How to write a wedding script at home?

Almost all celebrations these days are held in restaurants, cafes or recreation centers. Although not so long ago it was customary to invite absolutely all guests to the house of the bride or groom.

Nowadays, home weddings are less expensive and require less financial investment.

Scenario of a walk at home “Wedding in miniature”

Not all spouses can afford to spend a large amount on a wedding. In addition, not everyone’s wedding involves a large number of people, which means there is no need to take everyone to the restaurant and spend money on the hosts.

A carefully planned and organized wedding at home does not mean a boring pastime. It can be fun and unforgettable.

Home wedding.

If an event dedicated to the solemn conclusion of marriage is organized at home, then it necessarily requires careful preparation. This means that the bride and groom must think through many points in advance, namely:

  1. A home celebration does not involve a large number of people. There should not be too many of them, since the space in the apartment is still limited. Call only the closest guests with whom you want to share a joyful life event.
  2. Write in advance a list of invited people and take into account their age categories. You can make an age list separately. This is necessary for further scripting. You will already clearly know and understand which contests can be held and which ones will not be appreciated at all by your guests.
  3. Think about how the tables will be arranged in the apartment. Try to arrange the pieces of furniture as correctly as possible so that everyone is comfortable. If there are chairs in the room, then it is better to move them to another room. Instead of one chair, it is better to put several chairs.
  4. In the event that you took the scenario of the celebration from the Internet, then be sure to think about how it can be remade for your company. These can be typical jokes or favorite songs. Guests will appreciate what you did for them.
  5. Don’t write your script alone. Be sure to involve friends for this purpose. Let them also participate in the event.
  6. As a rule, there is no toastmaster at a wedding held at home. This role is played by one of the guests. Assign one of those present to the role of a cheerful leader, just discuss this with him in advance, giving small instructions on how to conduct the celebration.
  7. Despite the fact that the event is held at home, it must be beautifully decorated. First of all, we are talking about cleanliness and comfort at home. In the second – about the decorative part. For example, hang colored ribbons, balls, and flower petals. Be sure to take care of the decoration of the festive table. A white tablecloth alone will not be enough in this case. Additional decorations must be used.

A wedding in miniature – this can be a beautiful name for a script that will be conducted by a witness with a witness. They need to arrive half an hour before the arrival of the groom and the bride and prepare to meet them.

At the entrance, the presenters speak beautiful speeches and invite the young to the house. It is there, on the doorstep, that the groom’s mother meets them, who invites them to try the festive loaf. After each has pinched off a piece, the father and mother tie the hands of the groom and the bride with a towel, inviting them to the festive table.

All guests sit down at the tables and raise their first glass to the young people and their family happiness.

Oath of the bride and groom

This is the part of the evening that should definitely be discussed with the young. Not all couples are ready and willing to read oaths in the presence of all relatives and friends. But in reality, this fear is in vain. The vows of the young are considered one of the most sentimental and touching moments at a wedding ceremony.

The oath itself can be pronounced in a joking manner. What color will be chosen by the young themselves. Moreover, everyone should have the same form. For example, if the groom jokes, and the bride makes a touching speech, it will look inappropriate and somewhat silly.

To make the oath of the bride and groom, you must:

  1. Think in advance and choose the right words. Improvisation here can play a cruel joke on you. There is no need to come up with the feelings that you have for each other on the go. Very often during the celebration, young people begin to get nervous, forget the words, from which the utter confusion turns out.
  2. It will be useful to include the story of your acquaintance or pleasant moments from life together in an oath in a prosaic form. If you are making a speech on your own, then it should not be purely formal. On the contrary, it can mean that you will include something personal and very interesting in it.
  3. Alternatively, if both young spouses are shy, then you can ask the presenters to read the text of the oath itself, and at this time the bride and groom, raising their hand above the family code, answered that they swore.

Props for contests without toastmaster

Wedding script at home is cool.

Requisites are an obligatory element of any wedding, regardless of where it is held. They serve as improvised material for both contests and entertainment at the celebration.

For example, original inscriptions written on a Whatman paper or wood can serve as interesting details. They look like a cloud that people associate with thoughts. In addition, young people often use parts on sticks.

Their role is played by red lips, glasses, mustache or beard. With such props, the photographs of the guests will turn out to be as beautiful and funny as possible.

The requisites required for the contests are:

  • ransom posters, in which the tasks will be covered (find the lips of the bride, her photograph, etc.);
  • air balloons;
  • confetti;
  • gifts to guests;
  • wigs;
  • karaoke.

A wedding dance

Home wedding script.

The most touching and sensual moment at any celebration is the wedding dance. The groom and the bride look incredibly gentle and beautiful at this second. It is worth taking care of the wedding dance in advance by contacting a professional choreographer.

If you have neither the money nor the time for this, then you can always turn to the Internet for ideas. It is enough to watch a few videos and choose which dance is right for you. He can be as playful as possible or, on the contrary, touching.

If you decide to contact a professional choreographer, be sure to tell him that your room is too small and you simply cannot perform too complex choreography.

A specialist, taking into account your data and especially the location of the celebration, will help you choose a beautiful, original and suitable dance for you.

Most couples dance the classical waltz, but nowadays, dynamic, moving dances, in which the relationship between the groom and the bride is traced, are suitable for the first dance.

Issuance of comic documents to newlyweds

There is no way to get along at the celebration without jokes and fun. At a wedding at home, you can please the young with comic documents. They can be issued as:

  • well-deserved rights to a long and happy life;
  • a scroll from the king;
  • diploma to the young.

Be sure not only to read the document, but also hand it over to the young. Take care of their appearance. If this is a scroll from the king, then it should look like a birch bark letter, with cut edges. There are currently a lot of ready-made templates on the Internet that you can use.

Words to parents

From now on, at weddings, it is customary not only to listen to toasts and congratulations to the young spouses. It is not uncommon to hear gratitude speeches addressed to parents. Young people will have to try in advance and write touching words. Several options are possible here: the bride writes a speech to her parents, and the groom to his, and vice versa.

In the event that the young are nervous and worried, then video congratulations will come to their aid. They can look like an edited video, where first each spouse will say words of gratitude, and then beautiful photos will go to music.

Bride kidnapping

The traditional rite of kidnapping the bride has not been canceled at home. Of course, it is much more difficult to conduct it, but for this you will have to try.

A script for a wedding without a toastmaster at home.

In advance, persuade the young girl to leave the room, and then hide her either with the neighbors (in case of good communication with them) or in another room. While the bride is kidnapped, the groom has to perform contests, during which he must ensure that his beautiful companion is returned to him.

For the scenario, you will need to dress up three guests in the costume of the Gorynych Snake. The character comes out to the guests and announces that he has become completely bored. In order for Gorynych to return the girl, he needs to dance a ballet, sing a song and recite a poem.

Music from the swan lake is turned on, and the groom, along with his friends, performs a dance, sings a song and writes poetry. Gorynych announces that he is very grateful and ready to give up the beautiful bride.

Throwing a bouquet

A custom that came to world from European countries. It was there that it became customary to throw a bouquet to unmarried relatives and friends. The girl who catches the bouquet first will get married. In fact, it is quite difficult to carry out such a ceremony at home.

If you want to traditionally throw a bouquet, then everyone will have to go outside. It will be enough to call only the bride and her girlfriends with you. The girl near the porch turns and throws a bouquet, and her friends must catch him.

Alternatively, use a ribbon transfer of the bouquet. It looks more aesthetically pleasing. Each girl has a ribbon in her hands. With her eyes closed, the bride stands in the middle of the circle, takes the ribbon in her hands and begins to walk in a circle. The girl should stop and pull on one of the ribbons. The young lady whose ribbon it is receives the bridal bouquet.

Lighting up the hearth

The family hearth is a touching and at the same time austere moment at a celebration. It is held in complete silence closer to the end of the celebration. A married couple and their parents come out. The bride and groom are holding a large candle.

Mothers make touching speeches and light a candle for the young. After that, the presenters say that from now on, the house of a married couple will always be warm and cozy. Let the family hearth of their parents help with this.

Cutting a wedding cake

Both adults and children love wedding cake very much at the event. He must be at the wedding. The sweetness can be prepared by both a bride and her friends and a professional pastry chef.

Cut the wedding cake at the end of the celebration. The bride and groom must do this. It used to be a custom that guests bought out a piece of cake, thereby increasing the wedding income.

At present, they are trying to move away from this, replacing them with correct answers to a question or completed tasks. If your celebration has dragged on, then it is quite possible to distribute to everyone who wants a piece of the wedding cake.

End of the celebration

Fireworks can be used as a final moment at the wedding party. If you have saved on the celebration itself, then do not deprive your guests of pleasant emotions and impressions. Prepare a fireworks display that will delight everyone present. But keep this moment a secret.

At the end of the event, invite all guests to go outside. Once everyone is out, make them happy with fireworks. It is not superfluous to turn on romantic music that will make everyone be touched by the beauty of your couple.


A wedding at home is not a sentence. It can pass in an unforgettable way if both the newlyweds and everyone present try to do this. A pre-written script, thought out to the smallest detail – all this will help to organize a beautiful evening.

If you want to save money, then this can be a very real event that will be appreciated by both guests and the couple themselves. And the newlyweds are better off going on a romantic trip after the fun.