How to write a congratulation on a wedding day for a classmate?

School time is the most wonderful. After her, knowledge, pleasant memories, and friends remain, with whom they have many years of relationship. First love, friendship, joy, resentment, and disappointment take place at school.

A lot is connected with this period in the life of every person. Unambiguously, many people find friends at school, with whom they then continue to communicate.

Classmates at the wedding ceremony are special guests. They are almost like relatives who have watched you from a very young age.

How to congratulate a classmate on a wedding?

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To congratulate your close friend and classmate on the wedding, you need to consider all possible options. Since you have known each other for a long time, you probably assume that your friend is most interested.

There are extreme girls, and there are quiet ones, so the gift itself will depend on the type of the young lady herself. It is not at all necessary to limit yourself to just reading a poem. You can add to it an unusual gift emotion that is so popular in our time.

These types of gifts are the most common since impressions remain with a person for life, but money or other household gifts run out very quickly. Happy classmates wedding:

  1. Hot air balloon flight – every young couple at the wedding has time set aside for a walk. If you give the newlyweds your present before the walk, they will be pleased to be not in the park, but at the airfield, where the young spouses will be allowed to fly in a hot air balloon. Be sure to ask the three of them to fly, taking a photographer with them. Subsequently, the spouses will have not only positive emotions, but also beautiful photographs.
  2. Fiery soap bubbles – all newlyweds want their show program at the celebration to be as spectacular as possible. However, it is not always easy to do this, because all the artists cost a lot of money. You can help spouses in this by ordering a show of fiery soap bubbles. On the one hand, everyone knows and loves soap bubbles since childhood. On the other hand, by adding fire to them, you will get the most adult and extreme show.
  3. Live music – there is nothing better at a wedding ceremony than live music. Moreover, modern musicians are ready to play absolutely any composition, depending on your preferences. It can be both modern pop culture and Western music or stylistic orientation. It will be necessary to warn the musicians in advance about the style you have chosen so that they have the opportunity to prepare well.
  4. Dance show – a huge number of dance variations can be found in contemporary artists. They offer wedding-themed rooms. Basically, the best dances are those that have a humorous part. They often opt for more spectacular dance compositions with folk costumes. It can be not only the one nationality, but also Brazilian dances, gypsies and all other peoples of the world. In addition, all guests can be connected to such a dance flash mob by distributing paraphernalia to them.
  5. Fireworks – you always want to end the evening epic. A set of fireworks will help to do this. All guests see off the newlyweds on their wedding night. As a rule, a young family leaves the feast first. Traditionally, everyone goes outside to wave a pen at them. It is at this moment that you can arrange a surprise and organize a fireworks show. For young people, this will be a magical moment that they want to stop. In addition, do not forget about the bright photos that will appear from the last minute of the evening.

Options for wishes

Be sure to add a congratulatory speech or a special wish to the very gift impression for the wedding. wedding of classmates:

First, before thinking of what it will be, you should understand how to pronounce it. Memorize the prepared text by heart.

In this case, you will look dignified when you do not peep at the piece of paper. In addition, before the congratulation itself, you need to get up and introduce yourself loudly. As representations, you should not say all your complete data and place of residence.

It will be enough to give your name and indicate who you are for young spouses. For example, “Hello, my name is Anna, I am a classmate and a friend of the bride.” After your presentation, you can continue to speak.

  1. Our dear newlyweds. Today is a special day. You took an oath before the country and God about your love. From now on, you are united by inseparable bonds. These are also the bonds of marriage, sealed by the official state seal. And the bonds of love that are anchored in heaven. I would like to wish you that your bonds were unbreakable and did not give you trouble. Strong love to you, family happiness and harmony in relationships.
  2. Guys, I would like to wish you on a sunny day that your love always shines as brightly as this sun. Let her flame not go out. The sincerity of your relationship will not be questioned. You still have a lot to do in your marriage. This is just the beginning of a new and interesting path in life. It depends only on you how it will be: long and routine, interesting and exciting. There are a lot of fun and hobbies in life that can be achieved in marriage. There are ups and downs ahead of you. Never leave your partner on the battlefield. Only together you can always overcome all obstacles and enjoy real family happiness.


Any of the proposed congratulations for the wedding of classmates would be appropriate. You can print it on a beautiful postcard and then hand it to your friend as a souvenir.