How to organize a bachelorette party: 10 best tips

How to organize a bachelorette party is the question that the closest friends ask themselves. The bachelorette party is the perfect time to combine:

  • Preparation for married life and
  • Goodbye to a more relaxed stage as a single woman.

The crazy life before you get married must have proper planning. The wedding costs so much money that the bachelorette party is usually organized by friends. If you are one of those in charge of this party full of fun and mischief, here are some tips to organize it without dying trying.


The friends meet and plan how to organize a bachelorette party

What is the benefit of this type of parting? Bridal shower

Have the full approval of the groom. Participants from the mother and mother-in-law of the honoree, to the aunts and grandmothers in some cases. It is also used a lot in brides who have already gone through a previous marriage with the experience of crazy festivities and want something simpler.

It is an event that brings together different generations of female audiences. In his shower of gifts to entertain the bride is the trousseau, kitchen products and robes with the name of the bride. The friends put together cookbooks that the bride later has.

Bachelorette party: three basic rules

In order for organizing a bridal shower to be a success, you first need to take note of a few little ground rules.

Rule 1: make the bachelorette party surprise the bride

This is not exactly to say that she knows nothing of the day. The fundamental thing is to surprise the bride by trying to involve her as little as possible. It is also valid that it is completely surprise.

The whole celebration should amaze you, even though we have asked your opinion for the style of gathering or the people you want to include in the celebration.

Rule 2: the choice of place

Some brides prefer quieter events. Like sharing a snack or lunch with close women. Get advice, play and toast. There are hotels and specialized restaurants to organize the bachelorette party.

You can organize a party in a nightclub. Also a strippers show or choose a hot destination.

Rule 3: the date of the bachelorette party celebration

The second fundamental factor is choosing a good time to have the bachelorette party. It is best to do it between a month and a half and two weeks before the big event. 

We have seen enough movies that show us that the day before marriage is terrible. I would even extend this warning until the previous weekend. 

The choice of the date is key in any farewell

Planning bridal shower: guest list

It is an event only for the closest women. Some brides prefer not to mix the groups of friends and organize separate celebrations.

It is also important to take care of the type of party that will be held if you decide to invite family members. In some places there are spaces and rooms for the event, which give more privacy. However, it is not the only option to make a party as crazy as we want.


With the most intimate friends in a spa or in the park, there are no formulas to organize a bachelorette party

Once the guests have been defined, send the invitations by email or create an event on Facebook. Today you do not need a call with a paper card since through social networks you can create a fun and less expensive invitation. A group is also usually set up on WhatsApp to organize and in this way better coordinate the date.

Bridal that shines with an attractive and natural look.

Highlight its beauty and hide imperfections with a good make up. Illuminate the face that day to highlight the personality of the bride throughout the celebration.

Beautifying the face is very important. The look conveys feelings and emotions. Leaving it harmonious and attractive is a challenge. Generally the dress is the protagonist of a farewell but the good hairstyle and the beauty treatment also play an important role when the bride introduces herself. You will surely like to feel safe and relaxed that day. It is necessary to release the tensions of the entire organization.

In this video we show you the 5 steps of easy makeup without forgetting detail.

Organize a quieter option 

It is a tea of ​​honor to the bride. It is for those who do not prefer the typical bachelorette party with risque games, stripper, and sexy lingerie. This celebration is generally held in the afternoon and is adapted for all audiences. It is a much more naive celebration and innocence, in this type of meeting is the rule.

Bachelorette party at home with friends

Do not worry if it is in your hands to prepare the farewell, there are many ideas to make a bachelorette party in a simple house without neglecting the fun, enthusiasm and pampering for the fiancée.

Many women are distraught over the money and time it takes to plan one of these parties. A farewell shouldn’t bring headaches to anyone.

From tea to the bar

In some cases, after tea a kind of “after office” is organized. Sometimes the bride prefers not to mix the groups of friends. The SUM rooms of buildings are used. They set up a bar of drinks that are served with finger food or sushi and set it with a more sophisticated vibe. This after the games over tea. In some cases, it is decided to hire self-makeup and hairstyle classes to make it more entertaining.

A month before the wedding is planned for the celebration of the Bridal Shower. We must emphasize that this event is independent of the wedding list where the couple suggest the gifts they prefer.

How to celebrate a bachelorette party in a bar?

Although this celebration is associated with a day of lack of control, adventure and sensuality. The fundamental idea behind the whole event is that the future wife is the center of attention, that she enjoys, laughs and relaxes with her friends. 

  • The choice of environments with a stripper or a show.
  • The friends can make up, comb and dress up together before the departure.
  • Select a place reserved for them

How to organize a different bachelorette party?

This style of how to organize a different bachelorette party is highly recommended when the bride is a fan of drinks, games or some sporting or artistic activity.  

We recommend for more ideas to see our entry: themed bachelorette party   

A crazy day!

The bachelorette party can be done:

  • On a regatta boat or boat.
  • Participating in a marathon with her friends.
  • Visit to an ecological reserve to watch birds.

For a girlfriend with an ecological vibe or animal lover, a farewell could be planned with a day of ecological activity with her friends in nature. 

For a more complete guide, visit our step-by-step wedding schedule post without stress.

If you are a nature lover, your friends will prefer to organize your bachelorette party in the park. Prepare sandwiches that can be with baguettes, cheese and ham. The possibilities are endless. Take a bite and accompany it with fresh fruits. There will be other more urban cases that enjoy more of a themed hen in a Pin Up style bar.

How to organize a bachelorette party for my daughter?

A mother wishes to convey all her feelings and pride to her daughter in this pre-wedding moment.

  • How important his birth was.
  • The great moments of his life.
  • Harmony and love with which she was raised.

We recommend organizing a surprise party if there is nothing previously planned. Each guest contributes:

  • Party favors and colored garlands
  • Snacks and drinks
  • Music and games

Along with the small useful gift for the kitchen, give the honoree a written note during the farewell party.

How to organize a Christian bridal shower?

The bachelorette party will surely be a lot of fun if we incorporate games and housework rollplay. Cooking and caring for children at the same time is a 24-hour task that must be practiced.

It can be celebrated in church with other faithful or at home. Make a round where each participates with:

  • Good advices
  • Testimonials
  • Best wishes

In this interaction everyone will laugh and more if the sisters, mother, grandmother and mother-in-law of the bride participate.

How to decorate a bachelorette party?

Decoration is one of the main elements that identifies the bachelorette party. A festive atmosphere will make that meeting remain in the memory of the bride. In addition, making the decorations for the bachelorette party is one of the most fun activities that friends can do before the wedding. Don’t forget to organize games for the bachelorette party.


First of all, you have to choose the theme and colors of the party. You can go for extra feminine shades like pinks and purples, or powerful shades like red, white and black. 

Naughty bachelorette party cupcakes and decorations


There are many ideas of how to integrate the theme of the wedding and the singleness without being vulgar. Discard games and photographs that may embarrass the bride or make her feel uncomfortable.

If you want to keep it formal, you can combine details that include figures of heels, lipsticks, kisses and diamond rings. And if they want something more daring they can include feather boas, intimate clothes, kisses or devil headbands.

For the walls and corners, always opt for garlands and pompoms, welcome letters and helium balloons. But details can be included anywhere, for example on glasses, coasters, on chairs, on tables, and on beverage jugs.


Appetizers and desserts are also part of the decoration. Nothing will be more fun than a cake with a caricature of the bride or muffins with allusive and comical silhouettes.

So one of the infallible tips is to make the dessert table a unique space. Add flirty touches like lights, glitter, decorative candles, and flowers. 

Easy and colorful

Costume and party favors for a bachelorette party

The friends can make crafts or badges for all the guests such as a necklace or pins with their names. Party favors are great fun. Finally, something that can not be missing is a fun veil or crown for the bride that distinguishes her as the honoree of the day.

To guide you and make these crafts yourself, see the following video:

With all these ideas you can now successfully create a unique moment that no bride will be able to forget.Now to have fun!

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