How to write a love letter

Thinking about how to write a love letter to your girlfriend or boyfriend? You arrived at the right place. Welcome to the old school, where romance and inspiration are not old-fashioned gadgets but rather miracles.

In the era of instant communications and massive social networks, face-to-face contact and words spoken from the soul are an added value. If you are looking to start writing those special lines that you have stuck between your chest and back, but you don’t know what to write in a love letter, here we show you away.

How to structure a love letter

1. The Greeting or how to start writing your love letter

It is the beginning of your love letter and one of the most important sections since, in essence, it will be the first thing to be seen and read. It must cause a great impact and attraction.

In this section, you must identify to who the letter is addressed and who is sending it (a woman, a man, a boy, etc.). You can also use a funny nickname that you share and create more complicity. Later, you should outline the reason why you decided to write the letter, and then let yourself be carried away by your feelings.

Make sure you make the recipient of your letter feel comfortable and happy, under no circumstances start with reproaches or narrate bad experiences, this would only make the reader close your letter and decide to throw it away. Even when you can talk about moments of difficulty overcome, never use it at the beginning.

Finally, you should not be afraid if you consider that you do not have a compelling reason to write that love letter, sometimes saying I LOVE YOU is enough reason in itself to celebrate the love between two souls.

2. The body

It is the space where you will give free rein to your imagination and capture all your thoughts. Use one idea per short paragraph (4-7 lines) to develop your story clearly and concisely.

Even if you are not a professional writer, remember that grammar and punctuation marks will be your best friends if you want to write a love letter. You must take into account that the recipient will not be able to hear the content of the letter, so you must take care of your narration.

If you need some helpful resources you can use their favorite poem or that song they love and identify them as a couple. And if apart from words you want to accompany your writing with drawings or photographs that help relive magical moments, it will be an extraordinary idea. Putting color and shapes will make your partner connect much more and feel attracted to continue reading.

You don’t have to worry about feeling ashamed of your feelings. Feeding your text with anecdotes and with phrases that you and your partner are used to saying to each other will make your love letter much more personal and heartfelt.

So go ahead in the process of transforming the butterflies in your stomach into words of love.

3. The End

The closing section of your love letter will serve to reinforce the ideas embodied during the opening and the body. You must be very careful with the words you choose, they will be the ones that remain engraved in your boyfriend’s mind when he finishes reading your letter and it must be a worthy endpoint to your initiative to express love.

Be sure to close your lines by reminding him how much you love him and how lucky you are to have him and share life. Another good strategy is to let him know that you want to spend the rest of your days with him or her.

Let him know what your life was like before you met him and how wonderful, complete, and fulfilling it is now that you share it.

Use a strong line for the end and don’t be afraid to turn to a writer, a poet, or that singer who makes her cry. Everything is valid when it comes to touching hearts. Just let yourself be carried away by your feelings.

Once you have finished your love letter, proofread it completely and read it out loud, this will make you notice small mistakes and help make it clearer.

How to get inspired to write a love letter

The main ingredient to writing a love letter is to speak from the heart, genuinely hold on to your feelings, and express those that you have saved. You don’t need to write like Shakespeare, it is enough that each line has your story impregnated to ensure a happy ending.

When it comes to love, there are no conditions or rules to follow, just make sure your letter has a life of its own and tells a beautiful story worth remembering. Talk about what you like about your partner both physically and intellectually, and if it helps, you can answer these questions:

  • What do you like about his name?
  • What do you remember from the day you met?
  • What has been the best moment together?
  • Why do you want me to be in your life?

Use words of love that sweeten hearts; I love you, I love you or I need you can break down many walls that at first may seem impossible. Do not be afraid to reveal feelings that you never dared to tell anyone before, this will make the bond between the couple much stronger.

And remember that many times “more is less”. Do not torture yourself by thinking that you must write a long love letter to please; If you choose the right words to describe what you feel, you should not write 5 pages, sometimes 2 sentences will be enough to fall in love.

How to deliver a love letter?

The message of your letter will always be the central point, so you must put a lot of effort and heart into each word. But now it’s delivered can make the difference in whether it’s just a pretty detail, or makes it memorable.

Unleash your creativity and enjoy the moment.

If you decide to opt for an electronic option, such as mail or instant messaging, try to accompany your letter with a suitable image of love and a message indicating that the content of the letter should be seen. However, if you decide to physically deliver your writing, you will have an even greater universe of possibilities.

Everything will depend on the nature of your boyfriend or girlfriend :

  • If you are a reserved and shy person, perhaps the best option will be to have intimate activities such as a dinner to deliver the love letter and enjoy reading it together, or simply leave it at your door.
  • but if, on the contrary, he is a person who loves surprises and is not afraid of audiences, you can use mimes, clowns, or your best friends to deliver your letter and accompany it with a special performance. Or simply with flowers, chocolates, and love.