I don’t have a girlfriend,” you might say, scratching the back of your head absently. Or maybe you do, and you know for sure. The reasons for the absence of a lady of the heart can be very different.

Here are the main ones:

1.Lack of finance. The guy is ashamed that he may not be able to pay for a date or give a good gift. And some set themselves the premise that all girls are mercantile and they only need money
(just those who don’t have this money).

2. Excessive shyness. At the sight of only the silhouette of a female, she begins to stutter and is
even afraid to look in her direction.

3. Does not know how to kiss or doubts his sexual abilities. No one wants to make a mistake and get laughed at in the face. Here, the culprits can be injuries associated with the former, who, out of revenge, decided to plant a bunch of complexes before parting.

4. Short stature. Some guys believe that no girl wants to date someone who “breathes down her
navel” or someone with whom she cannot wear her favorite heels.

5. Lone wolf. For those who prefer noisy party trips to youth events to sitting at home at the computer, it is much more difficult to meet a girl.

6. Nerd. If your only love is books and endless study, then read at least one article on how to make acquaintances with females.

7. A very correct guy with his incredibly strong moral principles will also not be of interest to al
ladies. Bored with these. Girls want emotions, passion, impressions (at least at first). And mediocre

8. Lack of experience in dealing with girls will also not play into the hands. It is necessary to at least get a girlfriend on whom you can practice.

9. Unattractive appearance. Dirty hair, clothes that don’t fit, pimples on the face. Although there is a buyer for such a product. Women tend to look deeper than appearance.

10. An overweight guy will blame his own figure for his loneliness. Thin, in principle, may be of the same opinion about himself.

11. Workaholic. There is no personal life because work is his only love. He is busy making all the
money in the world and the rest will have to wait.

I don't have a girlfriend why there is no soulmate and how to find a girlfriend

12. Boorish behavior. Talking to girls like boys from the yard is not the best tactic.

13. Weaklings and cowards will also experience difficulties. Ladies immediately see such character
traits and do not seek to get closer.

14. Low self-esteem. The guy himself will decide everything for the girl, “understanď that he is not worthy of her, and, accordingly, he will never even make an attempt to approach her.

15. “I don’t have a girlfriend because I don’t need one.”
If you see a suitable reason among these reasons, then do not worry, you can work on it if you want (except perhaps the last two).

What to do if there is no soulmate

And now, point by point, what to do with the situation 1 don’t have a girlfriend.” If you personally
have problems, then you can use these tips for yourself. If not, then help a suffering friend.

1. The solution to financial problems is simple and banal: start making money. Yes, you need to
invest in relationships. Most young ladies are now quite emancipated and can normally relate to the fact that they are not paid for. But there are also those for whom the ability of a guy to pay for entertainment is important. In addition, this is elementary etiquette: who invites, he pays.

Also, in principle, it will be useful for you to learn how to earn money. Who knows, suddenly your
relationship will become serious, you will get married, she will go on maternity leave. And in this
case, what her earnings – new worries will fall on her. And do not think that all the thoughts of
beautiful ladies are only about money. First of all, they will appreciate your good attitude, affection, and ability to be there in any situation. And the last thing: your money is nice.

2. If your own modesty is ruining you, then you need to make an effort to overcome it. Practice in
front of a mirror, imagining that you are talking to a girl. Play different scenarios and in general
hone your oratory. As soon as you raise your self-esteem a little and gain courage, move on to
practice. Choose any and try to get acquainted. She won’t beat you or bite you. For starters, you
can try dating on social networks.

Also, to get into the feminine atmosphere a bit, start spending more time with your classmates or
co-workers. So you will understand that women are people too and there is no need to be afraid of them.

3. As for kissing – a vegetable to help. And it’s not a joke. A soft tomato can teach you to be careful and not to shove the lady’s tongue right up to the tonsils. Instead of a tomato, you can use your Wrist. With sex, unfortunately, it is more difficult. Here you need live practice and observation of the reaction of a real partner. Just please don’t take adult films as an allowance. They teach bad things, not in a “good” sense.

4. If your complexes relate to growth, then do not worry. Finding the same “one and a half” is not so difficult. Well, you are a charismatic and charming guy, then most girls (adequate) will not even pay attention to your height.

5. A guy sitting in his cave will have to step over himself, reconsider his interests and leave his
comfort zone to where you can find comrades and a lady of the heart.

6. A nerd can easily team up with a fellow girl and study anatomy with her.

7.”I don’t have a girlfriend because they are all somehow not like that, there are no normal ones
left, and they are not interested in such a beautiful guy like me.” It’s all clear, dumbass. Open your eyes wider, start to develop, read special literature. Go have fun, feel the taste of life, and then a “normal” girl will appear.

8. if the problem is that you don’t know what to talk about with a girl at all, and you don’t have a
friend of the opposite sex, then it’s time to master virtual communication. Even if such a prospect
bothers you, look at the information on how to and not to communicate with girls online. Just do not use”useful” phrases from there. From them, as a rule, you can catch an attack of “Spanish shame.”

Online communication will not be scary, because the interlocutor is far away and will not do
anything to you. Having established this connection, it will be easier to move on to real
communication. Because both will have the feeling that you have known each other for ages.

9. Blaming your unattractive appearance, remember again that women put appearance far from the first place. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care of yourself. Pay attention to hygiene: keep your nails and hair clean, wear neat clothes and shoes, use deodorant (but before that, wash. You can polish your appearance by changing your hairstyle. Yes, looks don’t matter. But it’s better to be fully armed, right?

10. Excess weight is driven in the gym and proper nutrition. If it’s about endocrine disorders, then
why aren’t you at the doctor yet? It’s your health first and foremost. And again we return to the fact that a girl will not pay attention to your extra pounds if you are a self-sufficient person with your own interests, charisma, and an excellent attitude towards the opposite sex. The main thing is to be able to present yourself.

11.” I don’t have a girlfriend because I’m always at work.” There are a few options here: either work less or start an office romance.

12. Uncultured behavior is solved by working on oneself. Why are you such a jerk? The absence of a soulmate in this situation is not the biggest problem. One day you can lose a couple of teeth for your words. Therefore, be restrained and polite.

13. Weakness and cowardice try to correct in the same gym or in martial arts. You will get stronger physically, you will see what your body is becoming, there will be healthy self-esteem and confidence that you can fight back if necessary. And maybe you will never have to fight, but you will know that people will think a few more times, looking at the mountain of muscles, is it worth it to climb on you.

14. Do you suffer from low self-esteem? It’s time to believe in yourself, in your potential, and in your strength. Stand near the mirror every day and tell yourself that you are strong, smart, attractive and you will definitely meet a worthy girl. The brain will accept this as the truth, and you yourself will not notice how you begin to feel better. You can, again, sign up for the gym, update your wardrobe. In general, do everything to make your self-esteem jump.

15. “I don’t have a girlfriend because I don’t need one.” Well, you don’t have to and you don’t.
Happy man.

16. If in principle, you are not interested in girls, then you don’t need to change anything.
Here are the most common ways to deal with the most common causes of loneliness. After
understanding the reason, the solution will come. Therefore, do not get lost – change.

The law of attraction: 10 ways to find your soul mate

“I don’t have a girlfriend! It’s like I’m cursed!” But it is unlikely that you were sent a crown of celibacy or something like that. It’s just that everything that is inside you is reflected in the outside world. Call it psychology, nonsense, the Laws of the Universe – it doesn’t matter. Just accept it as a fact. There is great power inside you, using it correctly, you can change your world and attract worthy people there. Including girls.

So, how do you make the Law of Attraction work for you:

1.Be yourself

If you put on a mask and hide your true “I”, then people will begin to appear around you,
complementing the false image that you have created. And this can complicate the search for a
worthy life partner.

Your future soul mate will suit your present one, because you cannot know where, how and when
you will meet her. Therefore, you need to be ready and be yourself. And remember that the Law of Attraction only works with real “materials”.

2. Love yourself

With people who love themselves and respect themselves, it is always more pleasant to be around. You yourself do not have positive feelings for losers who always spread rot on themselves? A guy who knows how to love himself will more easily attract an interesting girl. Therefore, if you want to be loved, learn to love and accept yourself.

In addition, low self-esteem goes hand in hand with negative energy that repels potential partners.

3. Tidy up your beliefs

You get what you believe in Life always gives feedback. And if your beliefs do not match your real
desires, then it’s time to get rid of them. After that, it will be necessary to form a new value system that would reflect what you really want.

To do this, analyze your ideas about love and identify what beliefs you have. Then discard
unnecessary ones: they will interfere with building an ideal relationship.

4. Keep dreaming

The power of imagination can change your personal life. And if you are looking for your love, then starting to visualize your ideal union is one of the best things you can do at this stage. With your imagination, you can create relationships and then improve them to perfection.

The Universe sees all positive requests and helps in their fulfillment. Therefore, do not stop
reproducing your ideal image again and again.

5. Focus on the positive

Do not think about what you are afraid of in a relationship and what you would not like to see in
them. Better concentrate on what you want to get from them. Analyze what thoughts visit you more often – negative or positive. Understand how they affect your mood.

Thoughts that make you feel uplifted are positive thoughts. And those that take away your mood are negative ones. Everything is simple and obvious. Therefore, if you catch yourself falling into
despondency, start thinking about something good and focus on these thoughts.
When you do this, you Will immediately feel better and feel inner harmony.

6. Do not allow envy and jealousy

It’s only natural for you to feel envy or jealousy when you see that someone has a love that you
don’t have yet. But these are destructive and negative emotions that repel such desired love.

Therefore, when you see how your dream of love is embodied in someone else, then cast aside
envy and rejoice for this person. By learning to bless others and wish them happiness, you will

7. Don’t give up

” don’t have a girlfriend because I’m disappointed in love.” It happens to many. For example, a
former lover did not live up to expectations, or all attempts to find that same true love was in vain. And so, the experienced disappointment (or fear of it) makes you give up all attempts.

But the Law of Attraction won’t work if you just pick up and give up. It’s like ordering a lot of
delicious food and leaving the place right before it’s served.

Therefore, after you form a specific desire, start making efforts to make it come true. And most
importantly, don’t doubt yourself.

8. Prepare the space

The law of attraction gravitates toward anticipation. Therefore, direct this energy to prepare the
ground for a future partner and an ideal relationship. Use all the means available to you. Start by
tidying up your loved one and finish by ennobling your own home.

9. Don’t miss life, don’t let it pass you by

You absolutely do not need to wait for the lady of the heart to appear in order to start living a ful
and better life now. Therefore, act! Do not dwell on the disadvantages that loneliness brings. Create a full life, every day of which will bring you pleasure.

You attract people who are like you into your life. Therefore, if you are a fan of staying at home,
then you will attract the same couch potato. And if you have an eternal awl in one place, then in
order to find a soul mate, you will have to get out on some kind of skiing.

If you start living a full and rich life now, you will become attractive to the people around you, and your future passion will definitely set you apart from the crowd.

10. Listen to your inner voice

If the goal is to attract a soul mate, then you need to know exactly what you want and start working towards it. But when and how you will meet your man – you are not given to know. So let g0 of the situation and let events flow freely.

The law of attraction works through intuition and inspiration. Don’t forget to listen to your sixth
sense And this means that if you have an impulse to go to the other end of the city or call a person with whom you have not communicated for a long time, do it. The more often you listen to your inner voice, the more likely you are to find true love.

Mistakes when meeting girls

If you decide on what is called “taking the bull by the horns”, then in addition to fulfilling the various laws of the Universe, it is important not to mow yourself.

Look at the TOP mistakes when meeting with the opposite sex and don’t make them.


You haven’t done anything yet to ask for forgiveness.” Girl, excuse me, but can I meet you?” lt
sounds creepy: you seem to be already set up for her refusal. Even if you are not completely
confident in your abilities, do not show it. Communicate as if you have everything under control.

Arrange an interrogation

Acquaintance is not an interview. Too many questions can be stressful. Remember that your time is limited. Therefore, do not waste it on empty talk. It is better to make a list of what questions you can/

Do not follow the posture and gestures

Did someone else’s hands sew on to you in everyday life? Do you also try to put them in your
pockets or don’t know where to hide them? Better use them when communicating. “Help” yourself with your hands: gesticulate, accompany everything you say.

Don’t be a pickup artist

Leave phrases like “your mom doesn’t need a son-in-law? some collective farmers. Also, do not go too far with compliments, saying that you have never met anyone more beautiful than her. Women from such attempts will only laugh, and some may even get scared.

Ask for a phone number

“Hey. You’re so0 cool, give me a number, I’ll dial. And why did you give up on her so quickly? What if you’re a maniac? Either you call, wake her up at night, or leak her number somewhere. She can’ know exactly why you’ll need her to “dia”. First, you need to interest her, invite her for coffee or a walk, and only then ask for a number.

Show your insecurity.

If you have already approached to get acquainted, then do not be shy, do not sweat, and calm the trembling in your voice. A girl should not try to understand what you are mumbling there and feel embarrassed. Increase your self-confidence, talk to your reflection, learn to communicate.

ask for permission

What do you expect to hear in response to the question: “Can I meet?”. Only “no”. You have
already shown with this question that you yourself are not sure whether you need it. And girls don’ care. Do not ask, but act. Come, sit down, grab her attention.

Refer to “”you””

With such an appeal, you immediately build a wall between you. It would seem that it is correct and cultural to address a girl that you don’t know yet. But leave your culture for formal occasions. Now show strength and confidence.

Never think that if you do not have a girlfriend, then you are somehow not like that. There are a lot of things in life that you can do with benefit and interest. The presence of a soul mate in it can both brighten up life and overshadow it. Girls are also different and sometimes without them, it’s easier than with them. But it’s always an interesting experience.

In any case, it is better to train and be prepared for the moment when you have to start a
relationship. Therefore, if you decide that the time has come, then do not get lost, work on yourself, increase self-esteem and self-confidence, and then you will successfully find your love.