How to wear a wedding ring after the death of a widow’s husband?

The bride and groom exchange wedding symbols at the wedding ceremony as a sign of their eternal love and their promise to remain faithful. According to tradition, jewelry must be worn throughout family life.

After the death of one of the spouses, the marriage is terminated automatically. The widowed spouse has the right to create a new family. In this publication, we will look at which finger the widow wears a ring and what she should do with her husband’s jewelry.

Signs and traditions

On which finger the widow wears a wedding ring.

According to numerous signs, it is not good to wear other people’s engagement rings for a wedding. The precious metal has already accumulated negative energy and will transmit it to the young couple. For the wedding, the newlyweds must buy their own wedding rings. No new wedding jewelry can be accepted as a gift.

You can only use the betrothals of the parents who celebrated the silver wedding, or the grandparents who celebrated the golden anniversary, but who lived happily in the marriage. In Orthodox countries, newlyweds wear rings to each other on the ring finger of their right hand during the wedding ceremony.

After all, it is believed that during baptism a person receives his Guardian Angel. It is always behind the shoulder on the right side.

From the moment of marriage, the Guardian Angel protects not only the person himself, but also his family.

Catholics wear rings on the left hand, which is closer to the heart. In many nations of the world, a tradition has developed that prescribes widows and widowers to change their jewelry on the other hand.

How is it customary to wear an engagement jewelry?

According to the Ancient Greeks and Ancient Romans, a vein of love runs along the ring finger and should be ringed when marrying. According to tradition, the groom at the engagement puts a ring on his chosen one on the finger, on which he will subsequently wear the engagement.

The bride does not take off her engagement ring before the wedding, demonstrating to the rest of the opposite sex that she is no longer free. Then they do the following with him:

  1. According to one of the accepts, wearing an engagement ring, walking off the wedding, will lead to widowhood. It is removed before the wedding and is no longer dressed, but in the future is presented to children.
  2. Dress up the jewelry presented at the engagement to the ring finger of the other hand. Thus, both veins of love are ringed in the girl.
  3. The jewelry is not removed, but during the wedding ceremony, the engagement is worn on the same finger.
  4. The girl takes off the ring on her wedding day, and then puts it on the same finger, but after the symbol of marriage.

The most common fourth option for wearing sophisticated jewelry. After all, the wedding ring is located closer to the heart. Some women are widowed and continue to wear both rings.

Is it possible to wear a wedding band after the death of a husband and on which hand?

Can a widow wear a wedding ring? There are neither church nor secular strict standards on how to wear wedding attributes for widowers. Clergy do not advise to bury a spouse with a wedding ring, symbolizing the unity of the life paths of the bride and groom in a common family path. For 9 days after the death of her husband, the ring is kept in the house, and then the widow makes a decision regarding the engagement.

A widow can take off her wedding ring and store it together with the product of the deceased in a box or near the icons, in memory of her beloved person and the years she lived together.

According to signs, the betrothal of the deceased spouse becomes a strong talisman for the entire subsequent life of the widow, but only in the case of a happy marriage.

How to wear a widow’s wedding ring.

If family life resembled a battlefield, then the decoration of the ex-husband will not bring good. It must be donated to the temple or to charity for orphans. The product itself or the money received for it in the pawnshop can be taken to the church. It is not recommended to give rings to children as wedding accessories. With them, you can convey the fate of the widow.

The widow may decide not to remove the jewelry she received during the marriage ceremony. Thus, expressing love for the life partner who has left the living world. With this position, they choose the option of wearing the main wedding symbols:

  1. The widow continues to wear her wedding ring on her right ring finger, and puts her deceased spouse on the finger of her left hand.
  2. He puts both marriage symbols on the left ring finger.

When the spouse’s jewelry is large, and the widow does not want to reduce, then in both versions it can be worn on a chain, as a charm pendant.


Undoubtedly, all traditions should be observed, but there are conventions that are not clearly regulated. These include wearing wedding symbols when a married couple has died.

A widow needs to listen to her inner voice when deciding what to do with wedding rings. If she wants to remove the symbol of the ended marriage, and donate the deceased spouse to the temple, then this should be done.

After all, the memory of a person does not depend on different conventions. We wish you happiness!