How To Surprise Your Partner

“I treat my partner well on a daily basis, why should I surprise him.” There are not a few people who adhere to this thought, preferring to settle into the routine. However, daily tasks, stress, day-to-day obligations, tiredness, monotony and boredom are not the best indicators of marital satisfaction. A good way to rekindle the flame in your relationship is by surprising your partner, without necessarily having a reason.

Surprises bring “spark”, they let the other person know that we have thought of them and that we care. Also, you don’t need big finances or invest all your hours in it. Many times, it is the small details that make the ordinary extraordinary, which can end up coloring a cloudy day. Can’t think of ways to surprise your partner? Keep reading the following sections of this bigmatrimonial article in which we offer you some ideas on how to surprise your partner, how to surprise your girlfriend, how to surprise your partner without money, how to surprise your partner on the anniversary, how to surprise your partner in a night of passion.

How to surprise your partner without money (or with very little)

Do you want to be a better couple? Surprise is an important factor. As we have mentioned, to surprise your partner you do not need to be a millionaire, investing large amounts of money. There are small details that make the difference. Below, we list some gestures that your partner will love:

  1. Do something for her that she doesn’t know you know she likes. Yes, it looks like a tongue twister, but it’s easier than it sounds: think of something they love to do, watch, or eat that you really don’t understand. Give it a try, and if you don’t like it, try not to complain. Look for the fun side, the important thing is to share moments together.
  2. Send your partner a message through an unconventional means, such as traditional mail disguised as an invoice.
  3. Report to work for breakfast or lunch together.
  4. Prepare a picnic. It is not necessary that you spend all day in the kitchen, enough with your usual meal. Grab a blanket and a couple of candles, go out to eat.
  5. Think of something significant from “the old days” that you used to do when you started dating. Do you remember how he was laughing when he beat you in the car race? Take it back.
  6. The clean car: Take your car to the laundry room or wash it yourself.
  7. Take some Post-it notes , write loving messages on them and start saving them wherever your partner finds them: you will make him smile and he will think of you.
  8. Take her on a date and surprise her by singing one of her favorite songs. Who cares if you sing well or not? You will be smiling the rest of the night!
  9. Pick it up: Meet your partner at their train, bus, or driveway stop after work with a fun sign for airport pickup. You will surely laugh!
  10. A postcard: If you have been away from home for work or with friends, send a postcard to your partner, even if it will arrive a long time after you have arrived home, to let them know that you also thought of her.
  11. Organize a dinner at home and invite those closest to you to celebrate with you for no particular reason. They could be your in-laws, their friends, or coworkers.
How to surprise your partner

How to surprise your partner on the anniversary

Celebrating your union helps to nurture love in the couple. If the anniversary is a date set by your partner, for you, or for both, take the opportunity to plan something special for you that you can both enjoy:

  1. Surprising with tickets for an event is something that never fails. Are you a sports fan? Music lover? Are you laughing out loud with that television monologist? No matter what it is, surprise her with tickets to the next event.
  2. Book in a hotel room just for the two of you. Surprise her by booking a romantic room with a view and order a bottle from room service.
  3. A getaway: if you have the possibility of paying a few days of vacation for you and your partner, surprise her with the tickets hidden in the book you are reading, or in your purse so that she can discover them when she is away. Another way to surprise her even more is that you prepare your suitcases and hers yourself, and take her directly to the place of your retirement. Mind you, make sure you have those days off at work first. You can go to the beach, to a nearby city, to a rural house.

How to surprise your partner in bed

There are nights that we always remember because there was something about them that made them stand out from the rest. How to make an unforgettable night with someone with whom you usually share a bed? In Bigmatrimonial, we give you some ideas to surprise your partner in bed:

  1. Pamper her with a relaxing massage. Give her a neck, shoulder and foot massage. If you do it yourself, organize the details well: fragrances and aromatic salts, candles and relaxing music will make the difference. You can also book at a professional center. Either way, it sure will thank you!
  2. What is your partner’s fantasy? Do everything you can to make it happen. Fulfilling a fantasy will not only help preserve passion but will also strengthen your bond as a couple. Role playing is usually a recurring fantasy. To carry them out, it is necessary to know in advance which character each will play, so that you can get the costumes and establish some rules, so that the two of you agree on the role that each will play.
  3. Gifts are always welcome, and in some cases some are more fun than others. Erotic toys are a good option to avoid monotony and add an extra erotic component. In addition, they help to encourage preliminaries: massage oils, flavored lubricants, edible underwear, vibrating rings, etc.
  4. Erotic lingerie is a great visual stimulus and, above all, it promotes anticipating what is underneath it: strategic openings, transparencies, striking colors.

This article is merely informative, in Bigmatrimonial we do not have the power to make a diagnosis or recommend a treatment. We invite you to go to a psychologist to treat your particular case.