I Cant Live Without You Quotes

In the experience of love and affection between two people, which begins with a knowledge, a falling in love, a confirmation of many realities in front of that person and finally a life decision, you begin to feel and live a lot of things, a lot emotions that come and go at every moment and feelings that make you feel more attached, closer, more intimately linked to that person. That is why on many occasions we meet people who cannot live without the other person. These i cant live without you quotes illustrate that feeling.

1. cannot live without you, everything is empty,
As if the world inside me died.
The smile disappeared from the lips, it became sad,
I understand, the moment cannot be returned.

So many words are left unsaid,
And plans are not given to exist.
The villainous death accidentally crept up,
Deciding to take you away for the evil of love.

Fate is cut into “before” and “after”,
And between them there is only emptiness.
12 months of the year there is only one autumn,
Our day of love and a black line.

I can’t live without you, I cry,
I’m trying to learn to love again.
I don’t know, maybe I’m wasting my time,
But I understand, we must continue to live.

i can’t live without you love quotes

2. Dance as if no one is looking at you.
Sing like nobody hears you.
Love as if you have never been betrayed, and live as if the earth is paradise.

3. We can live without religion and meditation, but we cannot live without love and compassion.

4. You can’t say “I can’t.” Say “I don’t know”, “I don’t know how yet”.

5. Try to live without anger and without envy,
And do not look for reasons for insults,
you smile, just like that, for joy – A
smile will not harm anyone!

6. The phrase – “I love you” – is like a theorem, it must not only be pronounced, but also proved.

7. They ask me whether I am an optimist or a pessimist. My answer: optimists and pessimists die in the same way, but live differently. And if I can offer people, then I would offer to live like optimists.

8. I live according to the laws of Perisch: I am looking for a drop of delight, a little madness, all that one cannot live without.

9. It’s easier to live without love. But there is no point without it.

10. Never marry a woman you can live with. Marry the one you can’t live without.

11. I do not know about the others,
But I feel the most severe,
Not for the past nostalgia –
Nostalgia for the present.

As if the novice wants to the Lord,
But only access to the abbot –
So I beg for access
Without intermediaries to the present.

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12. I can’t live without you, I need you like air

I cannot live without you, I need you like air. Without you, I’m just a man in this world, and with you I am in seventh heaven with happiness. When you are around, I feel that you need you as much as I need you. Don’t think that when you’re not around, I don’t think about you. When you are far away, I love you hundreds of thousands of times more. I constantly think about you and love you very much!

13. You are the dearest person to me

You are the dearest person to me! I love you with all my heart and I cannot live without you! I am ready to share with you both sorrow and joy! I am ready to go even to the ends of the world, if only you were next to me! I love you, my baby!

14. Because I really love you

If you live a hundred years – I want to live a day less so that I don’t live a day without you… If you jump from the bridge – I won’t jump after you – I will catch you under the bridge… And let everyone hear what you are talking about, but, only I will hear what you are silent about, because I really love you.

I Cant Live Without You Quotes

15. I can not live without you

I can not live without you! Leaving me alone – you ruin my world! Forgive me.

16. Let’s put up – I love you

Let’s put up – I love you
And I do not agree to live not a day
I am without you and not a single night:
With you I am very, very happy!

17. I cannot live without you, without you I am deprived of happiness

I cannot live
without you, I am deprived of happiness without you,
I cannot love another,
I am a prisoner of your spell, in your power!

18. Do you want me to give you my soul? I will do it…

Do you want me to give you my soul?
I will do it, for sure – I will not crush!
You do not believe me? Do you think I’m lying?
Trust me – I can’t live without you!

19. My dear, without you my heart was a cold piece of ice

My dear, without you my heart was a cold piece of ice, my soul never saw the light … But you melted my heart, took it for yourself and became it yourself. I need you like air, I wither without you, like a flower without water. You are my life, my ray of light. I love you! So strong, so crazy! You are my whole life, and I just can’t live without you!

20. I write what I feel

I write that I feel. just you are very, very, very dear to me. I cannot see my life without you. without my bright, kind and beautiful angel.

21. My dear, the best girl on this earth

My dear, the best girl on this earth. I do not know what is happening in your soul, I just want to say that for me getting to know you is the best thing that has happened to me lately, I am grateful to the Almighty that I met you, I cannot imagine how I would live, not knowing you. I love you.

22. I can’t live without you

I cannot live
without you, I am deprived of happiness without you,
I cannot love another,
I am a prisoner of your spell, in your power!

23. Nothing in this world compares to my love for you

Nothing in this world can compare with my love for you. I don’t even know how to describe my feelings. It just needs to be felt. Let, reading these lines, you will understand that besides you, I do not need anyone. You are the best guy for me, and I would give a lot to keep you and me together forever. After all, now I just can’t imagine my life without you!

24. I can’t live without you Evgeny

I can’t live without you Evgeny
and I don’t want to live with you

25. I won’t be able to live without you, no

I won’t be able to live without you, no! –
Why do they so often speak and lie?
After all, upon hearing the murderous answer,
No one dies. Everyone lives!

26. I’m afraid I won’t be able to breathe without you

Without you, I’m afraid it will be impossible for me to breathe, exist, live! You are my bright ray of happiness, I live by you, I want to fall asleep in your arms, to wake up from your warm breath. I want to sit with my legs tucked under me and watch you go about your business, I want to watch movies with you, walk, I feel good next to you, because I love you madly!

27. Forgive me love and my old age

Forgive me my love and old age. Forgive me for being rude to you. I ask for forgiveness from the bottom of my heart … I cannot live without you …

28. I want to live for you, breathe for you

My little one, my most beloved, I don’t live without you, I exist! I don’t need expensive gifts, soft toys, chocolate, I only need you … Sometimes, when I understand that we cannot be together, I want to die! But, waking up, every time in the morning, I understand: I live for you … When you are standing next to me, I feel warm, when you talk to me, no matter what, I feel hot, when you kiss me on the cheek, I feel hot, but you are not leave a burn on my body, it forms in my heart! And it doesn’t hurt me at all … I want to live for you, breathe for you, I want to be always with you. I love you more than life.

29. Now I realized I can’t live without you

Now I understand I can’t live without you! I love you very much, my star!

30. Searched in the faces of the crowd

I was looking for in the faces of the crowd,
Your eyes, your features.
A mirage arose – and it was you.
I fell in love with your dreams!
Brown eyes – bewitched,
In captivity, lured, charmed.
You left a trace in your heart,
A trace of your beautiful victories …
This mirage was not long,
Your image disappeared and dissolved.

31. You became everything to me

Forgive me …
I can’t live without you.
You have become everything to me
And the sky, and the earth, and the air
And everything that surrounds me.
There is emptiness in my soul
And only you can fill it.
I’m sorry if something goes wrong …

32. I cannot love another, I am a prisoner of your spell, in your power

Without you I cannot live, without you I am deprived of happiness, I cannot love another, I am a prisoner of your spell, in your power!

33. I feel bad without you …I feel bad without myself.

34. The world without you is nastier,
life without you is already.
I’m getting older,
I’m worse off without you.

I’m scared to run away,
you are from a strange pack.
If it is important to you,
I will not leave you.

35. We will warm ourselves in this empty booth .
Here’s my jacket.
Here’s my heart.

36. I went to the meadows without you,
I went to the flowers without you.

I could walk a hundred paths without you,
I could lie down by the stream without you,
I could bear the weight of my lonely steps without you all evening .

I can’t do this anymore –
Without you.

37. You are not here , and my heart is so yearning,
I am sad without you alone.
You are not here, and everything worries me,
I cannot find happiness without you …

38. I can’t live without you !
Me and in the rains without you – dry,
and in the heat without you – to freeze. World is a wilderness
without you.

39. I am without you every hour – about a year;
If only time to be shallow, fractioning!
Even the blue vault of heaven
seems to me stone without you.

40. I do not want to know anything – The
poverty of friends, the loyalty of enemies,
I do not want to wait for anything.
Except for your precious steps.

I Can’t Live Without You Quotes For Her/Him

1. “To love means to understand, trust and seek a way to overcome mistakes, even if they are unforgivable and violate any logic”
2. “A love like ours is hard to forget”
3. “Love arises without attending to rational thoughts and takes over your soul without granting you the power to decide if it is the right person”
4. “You can’t turn your back on your feelings”
5. “I can’t trust you, I wouldn’t resist you breaking my heart again”
6. “If they shoot me, I’ll bleed out”
7. “For him I would be able to jump out of a plane without a parachute”
8. “When you touch me I vibrate (…) It is as if my body were a guitar and only with your fingers they managed to make it sound”
9. “—Without you I am lost       “I’m going to become your compass”
10. “The age difference does not matter when love is strong”
11 “For her I would cross the sea without a boat”
12. “J: If you stop breathing my lungs run out of air         Z: well, let’s find a way to give them oxygen “
13. “Saying intense falls short. You are like fireworks about to explode “
14. “With Julia, life acquires a palette of tones that I did not know before”
15. “When you turn the most difficult situations with a smile, I know why I love you. It’s not because of your beauty or your body or your voice, it’s because of the wonderful person you are and how it makes me feel to be by your side
16. “With you the impossible disintegrate becoming nothing because our love can do everything”
17. “Each couple is a world”
18. “The verb to love does not enter your vocabulary.         It’s pathetic and very sad. “
19. “Once the dog is dead, the rage is over”
20. “If you die my heart stops”
21 “Love is like that. He does not understand age, norms or prohibitions “
22. “Every moment has its song”
23. “Blood ties mean nothing without affection”