How to Respond When He Finally Texts You Back: Dos and Don’ts

You’ve tried (probably but unsuccessfully) to not check your phone each time it rings. You’re causing yourself to rage. You sent him a text just a few days ago. He usually texts back. What’s the issue?

We’re all aware of how challenging it can be. You’re mulling over every possible reason that he’s not texted you to return your call. Have you lost your phone? Did he break his phone? Did you cause him to be angry in any way? Do you think he’s ready to end your relationship? Perhaps he is worried that he’s letting you down lightly. It’s a 21st century version of the time when Bridget Jones dialed 1471 every when she went home.

After a certain amount in time, the guy calls you in return. What happens next? The problem is what to do when he does text to you.

Before deciding on what to do when he does finally text your back take an examination of the possible reasons he may have neglected your message. Why is it that a guy takes days to reply?

I’m going to begin with saying that if he’d had a legitimate reason to not respond to your message, you’d already be aware of it, if his phone had been stolen or damaged or damaged. He would have contacted the person on Facebook instead, or requested someone else to forward an email to you.

If the dog of his or any other family member has passed away then one of his friends or his mother would have informed you. Even if they weren’t been, in the current social media-driven world If there was an actual emergency you’d have received information about it.

He’s Very Busy

Depending on the time it’s been since the last time you texted him It might be that he’s actually stressed with work or other similar. The level of authenticity depends on the circumstances. If he’s a doctor , or shift worker or a shift worker, he might be honest. If the family’s life is extremely busy, or if you have a lot of interests that take up lots of time, he could be lying.

Or, if you are aware that there’s an issue that’s demanding a lot the time of him and his attention, cutting him some time might be the best option.

He isn’t a fan of texting While His Friends Are All Around

As bizarre as it is it could be because the guy doesn’t want to text you when there are others in the vicinity. If you’re young and spends lots in time with buddies then this is likely to happen. Of of course, he’ll say that he’s trying for you to receive his complete focus, however the truth is that you don’t want your friends to feel like they’re at the mercy of his comrades.

While this isn’t a reason to excuse, and he should be over it, it could be an actual motive. He must be able to get over it.

He’s In Need of Some Space

In the same vein It could be that the person you are talking to is one who enjoys his own space. It is important to keep in mind that there are some people who have more independence than other people. There are occasions where we all require personal space. Couples may be content with a few texts per day while also having a date.

Others might find it is a little suffocating and may want to be able to move around. It’s a delicate balance between providing someone with the space they want and making sure your personal requirements are satisfied. This is something that every person should consider.

There may be other sinister reasons for that he’s not responding to your messages however, you’re already aware of this.

He’s playing Mind Games

While this may seem untrue and manipulative however, it’s an actual possibility. Did you have a recent argument? If yes, he may be using his apathy as an attempt to hurt the other person in some manner or even seeking revenge. This isn’t ideal. It’s not a great precedent for the future.

Even when there’s been no conflict, he may be playing games to keep you in the loop. The treat “em means and stay them alert” myth isn’t over. However, it doesn’t really be true.

He’s Not as Interested As You Are

However, it’s possible the fact that he’s just not interested in you. It’s a tough one to accept and it hurts as much as it hurts. It’s embarrassing and humiliating particularly if others think that he’s not really at all interested in you.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not your fault. There are people who are not the right match for one another and it’s not the fault of anyone else. The important thing is to maintain your dignity.

He’s Wanting to break up with you or He’s Cheating on You

If one of these scenarios are the situation, this is the coward’s escape plan if he decides to leave you by threatening to ghost you. It’s a shameful excuse for a man , and you’re done with him. In addition, if he’s with another person, you must be sorry for the person. There is a good chance that they’ll soon be able to recognize him in his real color. It’s not going to be as if it does at first however. Take care of yourself.

What should I do?

It’s all based on the diverse scenarios discussed earlier. Let’s suppose that he’s sent you a text message and did not mention taking an extended time to respond. What do you do?

If There’s Not a Reasonable Cause

If the way he behaves toward you does not change it is possible that you are tempted to carry on exactly from where you left off and pretend like nothing has taken place. We can understand this. There’s probably a valid reason he took so long to respond and you do not want to upset the boat and appear to be an unprofessional drama-loving ilama. But, it’s an incredibly error.

If you think it’s acceptable for him to not respond to your messages, you’re setting the precedent. You’re sending him the impression that it’s acceptable to be disrespectful to you and treat you as an unwelcome guest. In addition, you are telling the person that you do not value yourself. It’s not ok. He’ll believe that it’s okay to message you whenever it pleases him , and that you’ll always be available to him. As time passes his way of treating you could deteriorate even more.

So , what should you do? You must inform him clearly that it’s unacceptable to disregard your texts. Tell him calmly and clearly that you are expecting and should be treated in a respectful manner. In the end, it’s just fundamental to be polite and respond to your messages. When he doesn’t stop to disdain you in this manner then it’s time to think about stopping the relationship.

You’re sure he doesn’t want to lose face in front Of His Friends

This is a little more complex. Everyone wants to be with their loved ones and aren’t sure if they’re receiving their attention because they are constantly texting their partner or their lover each and every 2 minutes. It’s probably reasonable to not be expecting him to message you back in a hurry.

Perhaps it’s better not to sending multiple messages if you suspect that your friend is out with friends. But, if he’s in the habit of ignoring your messages completely when he’s hanging out with his buddies, he’s going to need to mature. It’s fine for messaging you back while with his friends, but they just need to learn how to do the habit and be a better person.

You think he’s playing games

This is a red alert. If you suspect that your boyfriend is refusing to respond to messages in spite of or because someone is that is keeping him in check then it’s time to take to the bull’s horns and break up the relationship. This kind of controlling behavior will likely become more severe and he’ll probably behaving the same way when you’re together.

In time, this will diminish your self-esteem, and make you doubt your abilities. It will eventually get to the point of playing with eggs around the person you love and it’s not a good way to live your life.

If you’ve texted him recently and he’s been a bit slow in responding There could be a variety of reasons behind this. This is also true in the event that he’s text you, but appears to be uninterested and offhand.

You get the feeling that he’s Not Really That into You

It’s likely that you’ve had the thought that this might be an issue but you’ve never been willing to admit it. It’s not an enjoyable sensation, but it’s not your responsibility. There are plenty of positive attributes and you should keep them in mind. Whatever you do make sure that it doesn’t undermine your confidence.

What are you supposed to do? In the simplest terms, you need to be solid. If you think the person isn’t interested in you, do not respond to his message. You’re playing the game of his choice. An appropriate and mature strategy is to message him and inform him that the game is over, that is to say beat him up.

This way you won’t have to endure further awkwardness or waiting around on your mobile to call. It will also preserve your self-confidence and, in the long run, your mental health.

You Think He’s Cheating on You Think He’s Cheating On

If that’s the case, then there have likely been other indications. Or, you could be able to sense a nudge. In this case there are two choices. You can first confront him. He may orally confirm your suspicions or attempt to convince you that you’re not being suspicious.

Whatever the case, it’s likely to go well, but it’s best to be informed. If the person tries to claim that you are not thinking about it, this is referred to as gaslighting, and you should not trust him. You must be able to trust your gut. Try again to shift the blame onto yourself is a coward’s method of getting out.

It’s going to be a challenge and take lots of effort however, you must remain calm and get away. You’re more powerful than him. He’s a coward, and is likely to get his retribution. Let karma do its work. While you wait, continue to continue living your life.

You are sure he is looking to Separate From You

Be strong and keep your dignity intact. You could also take him down and then send him a message saying it’s over. You can also stop communicating and not reply in this manner, which will help you maintain your confidence. You can of course contact him via text and ask him to speak directly. He might provide you with an answer you do not want to hear or even be aware of.

If you feel you’re being snubbed You’ll likely be able to discern. What ever you do, you must be careful not to appear desperate. If he thinks you’re in need, he’ll lose respect for you, and you’ll accidentally give him the impression that you’re worth more than. Be aware that this can be extremely difficult and will require lots of self-control. But, if you’re able to do it, it is worth it.

Do I need to text after being Refused?

This is based on the specific situation. As a rule of rule there is no answer. Let him run. If you think you require a definitive answer, sending him a text and asking him for his opinion is the most efficient way to go.

However, you must be aware that he could ignore that text as well. If he doesn’t then it will inform you of everything you need be aware of and you should not keep contacting him. We are aware that it will require a lot of willpower however it’s the right option and you’ll feel better over the long haul.


In short it is possible to find a number of methods of responding when someone finally text you back. But, this depends upon the specific situation. If you think there’s a sinister motive to not text him, you deserve answers.

In this situation what you should do is to send him a text message and follow it up. Whatever you do, make sure you maintain your self-esteem. Do your best to be nice to yourself.