How To Write An Essay About Your First Love Story

Essays about first love can be referred to as personal writing, as you show up your own history and feelings. Whether your first love happened in primary school or college, it’s a significant experience that shapes your understanding of relationships and can have a lasting impact on your life. First love is different Such writing may become a self-reflective therapy with introspection and healing elements. If you have decided to write an essay about your first love, it may be hard to start, especially when you still experience pain or have a lack of experience in writing personal essays. This article will cover all steps you need to take to write your love essay.

Get inspired by examples

There are many ways to tell the story about your first love. Your experience is unique and can be expressed in various ways. To write a good essay about your love, you must reconnect with memories and experiences. This may be quite easy, but how to turn those moments into a well-written text?

To better understand what a good essay about first love looks like, you can read some examples over the internet. Consider how the author approaches specific love issues, depicts the scenery, and engages the reader to read the story to the end. If you need a unique work, you can use an essay writing service like https://essayshark.com and find a professional writer to help you to put your feelings into the best words.

Moreover, we recommend watching movies about love like Love Me if You Dare, Flipped, etc. Your story may not be so dramatic or energetic, but you can find some literary elements and plot twists to consider in your essay.

Refresh memories

It’s about human nature to forget. If your first love story began years ago, you would need some time to remember the details. First, try to reconstruct the first time you met. Here are some questions to help you resurrect those memories:

  • What day was it?
  • Where did you meet?
  • What was the scenery?
  • How were you and your love dressed?
  • Did smells influence the overall picture?
  • What emotions have you experienced?
  • Have you fallen in love at first sight?
  • What music and songs are connected to your story?
  • Is there any film that can be related to your love experience?
  • How have you understood that this was love? When did it happen?

Second, find the things, notes, photos, and messages you store in a box, smartphone, or computer. Photos are great for collecting the moments and remembering the feelings you had many times ago. Don’t be in a rush, and take some time for this task. Hold only one piece at a time and concentrate on your memories and feelings. Think about the situation, time, and sentiments you experienced at that moment.

Come up with the main idea and make an outline 

Writing any form of essay requires the writer to come up with the story’s main idea. If your topic is writing about the first love, you can choose to discuss how the first love influenced you as a person or talk about life lessons you have learned. Also, you can share your thoughts about love and relationships as the central theme of your essay. No matter the idea, you will need to stick to it throughout the text.

To make your love story easy to read and consider all points you wish to cover in an essay, create a detailed plan for your future writing. Every story should have an introduction, main body, and conclusion. To write an extended essay, you must create several main parts for each idea. For example, the outline may look like the following:

  1. Introduction. First glance.
  2. How the feelings evolved.
  3. Circumstances that hold us back from relationships.
  4. Unity of hearts and break up.
  5. Lessons learned from this relationship.
  6. Conclusion.

4. Write the introduction

How to start your essay about first love? There is no formula for the best introduction, but the main aim is to interest the reader from the first sentences.  You can experiment with plenty of variants before choosing one that works best for you. Here are some suggestions:

How to start your essay about first love? There is no formula for the best introduction, but the main aim is to interest the reader from the first sentences. You can experiment with plenty of variants before choosing one that works best for you. Here are some suggestions:

  • Start with introducing the object of first love. Write about this person so that the reader will feel sympathy for them.
  • Begin by describing the situation when you first met. Write a vivid image of where you have seen each other to help the reader dig deeper into the story.
  • Focus on introducing your feelings. You can start by describing the spectrum of emotions you have encountered by falling in love for the first time. This will help the reader find touching points at the very beginning.
  • Start the story from the circumstance of love at first sight. Whether it was accidental eye contact or just from the first glance, start the story right at that moment.
  • Begin with the ending of your relationships. Whether your relationship is now past or if you are still a happy couple, you can start your story from the current situation.

5. Write the main body

In this part of the essay, you should elaborate on the details of your first love. You can describe how your feelings changed over time, how the relationship between you two changed, or whether your feelings remained unrequited. 

Also, all love stories face various challenges and conflicts. Tell the reader how you have overcome those hardships. Did these troubles lead your relationship to another stage? Or maybe they turned out to be the cause of your breakup?

6. Write the conclusion and proofread the text

End your story by summing up your experience. How has the first love influenced you? Tell how it has formed you as a person and your attitudes. When your text is finished, reread it several times and correct the mistakes. Ensure you haven’t missed something; the reader will easily understand your writing.

Takeaway tips

  • Learn from essay examples
  • Be honest
  • Take your time, don’t rush
  • Use vivid descriptions
  • Make an essay plan
  • Be grateful for the experience you’ve had
  • Proofread and edit the final draft


Writing an essay about first love may be challenging and emotional. Take some time to gather your thoughts and get a bit of nostalgia. We hope our recommendations will help you write a great essay.