How to write the right text for a wedding invitation for parents?

The newlyweds are the first to invite the closest people and relatives to the wedding celebration. They are the parents. It is impossible to imagine a full-fledged wedding celebration without them.

For parents, lovers make special invitation cards to the wedding, which are full of tenderness and touching words.

How to write a touching invitation for parents?

There are certain procedures for decorating wedding cards. They relate to both the design style of the product and its semantic content.

There are several options for writing invitation cards:

  • official style;
  • traditional;
  • humorous;
  • original.

The style of the postcard should be chosen not only from the taste preferences of the bride and groom, but also from the character of the parents themselves. Adult parents may not appreciate your originality, they will prefer the classic postcard.

Writing an invitation to parents should be done manually in order to make your text more personal and intimate. Often, newlyweds make postcards on their own, using improvised means.

For implementation, you will need to purchase:

  • thick paper;
  • scissors;
  • glue gun;
  • decorative elements (ribbons, stickers, beads, flowers).

Depending on the style of the invitation speech, it should begin with the phrases “Dear” or “Favorite daddy”.

1-2 months before the upcoming event, you should take care of the delivery of the postcard to the addressee. This can be done by placing the product in a mailbox or by sending a courier. The latter will be more expensive, but you will be sure that the guest received the message personally.

Original wedding invitations in prose and verse

In the event that your parents are creative people who value creativity in everything, original wedding invitations are more suitable for them.

They can be in several formats:

  • video invitation;
  • paper version;
  • photo collage.

No postcard is complete without a text part. It can be both poetic and prosaic. As a rule, women prefer the lyric genre, but men prefer restraint and tradition, namely prose.

You can send two different postcards. One will be addressed to dad and the other to mom. As a rule, these are people with different character and worldview. Therefore, they will be doubly pleased if you delimit them and try to please everyone.

Sample text of invitation cards for mom

For most people, the poetic form is associated with excessive sentimentality and sadness. In fact, it can be embodied with a completely different attitude, energetic and cheerful.

“Attention, an important message has come to you.

Your daughter is inviting you to get married.

The day will be exciting for us,

Hurry to share it with us immediately.

There will be a sea of ​​sun, tears and laughter,

We will celebrate all this with success. “

For Dad

It is preferable to sign the invitation card for the Pope in prose form. The classic syllable should be used, suggesting a formal style. T No lyrics invitation to the wedding for parents:

“Dear dad, on March 29, 2019 at 12.30 an extremely important event, our wedding, will take place in the registry office No. 3. Thank you for the love, upbringing and tenderness given to your daughter. You are the most welcome guest at this holiday. We hope that you will gladly accept the invitation and be happy with the current events. With love, your son and daughter. “

Examples of texts in different styles

If you do not know in what format it is better to compose your invitation speech, then it is worth referring to the pre-prepared templates. From them you can understand which option will be the most acceptable for you.

Classic style

Traditionally, this option for writing a postcard involves a single product intended for both mom and dad at the same time.

The classic style advises to officially contact parents, mentioning their name and patronymic, referring to you.

“Dear, Galina Alekseevna and Konstantin Sergeevich. We are pleased to inform you about the upcoming solemn event. On December 27, 2018, the wedding ceremony will take place in the registry office number 2 at 10.30. We will be happy if you come to share this happy day with us. “

In Russian style

In the event that the wedding is held on a specific topic, then the postcard can become the most original. National parties are especially popular. It is on them that the maximum rapprochement with their nationality takes place.

“Mother and father whom I revered! I would like to invite you to a feast on the occasion of my wedding. Honey, kvass and intoxicating drinks will flow on it. I ask you to appear at the Kupets restaurant on July 12, 2019 at 13.00. We hope to receive your blessing. Your son and daughter, Ruslan and Tatiana. “

In the sea

The sea party can be held both with the pirate flag raised and with the Scarlet Sails of Asol and Gray. Depending on the direction of the marine theme, it is worth choosing the correct text of the invitation speech itself.

“Lyudmila Anatolyevna and Anton Sergeevich, on September 12, 2019 at 14.00 in the restaurant“ Meridian ”a ship called“ Love ”is being sent. He is heading for a long and happy married life. We will be extremely happy if you decide to come and take the newlyweds on a joint voyage, saying the words of farewell to the bride and groom. Respectfully yours, Ilona and Igor. “

Ancient Greece style

The sublime and pompous style of the postcard, which involves writing in a poetic form.

“Zeus descended from the chariot,

To marvel at the miracle.

What a marvel this is a couple,

Two doves in love.

We invite you to

marvel at this hour.

There will be songs and fun,

Wine will flow like a river ”.


The parenting invitation text is different from the template. It includes a more personal appeal.

Newlyweds can surprise their parents by sending a video invitation, where they gather at the registry office to submit an application. This method of creative invitation will surprise and delight mom and dad.