How to write congratulations to the mother-in-law on the wedding?

If you ask people what the wedding is associated with, then the row will be something like this: white dress, laughter, fun, champagne, dances, contests, tears of happiness, love, warm, sincere words. From the very morning on the wedding day, the bride and groom hear congratulations.

They are all full of love and sincerity. Each guest attending the celebration strives to express his love as accurately as possible. Basically, the bride and groom hear congratulations. But we often forget to say gratitude and congratulate our parents.

How to congratulate the groom’s mother-in-law on her daughter’s wedding?

The European trend has gained popularity in world celebrations as well. It lies in the fact that the bride and groom speak speeches addressed to their parents. The people went further, they decided that the best option would be to say warm words to the parents of their spouse. Thus, the grooms thank the mothers for such a beautiful bride and now his wife.

If the groom wants to congratulate his mother-in-law on the wedding, then it is best for him to do it in public. In addition to words, a beautiful woman should also be given a bouquet of flowers. Be sure to prepare your mother- in -law’s wedding day greetings in advance. Also, don’t say a word to your spouse either. Let it be a pleasant moment for her. She will be sincerely surprised and delighted when she finds out that you are thanking her beloved and adored mother.

In a congratulatory speech, you should be restrained and laconic. Don’t be overly sentimental. The woman will immediately feel the falsehood. It will be much better if you say only words of gratitude without embellishing reality.

It will be useful for the groom in his speech to dispel the myth that has developed around the mother-in-law. It is worth saying that she is always a welcome guest in their family. In addition, the man himself must show joy that new relatives have appeared in his life.It is interesting:   Funny and creative congratulations on the wedding in verse

In the event that a young person can sing beautifully, then the performance of a musical composition dedicated to his mother-in-law will become wonderful. Women love songs and will dance or sing with pleasure. Don’t be afraid to invite your new cousin to dance too. All sorts of signs of attention will delight not only the mother of the bride, but also the girl herself.

How to congratulate a son-in-law in-law?

Congratulations can sound not only from women, but also from men. If at the celebration the son-in-law wanted to congratulate the future son-in-law, then he should be given advice. After all, he has been in this family for a long time, accordingly, he can tell what is worth doing, and what is better to be afraid of.

Such advice can be provided in a humorous manner. For example, as an option, make a parody of Grigory Oster’s Bad Advice. In them, tell that it is better not to joke with your mother-in-law and always obediently obey her.

You shouldn’t overdo it in this format. Keep in mind that women are, for the most part, extremely touchy. Therefore, they may not like your humorous poems.

To congratulate the mother-in-law on the wedding,  you can also use symbolic gifts. It can be a medal with the inscription “Young son-in-law”. In this case, the elder son-in-law can answer that in their family everything is conducted according to the laws of the army. Now he becomes a grandfather, and the young son-in-law must serve his sentence faithfully. You can immediately joke that there are no more girls left in the family, and accordingly, serve him his service in the role of an eternal young son-in-law. Believe me, such a congratulation to the mother-in-law on the wedding will be greeted with a bang, especially if you manage to put on a military uniform.

Examples of congratulations

Before writing an independent text with wishes, you should familiarize yourself with the options that are presented on the Internet. After all, relying on them, it will be possible to compose a personal and individual text.


When presenting congratulations to the mother-in-law on her daughter’s wedding in poetic form, you should take care of both the presentation and the design. Make a beautiful postcard or buy one from the store. The mother-in-law will definitely want to keep this poem for a long memory.

  1. Today you gave your daughter in marriage,

    And it seems to you that you lost.

    But think on the other side now.

    Now you have a son in your family.

    Isn’t that what you dreamed about?

    Forget jokes that are funny, that about mother-in-law

    Let them be about someone, but not about us,
  2. Thank you, I’ll tell you right away

    And you can even bow.

    Thank you for the award

    I was able to marry.

    This maiden is just a miracle,

    This lady is just class.

    Well, how did you, dear mother-in-law,

    manage to bring up like that?

    Thank you I won’t tire of telling you.

    I will come to study soon.

    And I really hope that I

    have the same daughter to be born.

In prose

Writing congratulations at a mother-in-law’s wedding is a responsible business. After all, before that, you need to understand what she likes best.

  1. Dear guests, I would like to say a few words about my mother-in-law. You are a wonderful woman, kind and sympathetic, honest and fair. I am glad that today I officially became a member of your family. You have a lot to learn. I absolutely do not accept jokes about mother-in-law. They are absolutely not about you. We will be glad to see you as a guest in our house at any time of the day or night. Our hearts are open to you around the clock.
  2. I would like to express my deep gratitude for the help in organizing the holiday at which you are all present. Also for raising a beautiful bride, for sensitivity and responsiveness, for kindness, for hospitality, for patience, for everything my mother-in-law. She is actually a wonderful woman with a kind and pure character. Thank you, Nina Nikolaevna. I am very glad that several years ago you accepted me and until now we maintain only warm friendly relations. May they last like this for many years. We will help you with everything.

Cool wishes for mother-in-law

Women are sunny, perky and cheerful. They will definitely not like it if sad and similar wishes are heard at the wedding. They will rather like perky words and loud speeches.

  1. Well, Angelina, that’s where our life anecdote has begun. A lot has been said about the relationship between mothers-in-law and sons-in-law. Well, why don’t you and I write our own anecdotal story? Just let it be full of humor, good laughter, love and sincerity.
  2. My mother-in-law makes the best pies. Yes, yes, let everyone know. It is with these words that I want to start my congratulations. My mother-in-law has brought up her daughter perfectly and she has golden hands. An endless number of kind words can be said about her, because they are all truthful. She is a truly wonderful and radiant person.

Original wedding speech

The poetic form will be the most original and unique. In addition, it is often filled with comic notes.

  1. How I adore your sweets,

    I’m ready to go for lunch every day.

    I really hope that your daughter can do pilaf like that.

    Well, dear mother-in-law,

    I congratulate you and wish you, but what do I wish?

    And to live like this to a hundred years.

    To know not only all the grandchildren, but also the great-grandchildren to marry.

    And of course, my mother-in-law, they will all come to you.
  2. On this day we became related,

    This is a joke, not otherwise.

    Of course not, we will answer.

    This is real happiness.

    Let only the sun be in your house,

    which will shine brightly in the window.

    And let the clouds go around the house,

    And your health will be added.


A lot of poems about the mother-in-law have been compiled, which are perfect for a wedding dinner. In your text, you can mention a few anecdotes, only if everyone present has a sense of humor. Try not to offend anyone, because a wedding is just a joyful event.