How to properly arrange a wedding sweet table?

In recent years, another European wedding tradition is gaining popularity in our country – it is beautiful to decorate a sweet corner in the banquet hall. If earlier they were limited to the solemn serving of a wedding cake at the end of the holiday, now they serve a separate dessert table with all kinds of sweets and drinks.

The sweet zone is a favorite place not only for children present at the wedding, but also for adult guests. In the publication, we will consider what a wedding sweet table should be.

Sweet table decoration ideas

When ordering a wedding banquet, the presence of a dessert table is negotiated. A separate area is allocated for it, into which it will be convenient for guests to go out during breaks in the entertainment program.

As a rule, sweet tables are served in the lounge-zone of the restaurant, and in the warm season on the available veranda. In such cozy places, guests can not only enjoy pastry masterpieces, but also chat and take pictures.

When planning to hold a buffet table, it is optimal to place the sweet table in the same row with the main tables. With this arrangement of tables, sweets will not go unnoticed by guests. If you are going to conduct an off-site ceremony with a banquet, allocate a place for a dessert table in the Welcome area. But keep in mind that sweets should not be placed on the sunny side of the site, so that nothing melts and does not deteriorate.

A sweet table, not only a place for treats prepared by pastry chefs, but an important element of the general decor of the hall. Therefore, the design of a sweet table for a wedding should support the theme chosen for the family’s birthday. This is especially true for the choice of tablecloths and napkins. On the table, in addition to beautiful dishes, there are flower arrangements, figurines, candles and other decorative elements used in decorating the banquet hall.

What sweets are served on the tea table?

The range of treats presented in the sweet zone of the wedding celebration should be wide. A variety of cookies, pastries, cakes, sweets, as well as meringues and marshmallows are displayed on the table. In addition to desserts familiar from childhood, it is customary to serve Western sweets that have become fashionable at modern weddings. The most popular of these are macarons, madeleines, muffins, marshmallows and cupcakes.

One of the fashion trends of modern holiday baking is marshmallow decorations of different shades.

Sugar marshmallow is a unique plastic material that allows you to create a variety of ornaments on baked goods, as well as volumetric letters, bows, beads and complex figures that serve as an original decor for cakes and pastries.

Another trendy sweet zone trend is the chocolate fountain. Plates filled with pieces of fruit and berries are placed next to it. Wooden skewers are also served. Guests can string pineapple, banana, kiwi or any other fruit of their choice on a skewer and then wrap them in chocolate. All comers will be able to fulfill their childhood dream, and eat their fill of hot chocolate.

Dessert table drinks

A variety of drinks are placed on the dessert table, which go well with desserts. Champagne and wine are appropriate for alcoholic beverages. The range of soft drinks is wider. In glasses and bottles of various shapes and designs, cocktails, fruit drinks, juices, lemonades, compotes, mineral waters and sweet carbonated drinks are served.

During warmer months, you should ensure that you have enough chilled drinks and regularly replenish the ice supply on the table so that guests can additionally chill their preferred drink. Guests should be able to pour themselves a cup of freshly brewed aromatic tea, coffee or cappuccino.

Expert advice

A beautifully decorated sweet table at a wedding is not only a wide selection of desserts for a festive feast, but another important decor element that supports the chosen theme of the wedding. Therefore, when ordering sweets from a pastry chef, it is imperative to discuss the preferred color scheme.

It should match the colors chosen for the wedding. With the help of food dyes, pastilles, macaroons and other confectionery products acquire the desired shade. Napkins, cocktail rolls and other accessories for tasting sweets are selected to match the color of the wedding decor.

It is necessary to order not only a varied assortment of desserts, but also a sufficient quantity of each type. The guest should be able to eat an additional portion of the cake or cookie they like.

When choosing sweets for a wedding, consider what time of the year it will take place. When planning your summer holiday, avoid pastries that contain perishable foods.

Modern pastry shops offer a lot of pastries that are popular in the West. Prepare nameplates to help guests decide on their dessert choices.

The ideal option is to write a list of ingredients in addition to the name of the sweet. This will help people who are allergic to certain foods or who are on a special diet to make the right choice.

When organizing a wedding in a buffet format, it is necessary to provide a sufficient number of plates and dessert forks so that guests can taste all the sweets they like. There should be tongs near the desserts, allowing them to be placed on your plate. You need to stock up on a sufficient number of skewers and tubes.


At modern weddings, it is customary to organize a sweet zone, which serves as an additional element of the festive decor and allows you to diversify the banquet menu with numerous sweets and soft drinks. The exquisite decoration of the sweet table arouses delight among the guests and the desire to make photographs on its background.

Guests invited to the birthday of a new family with a sweet tooth, at the sight of a large number of various desserts, immediately raise their spirits, and pleasant memories remain in their memory. We wish you your dream wedding!