How To Save A Long Distance Relationship?

Long distance relationships, like most situations we encounter in life, have their pros and cons , so that such a relationship goes well, you mainly have to be clear that it compensates for the good side on how to save a long distance relationship.

The first thing to be clear about is the pros and cons of a long distance relationship.


  • Each member of the couple has space and time not to neglect other important things also for their life such as family, personal goals, work, friendships …
  • The fact of enduring the cons, makes you a stronger person to face other situations.


  • Sometimes the desire to see oneself replaces other emotions and prevents the enjoyment of the relationship.
  • It is frustrating to do everything through technological elements. The physical presence is greatly missed. There are many doubts and insecurities that arise at the minimum.
  • Time prevents you from being aware of the phone at all hours, and this could give your partner the feeling that you are neglecting or cheating.

How To Save A Long Distance Relationship Breakup

how to save a long distance relationship

5 Tips That Could Save Your Distance Relationship

1. How To Build Trust In A Long Distance Relationship

You must trust that if your partner tells you that she is busy at that time, she really is and is not an excuse for not talking to you or being able to fool around with another girl happily without interruptions.

Although your partner has a friendship with other people does not mean that he will replace you.

You both agreed to have a distance relationship, and obviously that distance has to exist physically, which does not mean that it exists between your hearts.

We repeat that what is essential is trust, if there is no trust there will be no way for you to save this long distance relationship. Don’t leave room for meaningless doubts. Do Long Distance Relationships Work

2. Long Distance Relationship Gifts

A voice memo will not take you long and can be really important for your partner. Like a greeting card, a message or a small gift. You can’t cover the entire distance, but surely those things shorten it a bit.

If you love your partner, show it in any way, distance is no excuse.

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3. Long Distance Communication

Try via video call or phone, talk every day. Only conversations can repair the gaps that distance creates. So talk to that person as much as you can , share your life with her.

That you are separated does not mean that you cannot be aware of the life of the other. If you disagree with something or angry, make sure you speak it through video calling.

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4. How To Spice Up A Long Distance Relationship

Try to do with your partner as many things as possible, watch the same movie, play online games together, experiments in the kitchen … This will surely make you spend fun moments.

Sharing laughter is the best way that the flame of the relationship does not go out.In addition to sharing those moments with the people around you, you can also do it from a distance, you just have to give it imagination.Read more: How To Maintain A Distance Relationship

5. Thoughts On Long Distance Relationships

This point, without a doubt, is the most important of all . You should get away from all those conversations with people who think that distance relationships don’t work. For starters, you can’t comment until you live one.

Get rid of all negative thoughts and focus on positivity. Just keep these two words in your head, “this will work . 

It is not complicated to maintain a distance relationship if you manage to always get along with these five tips. Although in addition to these tips the relationship also needs to be full of love, trust and understanding, make sure that the distance is never greater than those three elements.

How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work In College

Can a long distance college relationship survive? How To Make A Long Distance Relationship Work ,The keys are dedication, planning and the desire to continue it.

You may have had to leave your partner behind, in your hometown, while going to college, or both study at universities many kilometers away from each other . Whatever it is, maintaining a remote situation is not easy, but we give you 6 tips on Long Distance College Relationship to make it work:


There are countless ways to use technology to keep in touch with someone, which you probably used before arriving on campus: text messages, send images via mobile, phone calls, emails, camcorder … Spend time meeting online, and Consider it an appointment: don’t be late, don’t forget it and try not to cancel .


While it seems very simple, receiving a postcard, a gift or a package in the mail always brightens the day. For couples separated by long distances, these small gestures and memories provide a very strong physical connection.


It can be difficult at the logistic or financial level, but visiting the other can be very important to maintain the relationship. You can meet your new friends, see where you live, get to know the campus and get in touch with your partner’s life. Also, when you are both back at the University, you will have a clearer picture of what you are doing or where you are when you talk on the phone.


You don’t want to be constantly posting nonsense on your partner’s Facebook wall. Put public pressure on your partner and you will appear territorial and possessive, even if you are trying to be honest. Keeping in touch because you want to say something or know how the other person is doing is good, but don’t do it because of panic or insecurity. If you notice that you message or call too much, think about why you do it. Do you fear losing something? Or are you not comfortable where you are?

Long Distance Relationship Advice

Many people think that long-distance relationships rarely work. Your family and friends may try to discourage you and give you long term relationships advice that you not to take this relationship seriously, in order to protect yourself.

One can, today, have a loving relationship even while being far from one another. Thanks to the revolution of the internet, couples have the chance to talk to each other and see each other as many times as they want, even every day.

On the one hand when it comes to distance relationship advice they are right , because it is true that this kind of relationship is not easy to manage and you will surely live difficult times where you will feel lonely and sad. But it is not impossible!

But technology at its limits and being unable to be physically together can make the relationship difficult and complicated.

Here are some advice on long distance relationships that will help you increase your chances of keeping your relationship healthy, intact and sustainable.Long Distance Relationship Rules

  • Avoid long conversations

The first distance relationship advice is to talk to him too often during the day, he could start to find you sticky and possessive. Many women think that to make up for being far from each other, you have to talk as much as you can. But that is wrong and only makes things worse. You have to give him time to miss him.

  • Give him a present before he leaves

Offer him something to remember. A chain, a ring, a perfume … We often attach our memories to objects. Give him an alibi to remember you as much as possible during his trip. A small personal object for example, something that has sentimental value. This is second most important advice for long distance relationships to remember.

  • Trust your relationship
  • Plan the future
  • Listen to him
  • Talk about naughty subjects
  • Learn to be alone
  • Stay positive

These are Long Distance Relationships Advice, which will help you to gain a healthy and good relationship.

Online Long Distance Relationship Advice

Nothing is impossible, and online relationships advice should allow your romance to flourish, regardless of the number of kilometers that separate you. Be sure to take action in the distance: some efforts can really go a long way.

Maintaining a relationship at a distance can be difficult because it lacks physical contact. To enhance your relationship, you can start a blog or open a Facebook account for both of you to access and share articles or photos with each other. Do not send a romantic gift, such as sweets, flowers or something nice. There is more value and romance to do it in person.

1. Make sure the dating site is legitimate

One of the first things in Long Distance Dating Advice  is to make sure that the website used is trusted. If you have to pay a registration, make sure the website starts with https and not http. Never use sites hosted in countries that censor information such as Russia, China, Cuba, etc.

2. Check the privacy settings of the dating site

Before you register, make sure that your privacy is well protected and that the company does not share your personal information with third parties. Can you remove solicitation emails and advertisements that may retain your personal information?

3. Protect your identity

Choose an unidentifiable nickname and avoid sharing your real name, address, social security number, employer, work address, date of birth, etc. Do not give out your phone number before you feel completely comfortable, and when you are ready, only disclose your cell phone number so that your address can not be found by an easy search on the Internet. Keep all other personal information unavailable during all online communications and communications.

Tip : When you see yourself, do not forget to take pictures. You will be happy to have them when you are at a distance

Long Distance Relationship Texting Advice

At the time of Facebook and WhatsApp , one may wonder when was your last letter written by hand … But for distance relationship, love letters are what works best. This is the best love making advice.

It is extremely pleasant to receive a letter from her boyfriend or girlfriend in the mail. This shows that he took the time to write it, to think about all the words he wrote. A love letter has a lot more meaning than an SMS.

For even more effect, you can send a small gift with the love letter. Surprises always give pleasure and warm the heart.

Like trust, communication is an important part of a relationship. A couple who do not trade often enough may break down over time. These are not a few thousand kilometers, nor the jet lag or an ocean that will prevent you from communicating! Finished the handwritten letters that were sent and which, at the risk of not reaching the addressee, could take an eternity before arriving. Send yourself text messages, make calls as often as possible , as this keeps the proximity. Let’s forget the famous “far from the eyes, away from the heart” and stay in the logic of “far from the eyes near the heart”: we can not see a person often, but always have it in our thoughts.

Sometimes you will not have anything special to say to you, and it does not matter. Every little bit counts: a “hello” in the morning, a little compliment, an anecdote, a thought, a selfie, a “I love you” … these are all these small elements that will make the success of your relationship at a distance. So do not skimp on these little touches ! Getting along on Skype or over the phone at least once a week is just as important. It’s a moment that allows us to meet as a couple , to hear the laughter of his girlfriend / boyfriend, his tics of language, his expressions

Long Distance Relationship Advice For Guys

Whether you have met a beautiful Italian during your last vacation in Rome, a Swedish during your school exchange year in Stockholm, or simply that your friend moved from Marseille to Lille, it is more and more common to to have couples who live their love at a distance. Although often this is not ideal, your couple is not destined to fail. If hundreds or thousands of miles separate you from your girlfriend here is a list of 5 relationship advice for guys or how to save a long distance relationship to make this relationship work.

Be honest, even on what’s bothering you!

Just as it is important to be able to trust your partner, be totally honest and do not feel obliged to hide less pleasant topics. If you are trying to avoid tension at all costs, it will end up playing tricks on you!  Rather than accumulating the unspoken as we would accumulate dirty dishes in a sink , we must solve problems one by one, even those who do not seem to be important but who we work.

Without this couple communication techniques, you may feel choked or unhappy in the long run. Take the time to explain the problems if there are any, for example:

  • I wish we could talk more
  • You know, I feel sad because of X
  • I doubt about our relationship
  • I find your message a bit aggressive …

Identifying problems and finding solutions is nothing more than a calibration necessary to keep the couple on a long term. These are important long distance ideas to achieve further.


Tips, doubts and ideas on how to save a long distance relationship? You can tell us. Leave a comment.

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